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10 Ways To Use Offline iPads In Education

10 Ways To Use Offline iPads In Education
Just about every article on using iPads in education involves one key feature: connectivity. Whether it’s wi-fi or cellular service, being connected to the web is by far the most important feature for iPads in the classroom. Otherwise, it’s just what the tech-bloggers call a ‘brick’ and is essentially worthless. Not really. As you probably guessed from the title of this post and the visual I spent way too much time making below, there are plenty of ways to use iPads that have little to no connectivity. See Also: 17 Real-World Ways iPads Are Being Used In Schools Note: since you need to be connected to the web in order to set up your iPad, I’m going to assume you were connected at one point and that you have the ability to download an app that can be used later. How do you prefer to use your iPad when there’s no connection to the web? Click the image below for full-size or click here to download it as a PDF Use Google Earth in offline mode to go on virtual field trips.

How Online Learning Is Like Babysitting Taking part in an online course – whether as a student or teacher – is like suddenly being asked to take care of someone else’s three-year old. A very rambunctious three-year-old. And even though it may have seemed easy enough when you agreed, it demands far more attention that you could ever have imagined. All day long, as you attempt to carry on with the rest of your life it interrupts what you are doing and tosses toys at you and needs to be fed. It may play quietly for a few minutes, but only temporarily. The Online Teacher’s Perspective You took the “babysitting” test for online learning/teaching and easily passed: Yes I am self-motivated, Yes I like to communicate in written form, Yes I can organize my schedule, Yes I can meet deadlines. You knew you’d need to allow “space” in your schedule – but how can anyone allow this much space in their schedule? Abandon The Rest Of Your Life You must give in and give yourself over to this demanding three-year-old. The Realization Welcome.

kajsasi | Just nu och i framtiden The Habits and Philosophy of an Effective iPad Teacher I recently had the pleasure of connecting up with Richard Wells from Auckland, New Zealand through Twitter. He runs a similar iPad site: I was very impressed with many of recent his info-graphics, and pitched him the idea to collaborate together on this poster. Despite the nineteen hour time difference, we were able to discuss our ideas about what it takes to be an effective iPad teacher. Expanding on a few of my points: Goals: Do not use an iPad in your lesson just for the sake of it. Creative: It is my ongoing goal to strongly propose that the iPad as a creation device as opposed to a consumption one. Beyond iPad: Despite both Richard and I being huge proponents for the iPad in education, it is not the only capable tool. if you already are passionate about other tablets, or know people who are, by all means go with it. To download a high-resolution PDF of the image, click here. Further Reading: Please check Richard’s post and poster on the “iPad First Five”.

10 Ways To Be More Creative 27 Ways To Be A 21st Century Teacher 16.89K Views 0 Likes So what does it take to become a 21st century teacher? How To Use Mood Boards For Visual Learning 10.74K Views 0 Likes Mood boards are used for photography, game design, interior design, marketing, fashion, music, advertising and even architecture; but who’s to say they shouldn’t be used in the classroom? We in A way | Vi gör det på vårt sätt Note-Taking with iPads I vividly remember how I first learned to take notes. My sixth grade geography teacher lectured in outline style: "Roman Numeral one - China. A - Qin Dynasty. 1 - Rulers . . . " We wrote down precisely what he said, and to this day, I still take notes in outline form. While outlining may work for me, what about those who value taking notes in the margins? When students learn to hand-write their notes, they focus on content and organization within a single medium -- paper. Cameras and Microphones One of the most valuable features of iPad to support note-taking may be the camera. In addition to incorporating photos, many note-taking apps also include audio recording. Typing and Drawing We experienced an influx of "laptop kids" in our middle school. With iPad, these same students could both type and draw their notes. Supporting the Process However, iPads could also bolster the first step in her process. Both of these apps sync audio recording with what is typed or drawn on screen.

The 8 Characteristics Of A 21st Century Teacher Some call them ‘connected educators’ while other use the phrase ‘digital teacher’ and many prefer the term ’21st century teacher.’ Whatever terms you use to describe modern teachers, it’s important to know what the terms actually mean. There’s a fabulous wiki devoted to just this topic here which houses some incredible bits of information. It’s by Andrew Churches who has curated quite a treasure trove of useful information for any teacher looking to outline what he or she actually does as a modern educator. See Also: The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have So what are the 8 characteristics of a 21st century teacher? So does this mean a 21st century teacher must embody every single one of these characteristics in order to be considered for the lofty and esteemed title? Man, that’d be exhausting. What you do need to do, though, is be able to pull from experience and be a leader, a collaborator, a communicator at a moment’s notice. What other characteristics would you name?

