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Fjord. The Design & Innovation consultancy.

Fjord. The Design & Innovation consultancy.

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Largest Independent B2B Creative Advertising Agency The bright new technologies of now are bringing humans together as never before. In just one click we can share our innermost thoughts with a million other minds. We can swap pictures of kittens. We can bring down governments. We should feel like gods. Innovation Consulting Site MapSubscribe Contact UsHome Passion, purpose, and drive—get to know the Innosight team. Pontus Siren, Partner “People here recognize that the best ideas or answers don't have hierarchy.” Read More iconmobile P&G announced its first truly connected product at Mobile World Congress with a big media splash in Barcelona this year: The Oral-B Bluetooth-connected SmartSeries electric toothbrush, designed by Braun. iconmobile is proud to be part of an integrated client-agency team, working very closely with Oral-B marketing, industrial design and R&D teams (in partnership with Braun) on this exciting new product. iconmobile was responsible for the interactive product & go-to market strategy, services strategy, design and development of the iOS and Android apps that will connect to the Oral-B toothbrush via Bluetooth 4.0 and continues to work with P&G on an exciting product roadmap. It is Oral-B and iconmobile's joint mission to bring health benefits to the consumer with an integrated contextual experience of the 'quantified self' that leverages state of the art hardware and software technology.

Contact Omobono consistently deliver beyond our brief, whilst always having the needs of Miele at heart– a great partner to have on board. Sales & Marketing Director, Miele Professional ​Omobono are easy, sweet, fun, competent and well organised. Vice President New and Social Media, Swiss Re Excellent innovation and creativity. MIT Cities The nature of work is changing dramatically with the ubiquity of mobile devices and Internet connectivity. The traditional office building is rapidly becoming obsolete as a place for personal work. Boundaries between home and the workplace are dissolving rapidly, spurred by advanced computation and syncronous and asyncronous communication. The design and prototyping of personalized, transformable urban housing will enable city dwellers to maximize the functionality of a small apartment, thereby improving livability and convenience. Time-shifted, shared space-on-demand for collaborative work will allow for face to face meetings while giving businesses the opportunity to reduce their office space requirements and reduce net energy consumption. The integration of modular, personalized hydroponic and aeroponic urban farming systems will give urban residents the opportunity to grow their own food and improve transparency of our incredibly complex food supply chain.

LHBS - Strategy Traineeship LHBS is a marketing strategy firm with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen. We grow brands by helping them create value for their customers. Together with our clients, we develop better products & services, valuable experiences and communication. We deliver excellence through knowledge, strategies and actionable ideas. What we do - The Liminal Space Our curated learning experiences are developed on a bespoke-basis around the specific client challenge and requirements. Our work has ranged from designing a series of immersive experiences on the human senses, through creating in-house learning programmes to designing an engagement process to accelerate innovation for 300 people. Our work is typically delivered in the following ways: Learning & Engagement programmes, Away Days, Innovation Workshops, Lecture Series, Symposia, Safari experiences, Exhibitions & Built Experiences, Hands on making and Retreats (away week). We make ideas and concepts tangible for people, in order to aid understanding, imagination and innovation. Our learning experiences and programmes are immersive and hands on. They are based on art and or design principles and approaches and are created to stretch thinking in new directions.

5 Insider Secrets for Beating Applicant Tracking Systems Applicant tracking systems are the bane of legions of job seekers. These systems, which employers use to manage job openings across their enterprises and screen incoming resumes from job seekers, kill 75 percent of candidates' chances of landing an interview as soon as they submit their resumes, according to job search services provider Preptel. The problem with applicant tracking systems, as many job seekers know, is that they are flawed. Very flawed. If a job seeker's resume isn't formatted the right way and doesn't contain the right keywords and phrases, the applicant tracking system will misread it and rank it as a bad match with the job opening, regardless of the candidate's qualifications.

Innovations: Open Innovation - Research & Management - Pictures of the Future - Innovation - Home - Siemens Global Website As data flows ever more quickly between research and development and production, innovation cycles are becoming shorter. In this context, an unhindered exchange of information regarding trends and new technologies is becoming ever more important. Many companies have therefore turned to open innovation (OI) as a means of bringing together knowledge from different departments – and even from outside the organization. Open innovation is an established method at Siemens. Online knowledge exchange platforms and idea competitions link the company’s research and development community worldwide. Employees discuss developments together, identify the best ideas, and transform their concepts into market-ready products.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Pass the Blame There are days an office can seem like a football scrimmage line. This is especially true when a mistake is discovered. Half of your staff may take an offensive stance and begin pointing fingers at others—trying to get blame shifted far down the field as fast as possible. While the other half may be on the defensive and will work hard to make sure that the blame doesn’t end up anywhere near them. When this happens, no one is actually working on fixing the problem, and the loser in this blame game is your business.

Innovations: Collaboration with Start-ups – Foundation of next47 - Research & Management - Pictures of the Future - Innovation - Home - Siemens Global Website The new unit’s first project, agreed with Airbus in April 2016, is electrification of aviation. The two companies aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of hybrid/electric propulsion systems for small planes to medium-sized passenger aircraft by 2020. next47 will operate globally and cater to all regions of the world from locations that include Berkeley, Shanghai and Munich. “We’re backed by a strong foundation of start-up activities on which to build,” says Russwurm. Siemens has worked with start-ups for around 20 years.