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Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet

Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet
All right, if you read here regularly, then you probably remember the woven wrap bracelet from earlier this month. I promised to make a little easier tutorial. Both versions turned out great, but if you are a beginner this is an easier one to start with. What do you think? What you will need: Hemp or cotton twine (I used cotton this time) – you will need 6 strands that are 28-30 inches long.A ring connectorGlue-on end caps, a clasp, and jewelry glue Take three of your strands, and double them so that there is a loop at the mid-way point. Make a knot on each side. Now, braid each side. When you get to the end, trim your ends off evenly, add a little bit of jewelry glue to your end cap, and glue it on to secure your braid. Now, just add a clasp to your bracelet and it’s ready to wear! Perfect for the warm weather coming!

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Beaded Hemp Ankle Bracelet Good morning! How was your weekend? We had an AWESOME holiday weekend – I really don’t want to go back to work today, haha. I am totally envying all of you who get the entire summer off work – I had 4 days to stay home and play with my family, and I’m totally spoiled now! anthropologie knock off vintage lace bracelet The prettiness from Monday and yesterday continues today with a little anthro-inspired bracelet tutorial. In a word, lovely. The lace-and-pearls embroidered on vintage lace is just loveliness. The idea came from Anthropologie (shocker, right?). For Jord’s birthday, I was wanting to give her a present that was lightweight (read- easily packed), and just pretty.

How to Make a Spiral Wire Ring This is one of the easiest wire rings I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this sooner. It only requires one piece of wire and looks great in copper, silver, brass, bronze or whatever wire you like. DIY Utility Rope Necklace A couple summers ago, we stocked up on brass washers to make friendship necklaces. A year later, hex nuts became short in supply thanks to the hex nut bracelet. Today we’re all about compression sleeves, which are conventionally used in plumbing but also make for the perfect component for these statement necklaces. Striking, colorful, and fun, this tutorial won’t be able to keep you too far away from your local hardware store! You’ll need: Start by cutting the utility rope into 8 32 inch pieces. Perfect Summer Bangle Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof. Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle.

Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets I have a quick and easy tutorial for you today that doesn’t take much in the way of supplies, making it perfect for camp crafts, girls’ nights, teens – well, it’s a project that’s pretty much suitable for everyone, LOL. And you can do it just about anywhere – I will show you! If this looks familiar to you, it’s an inverted version of the Wish Bracelets I shared last spring. DIY Stylish Berry Bead Bracelet This is an easy threaded bracelet but very stylish, I love the idea of the original designer(Source) to add golden rosette for the big bead in the center, it makes the bracelet totally fashionable for Summer dressing. Materials you may need for this stylish bracelet for reference: Beads*10mmBeads*3mmdelicate rosettes for beadsheart-shaped claspThreadScissors

Wire Ring Base Tutorial I decided to make some polymer clay rings to sell,but turns out it's almost impossible to buy ring bases here.So after I finished beeing mad at the local craft store I came up with the idea to make my own ring bases. And I'm going to share the idea,since I know some of you have trouble finding tha bases too. This is how they look without the clay. -tutorial-Step1 Gather the things you will need:- thick wire (I don't know what gauge it is) I got 5 meters of the wire for really cheap at the craft store.- wire cutters- hammer- a piece of wood or iron

washer necklaces We've been having a lot of fun this past year making these adorable washer necklaces. They are pretty inexpensive to make and you can make them to match any wardrobe. Supplies:WashersScrapbook paperE6000Diamond Glaze or Crystal Effects or similar productHole punch or Exacto KnifeLeather necklaceNail File or Emory Board If you have a hole punch the same size as your washer you can punch out the paper.

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