Practicing Adjectives with Popplet App We are learning about fish this week and we have been learning about adjectives the past few weeks so I combined the two into a literacy center for my class using the Popplet app. To start I added about fifteen different images of fish for them to choose from. I simply did this by searching fish in safari on the iPad and then saving my favorite to the camera roll. Here is a document I made to help the kids remember the steps for creating the Popplet. You can download Popplet here, the full version is $4.99 but the do have a free lite version for you to try out first. Like this: Like Loading...

Coding Across the Curriculum "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think." - Steve Jobs The above quote is on the homepage of the coding website Tynker. Coding, formerly known as programming (I still remember teaching myself BASIC on my Commodore 64 back in the '80s!), has once again returned to classrooms nationwide. A range of high-profile individuals, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dr. Computer Science Education Week The Hour of Code will take place during the week of December 9-13, which happens to be Computer Science Education Week. A Brief History Nonetheless, Papert's vision is still strong today. From Logo to Scratch A direct descendent from Logo is Scratch, also from the MIT Media Lab. Last year, my sixth grade social studies students remixed and "modded" (modified) existing Scratch games, and some even created brand new Flash-based video games. Scratch 2.0 has a "See Inside" feature that enables remixes of projects.

12 Ways To Learn About Traveling Using Children's Books 27 Ways To Be A 21st Century Teacher 16.23K Views 0 Likes So what does it take to become a 21st century teacher? This handy chart details more than two dozen ways to get started. The 22 Milestones Of Education Technology 12.07K Views 0 Likes Just look how far we've come over the past few hundred years. How To Use Mood Boards For Visual Learning 10.64K Views 0 Likes Mood boards are used for photography, game design, interior design, marketing, fashion, music, advertising and even architecture; but who’s to say they shouldn’t be used in the classroom?

How Parents Can Use Pinterest To Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer It’s summer time, kids are out of school, and parents are likely looking for ways to keep them busy. It would be nice if they were learning too, no? One fantastic resource for parents is Pinterest expert Melissa Taylor, who curates educational content there for her Imagination Soup blog readers on her Pinterest page. Taylor lives in Denver, Colo., and is a mom of two. She has more than 1 million Pinterest followers and wrote the book “Pinterest Savvy.” “Pinterest is the best one-stop-shopping experience for kids activities and learning,” Taylor told SocialTimes. Taylor has several pin boards that are specifically dedicated to summer learning and summer activities with kids: Summer Learning Fun and Summer Activities With Kids. Taylor also has these pin boards focused on preschoolers: ECE and Preschool Learning for Kids, Reading Activities and Strategies for Kids, and Kids Play Outside and Learn. Here we go: Toddler and Pre-K: Toddler Education Ideas Teach Preschool for Your Pre-K Child Reading

5 Awesome iPad Posters for Teachers Are you planning to incorporate iPad into your classroom next school year ? You probably are already in search for the educational apps to use in your instruction,Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a rich resource of the most popular educational apps you might need. These apps are organized into different categories pertaining to various content areas. Check out this list to learn more. Having a repository of handy educational apps is a good thing but is not enough per se. To help you pave the way for using iPad in your class, I have brought you some great classroom posters to share with your students. 1- Rules for iPad 2- iPad acceptable use policy3- iPad rules4- iPad Tips 5- iPad management tips and tricks source:

Students Share Characteristics Of Their Favorite Teachers A few weeks ago I had a Twitter dialogue with Reed Gillespie ( @rggillespie ) an AP at Kettle Run High School in Nokesville, VA. and Angela Maiers ( @AngelaMaiers ) who coined the phrase #YouMatter and is an author, educator, and national speaker. Our conversation revolved around a post from Angela titled 12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers . Twelve simple and free “things” students want and deserve . Reed shared his post What Students Want From Their Teachers he wrote after visiting with students at his high school during lunch. This got me to thinking “What do Cherokee students want from their teachers?” The feedback provided by our very bright and amazing students wasn’t eye opening or earth shattering, but does provide their view of what they want and deserve. 1. 2. 3. 4. I enjoyed my conversations with our students.