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How to Whistle With Your Fingers

How to Whistle With Your Fingers
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15 Signs You Have the Perfect Roommates - The Odyssey Online When you begin college, roommates are just apart of the grand scheme of things. Very rarely do you make it all the way through your college career without rooming with someone. The key to making this bearable is finding roommates that mesh well with you. This task can be more daunting than you'd hope. 1. Your roommates are going to see all sides of you whether you want them to or not. 2. Power's out? 3. Your roomies are going to know when you're sick, tired, studying or anything else, and they will be considerate of that. 4. Knowing how ridiculous the good ol' reliable Wal-Mart is in Starkville, you're never going to want to go alone. 5. One instance that I have recently experienced, I walked into the kitchen and just by the way I opened the cabinet my roomie (because she's perfect) asked me what was wrong. 6. The kitchen, the living room, all up for grabs. 7. 8. 9. Well maybe not forever, but for while you're living together. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Brain Waves and the Deeper States of Consciousness Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm. Your brain has a unique set of brain waves. In neuroscience, there are five distinct brain wave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma. Each frequency, measured in cycles per second (Hz), has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and hence a unique state of consciousness. Beta (12-30Hz): Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. Alpha (7.5-12Hz): Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation with the eyes usually closed and while day-dreaming.

QR Hobo Codes: Secret-Symbol Stencils for Digital Nomads QR Hobo Codes: Secret-Symbol Stencils for Digital Nomads Article by Urbanist, filed under Street Art & Graffiti in the Art category. This project tackles what is probably the last place anyone expect to find a digital-age intervention: the centuries-old tradition of the mobile and homeless communicating via shorthand markers, left to denote different risks and advantages to illicit living spaces. From its creators at Free Art & Technology: “These stencils can be understood as a covert markup scheme for urban spaces — providing directions, information, and warnings to digital nomads and other indigenterati. We present these as modern equivalents of the chalk-based “hobo signs” developed by 19th century vagabonds and migratory workers to cope with the difficulty of nomadic life.” As ingenious as this all is, the question, of course, remains: even in an age where almost everyone has a cellular phone, how many truly nomadic peoples have one?

Men's Health Dads : Parents : Raise Kids Like a Man Rule #5 Don't Spend More Than 15 Minutes in Any Store. Like most kids, mine thought of the grocery store as a giant toy store for the palate. We'd spend half an hour looking at every cereal box with a Disney character on the front. Here's how it works: Before we leave for the supermarket, I make a shopping list. At the store, I load both kids into the front of a race-car cart. My kids love speed shopping. Rule #6 Be buddies with your kids. Truth is, I conceived of this rule out of necessity. So, essentially, I've given up all the male bonding in my life. My son and I play basketball regularly, and we have backyard water battles with the neighbor kids. I really don't miss hanging with the guys at the office anymore. Rule #7 Don't Become Mr. Had my wife decided to stay home, my daughter most certainly wouldn't have learned to appreciate a good deal on a miter saw or know that the best time to get an oil change is midday during the week, after a nap. But it was the right thing to do.

10 Must-See Animated Short Films Movies and TV No matter how old you are, I’m sure you’d love good animations and cartoons. I still remember spending my whole afternoons watching Cartoon Network when I was still a kid. But even more so than what’s available on your local cable channel, a lot of good animations are also available on Youtube! The short films are a special mention, as many of them come with a good story. The list below has 10 popular short film animations (in no particular order) you must see on Youtube. Let’s start our list with a feel-good love story. I can‘t tell if this one’s inspirational or if it’s actually sad – but one thing’s for sure, it hits that soft spot in your heart. Oh and by the way, “Alma” means “soul” in Spanish. Let’s get back to the nicer stories, shall we? Day and Night won Best Short Film at the 38th Annie Awards and has been nominated as Best Animated Short Film at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. I’m sure many people can relate to this short film – myself certainly included.

The Breathing Trick That Puts You to Sleep in Seconds Nothing is worse than lying awake at night, willing your brain to shut down so you can rest. Warm milk, lavender oil, and counting sheep — we’ve all tried them. But the new solution could be simply learning to breathe. Related: That Lemon Wedge’s Dirty Little Secret What is it? The 4-7-8 breathing technique was pioneered Dr. Dr.Weill claims that 4-7-8 breathing can help people fall asleep in just 60 seconds by acting as a “natural tranquiliser for the nervous system” that reduces stress and tension in the body. How do you do it? 1. Manulife Bank - More from your mortgage. Related: Your Attention Span Is Now Shorter Than a Goldfish’s 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Related: Mom With Skin Cancer Shares Graphic Photo as a Warning Against Tanning Remember: All inhaling breaths must be quiet and through your nose and all exhaling breaths must be loud and through your mouth. How does it help? It takes on more oxygen relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes a state of calmness. Page SpaceID : 1197784172

