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TCPDUMP/LIBPCAP public repository

TCPDUMP/LIBPCAP public repository

John the Ripper password cracker John the Ripper is free and Open Source software, distributed primarily in source code form. If you would rather use a commercial product tailored for your specific operating system, please consider John the Ripper Pro, which is distributed primarily in the form of "native" packages for the target operating systems and in general is meant to be easier to install and use while delivering optimal performance. This version integrates lots of contributed patches adding GPU support (OpenCL and CUDA), support for a hundred of additional hash and cipher types (including popular ones such as NTLM, raw MD5, etc., and even things such as encrypted OpenSSH private keys, ZIP and RAR archives, PDF files, etc.), as well as some optimizations and features. Unfortunately, its overall quality is lower than the official version's. Requires OpenSSL. To verify authenticity and integrity of your John the Ripper downloads, please use our PGP public key. Contributed resources for John the Ripper:

Network Monitor Experts are tools that can be run directly from the Network Monitor Application. They provide external analysis of live or previously captured network traffic. These experts can help troubleshoot specific problems or provide more information to help you narrow down an issue. The following site has a list of the currently available experts and is where you are directed when you select "Download Experts" from the Expert Menu in the Network Monitor application. There you'll also find an SDK which contains a sample and further documentation to help you create your own experts. Network Monitor Experts on CodePlex The Network Monitor Parsers are constantly evolving and being updated based on changes to documentation and bug fixes.

Kismet Open Port Check Tool Techniques de scan de ports -sS(Scan TCP SYN) Le scan SYN est celui par défaut et le plus populaire pour de bonnes raisons. Il peut être exécuté rapidement et scanner des milliers de ports par seconde sur un réseau rapide lorsqu'il n'est pas entravé par des pare-feux. Le scan SYN est relativement discret et furtif, vu qu'il ne termine jamais les connexions TCP. Il marche également contre toute pile respectant TCP, au lieu de dépendre des particularités environnementales spécifiques comme les scans Fin/Null/Xmas, Maimon ou Idle le sont. Cette technique est souvent appelée le scan demi-ouvert (half-open scanning), car il n'établi pas pleinement la connexion TCP. -sT(Scan TCP connect()) Le scan TCP connect() est le type de scan par défaut quand le SYN n'est pas utilisable. Si le scan SYN est disponible, il vaut mieux l'utiliser. -sU(Scan UDP) Même si les services les plus connus d'Internet son basés sur le protocole TCP, les services UDP sont aussi largement utilisés. Le scan UDP est activé avec l'option-sU.

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