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Fjord. The service design consultancy.

Fjord. The service design consultancy.

AXA Global Direct et Paris Région Lab lancent l'incubateur "Smart Data for Customer Intelligence" AXA Global Direct (AGD), via l'Institut Open Innovation et Paris Région Lab Incubateurs annoncent un partenariat stratégique pour développer un programme d’incubation de start-ups. L’objectif est d’accélérer la croissance de jeunes entreprises innovantes qui développent des solutions autour du Smart Data et de la Connaissance Client (Customer Intelligence). Un appel à candidatures est lancé du 17 juin au 22 juillet 2014. Ce programme s’adresse aux start-ups développant une expertise et des offres en lien avec les smart data ou la connaissance client. Contrat cadre de l'Union Européenne Le Contrat-cadre fournit aux pays bénéficiaires des programmes d'aide extérieure de la Commission Européenne le recrutement rapide d'expertise pour répondre à des problématiques particulières, ou préparer le terrain pour des initiatives prévues dans le Programme Indicatif National. Sur le plan opérationnel, il permet de disposer d'experts dans un délai d'un mois maximum. Dès l'identification d'un besoin, les responsables du projet dans les Délégations de l'Union Européenne dans le monde avec l'entité bénéficiaire élabore le Termes de Référence (TdR) où les objectifs, les tâches, les prestations et l'expertise demandée sont décrits. Les TdR sont adressés aux Consortiums pré-sélectionnés afin de leur permettre d'identifier, choisir et recruter le personnel approprié pour la prestation demandée. CCM est membre de Consortiums de plusieurs contrats cadre de la Commission Européenne. Lot 3 : Télécommunication et technologie de l'information, Consortiums Danish management, Danemark.

Globetrender Magazine - The future of travel eda.c: enterprise design associates. consultancy eda.c is a strategic design consultancy, working on business technology projects. We help our clients to engage with their customers, partners, employees, and other people involved by leveraging their corporate identity and rendering it to innovative real-life systems: organisations and workflows, brands and communications, user interactions and experiences, business strategies and transactions. We use a design-led approach to link and integrate strong business concepts with profound technical expertise. Ultimately, we create clear, meaningful and beautiful user experiences across all user/business touch points. We design information systems, frameworks, media, services and products that add direct value to our client's business, and which are extremely useful to final users, both inside and outside of the organisation. We call our approach Enterprise Design.

Appel à projet environnement de la Fondation GoodPlanet - Domaine de Longchamp Depuis 2011, la Fondation GoodPlanet prolonge sa mission de sensibilisation et de protection de l’environnement en accompagnant les entreprises (PME, grands groupes, etc.) vers un développement économique plus responsable. En effet, elles sont un puissant levier de changement pour lutter contre le dérèglement climatique, la dégradation des écosystèmes, etc. La Fondation interagit avec l’ensemble des parties prenantes des entreprises (clients, collaborateurs, fournisseurs, etc.) afin de co-construire des modèles de développement innovants, économiquement efficaces, socialement équitables mais aussi écologiquement viables. La Fondation aide les entreprises à créer de la valeur à travers la mise en place ou la refonte de leur démarche RSE via l’analyse, le pilotage et la mesure des actions déployées.

Trendwolves - Trendwolves What we do - The Liminal Space Our curated learning experiences are developed on a bespoke-basis around the specific client challenge and requirements. Our work has ranged from designing a series of immersive experiences on the human senses, through creating in-house learning programmes to designing an engagement process to accelerate innovation for 300 people. Our work is typically delivered in the following ways: Learning & Engagement programmes, Away Days, Innovation Workshops, Lecture Series, Symposia, Safari experiences, Exhibitions & Built Experiences, Hands on making and Retreats (away week). We make ideas and concepts tangible for people, in order to aid understanding, imagination and innovation. Our learning experiences and programmes are immersive and hands on. They are based on art and or design principles and approaches and are created to stretch thinking in new directions.

Innovations: Open Innovation - Research & Management - Pictures of the Future - Innovation - Home - Siemens Global Website As data flows ever more quickly between research and development and production, innovation cycles are becoming shorter. In this context, an unhindered exchange of information regarding trends and new technologies is becoming ever more important. Many companies have therefore turned to open innovation (OI) as a means of bringing together knowledge from different departments – and even from outside the organization. Open innovation is an established method at Siemens. Online knowledge exchange platforms and idea competitions link the company’s research and development community worldwide. Employees discuss developments together, identify the best ideas, and transform their concepts into market-ready products.

Innovations: Collaboration with Start-ups – Foundation of next47 - Research & Management - Pictures of the Future - Innovation - Home - Siemens Global Website The new unit’s first project, agreed with Airbus in April 2016, is electrification of aviation. The two companies aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of hybrid/electric propulsion systems for small planes to medium-sized passenger aircraft by 2020. next47 will operate globally and cater to all regions of the world from locations that include Berkeley, Shanghai and Munich. “We’re backed by a strong foundation of start-up activities on which to build,” says Russwurm. Siemens has worked with start-ups for around 20 years.

The Little Book of IDEO I’ve always been proud of IDEO, but I am particularly proud of where we are today. The diversity of our teams and the importance of the projects we do are staggering. Most impressive to me is that IDEO-ers are so smart and talented that when a new project comes in, we can put together a seemingly random team of designers out of who is available in the firm at that time, and in the end, magic happens: breakthrough ideas and happy clients. I am most proud of the culture of the place. When I started the firm that would eventually become IDEO, all I really wanted to do was work with my friends on cool projects. Public – fuseproject In the new landscape of work, technology enables us to work anywhere and interact virtually. Despite this, people continue to work out of the office, because they see the value of face-to-face interaction. Collaboration is a key factor to success, and yet office furniture has not evolved to harness the potential of these interactions. That’s what inspired PUBLIC Office Landscape – our new collection for Herman Miller. PUBLIC transforms every part of the office – including individual desks – into places for collaboration.