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Esplorando l'Arte

Esplorando l'Arte
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untitled Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet-- Pg 1 The Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration was developed to help teachers use the Internet to "reach out" globally. These materials were prepared as part of the Department of Education's International Education Initiative. This guide is designed for online access. On every page, teachers will find many projects and suggestions to begin or expand classroom projects that reach across the globe. In every section of this on-line guide, we have also provided links to elementary, middle and high school projects and links to organizations that are involved in international education via the Internet. Disclaimer: Please note that many new online projects are continually beginning, while some projects are ending. Disclaimer of Endorsement: The documents posted on this server contain hypertext links or pointers to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations.

New Technologies and 21st Century Skills Johnnie's Math Page - The Best Math for Kids and their Teachers -Hundreds of Interactive Math Tools, Math Activities, and Math Games Johnnie's Math Page is the site to find fun math for kids, math games, and even a little math homework help. Interactive math activities from across the web have been organized by topic to make math learning enjoyable and interesting. These activities have been chosen to represent the range of math learned from kindergarten to middle school. I have put together resources for middle school math. For parents and teachers, you will find math lessons and free math worksheets as well as links to other math teaching resources. For those who like a challenge, you will find free math games in the math puzzles section. Contact Johnnie

Next Vista for Learning Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories ether/etherpad-lite Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator ProjectWriter- A Great New Tool for Group Writing Projects January 8, 2015 I just learned through this press release that the popular Boom Writer announced today the release of ProjectWriter. This is a tool that teachers can use to conduct engaging nonfiction group-writing projects with their students for Science, History, & more. "ProjectWriter is ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections, letting students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught." 1- Create a project First up, create your project. 2- Start section 1 Enter assignment instructions for your students. 3- Let your students write Each student writes their entry for the section and submits it to you for approval. 4- Peer sharing and review Students then peer review their classmates’ anonymous entries before voting for the piece they think is best.

MaestroPaolo Blog Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. Home | AdrianoParracciani / CyberParra Education Apps – Apps for Coding on Tablets Updated 17/03/2014 – 18 Apps for Coding on Tablets With an increasing focus on programming and coding finding the way onto the curriculum in many different countries across the globe, developers are creating materials which can help educators skill themselves, and also to support pupils in this area. Coding and programming allows for individuals to show their creative side, but also embodies key, logical skills which need to be understood and mastered to create a successful programme. With technology advances racing ahead within societies, the need for programmers is going to be a key concept which individuals need to understand to be able to relate the apps, programmes and any further developments. The skills are not difficult to learn, but the issue in education is likely to be the confidence, understanding and skills of the teachers who will suddenly find coding or programming within their remit. AndroidScript (Android) Free Tynker (iPad) Free with in-app Purchases to Advance. A.L.E.X.

5 Best Prezi Alternatives - Business Presentation software by PowToon! In the last couple of years many people have been searching for innovative ways to create executive, unique, and memorable presentations. PowerPoint was exciting in the early days of its launch, but too many boring presentations led to the creation of new softwares like Prezi. Prezi presentations helped to prevent us from falling asleep during presentations, but the zooming in and out effects of their software, and limited manipulation capabilities, called for more options and new players in the presentation market. 1. Of course our very own PowToon made the top of our Prezi presentation alternatives list! To show you what we’re all about, take a look at a PowToon created by one of our users. PowToon is perfect for educators, students, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. 2. PowToon has taken design and slideshow presentation software to the next level with our new product, PowToon #Slides. 3. Calling all iPad users! 4. RawShorts is a winner in the video presentation category. 5.