Simo Häyhä Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Simo Häyhä (Simô Aie va, /simɔ ˈhæy̯hæ/,) né en 1905 ou 1906 à Rautjärvi - à Hamina[Notes 1],[1], est un soldat finlandais considéré comme le meilleur tireur d'élite de toute l'histoire[2]. Il fut surnommé Belaya Smert (« Mort blanche ») par l'armée soviétique, qui déploya des moyens considérables pour l'abattre et dans les rangs de laquelle Häyhä fit entre cinq et sept cents victimes[Notes 2],[3]. Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Une autre tactique d'Häyhä consistait à compacter la neige devant lui afin que le tir n'agite pas la neige révélant ainsi sa position. Il gardait aussi de la neige dans sa bouche pour que la vapeur de sa respiration ne le trahisse pas[2]. Toutes ses victoires furent comptabilisées durant les cent jours antérieurs à sa blessure par balle. Lors d'un entretien en 1998, à la question de savoir comment il était devenu aussi bon tireur, il répondit : « par la pratique »[2]. Notes[modifier | modifier le code] (fi) P.

25 clever ideas to make life easier Via: Why didn’t I think of that?! We guarantee you’ll be uttering those words more than once at these ingenious little tips, tricks and ideas that solve everyday problems … some you never knew you had! (Above: hull strawberries easily using a straw). Via: Rubbing a walnut over scratches in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes. Via: Remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen with WD40 (also works on walls). Via: Stop cut apples browning in your child’s lunch box by securing with a rubber band. Via: Overhaul your linen cupboard – store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match. Via: Pump up the volume by placing your iPhone / iPod in a bowl – the concave shape amplifies the music. Via: Re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags. Via:

This Student Designs Jewelry That Turns Your Veins Into A Power Source (Video) We’ve all been there: running out of power on your cell-phone with no prospect of a charger in the near future. It’s one of the most frightening possible scenarios for a lot of people these days. Naomi Kizhner, an Israeli graduate student, may have solved that problem. Naomi designs jewelry that harnesses your body’s energy to generate electrical power. Some of her devices are a little bit creepy- they are embedded into the wearer’s veins, and then use the wearer’s movements and blood flow to turn a small wheel inside the device, generating electricity. One of Naomi’s devices (Courtesy of Naomi Kizhner) Most people are probably pretty uncomfortable with the idea of embedding energy-producing jewelry into their body. “I wanted to provoke the thought about how far will we go to in order to ‘feed’ our addiction in the world of declining resources,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. The jewelry is part of a project that Kizhner is calling “Energy Addicts”.

Neuro-Programmer Feature Set Features The Neuro-Programmer 3 (NP3) is the most flexible, feature-rich and comprehensive personal development program on the market. Version 3 is available! NP3 includes everything you need: Over 120 sessions (learn more) AudioStrobe compatible Sessions of all types included: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and more complex protocols Create your own MP3s and Audio CDs Hypnosis Scripting Tools (learn more) Microphone Recording & Text-To-Speech (learn more) Binaural Beats, Monaural and Isochronic Tones supported (learn more) Background Sounds, Music & White Noise generation Session Editor, with Undo, Copy/Paste, Unlimited Voices and more BioOptimization: using biofeedback device input to create more effective sessions (learn more) Extensive documentation Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep and other sessions Attention, Learning, Memory and performance sessions Much more: An enormous list of Sessions are built into NP3. Sessions lay the groundwork for change Sessions tailored to you Easy To Use

5 Travel Workouts for On-The-Go Exercise There’s no reason summer travel plans should derail your workout routine. You can get a travel workout as good as any gym can deliver by knowing a few key techniques and concepts. All of these exercises are good as standalone workouts, or as components to interval training when used in combination. For starters, pick any three of these travel workouts. Vertical Jumps In case you haven’t tried it since you were a kid, jumping in place is one of the most taxing activities ever. Sprints What could be simpler than sprinting? Push-ups Aside from being one of the most versatile and effective exercises on the planet, push-ups require less space and equipment than virtually anything else. Jump Rope The jump rope is the only piece of equipment on this list, and is just about the easiest accessory to pack in your travel bag. Burpees This old military exercise—a push-up-slash-jumping jack—has been adopted by Crossfitters because it wallops all your major muscle groups.