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Related:  D&D DM - The official EL Website! City Generator Article (Love Letter to Ed Greenwood) This regular column is for Dungeon Masters who like to build worlds and campaigns as much as I do. Here I share my experiences as a DM through the lens of Iomandra, my Dungeons & Dragons campaign world. Even though the campaign uses the 4th Edition rules, the topics covered here often transcend editions. Hopefully this series of articles will give you inspiration, ideas, and awesome new ways to menace your players in your home campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of Iomandra, check out the wiki. O ne thing that classic fantasy stories have in common, apart from a preponderance of fantasy tropes, is an exhaustive cast of characters. I’m in the third year of my Iomandra campaign. For example, in an upcoming Eye on the Realms article, Ed introduces us to a beholder named Uldeth, whose physical form was nearly obliterated. Lessons Learned The character’s name can tell you a little something about the character and the setting. Until the next encounter!

Javascript D&D 3.5 Character Generator Javascript D&D 3.5 Character Generator Visit my Fourth Edition Character Generator also. Visit my Pathfinder Character Generator also. This little program is my gift to my fellow-gamers, and my way of saying "thank you" to the hobby's developers. Over a quarter-century, I have enjoyed a cordial relationship with people at TSR/WOTC. In return, I'm glad to help make the process of character creation easier for everyone. This big javascript program runs best on "Netscape" browsers. If you want to save your character's html file to your hard drive, Netscape seems to work better. If this page fails to load completely, click here. Please be sure your browser is javascript-enabled and your java and javascript consoles are current. Random rolls that guarantee certain point-buy values are available. When the height is selected or randomly generated, the initial weight shown is around the actual real-world weight for a lean person of that height and strength. Demihumans: Humanoids: * Dragonlance style

Character Sheets from Dyslexic Studeos Free Dungeons - Free RPG Adventures OpenRPG: Online Virtual Tabletop OpenRPG: Online Virtual Tabletop I've been wanting to redesin my website for some time. This new design is really only a tweak to the old design, but it has one important change: it works on both desktop and mobile devices. And it's not two different sites (as is often the case), but rather one site that adapts. If you look at this site on your smartphone, it should adapt to the smaller screen size. It's not ideal. When I saw it works, I don't mean it's flawless. Anyhow, I've been trying my best to clear my plate the last year so I can do more blogging and work on other projects. Gencon approaches and I want to continue with my gencon blogs I started last year. If you find something not working on the website due to these changes, please let me know asap (webmaster at

Dave's Mapper | RPG Map Generator Hero Lab For assistance, please check our support forums or email us. View our Privacy Policy here. Army Builder is a registered trademark of Lone Wolf Development, Inc. Heavy Explorer-class Starships This is a conceptual design study for a heavy explorer class of starships. This class is based on ideas proposed by the group and a series of driving assumptions. The resulting craft is a large, capable, mobile research platform with enough personnel and resources to adequately explore a star system. Design Assumptions The assumptions are: No unforseen advances in technology. Crew Habitation area - shielding and artificial gravity.Crew food mass numbers - Primary Drive System Multi-cycle RAIR - This system was the original one I suggested for the Explorer class starship design. Externally Fueled Fusion - This system was the final and current one I suggested for the Explorer class starship design. Overview of all concepts The Externally fueled Fusion rocket concept is a solid baseline design. More important to the assumptions of the LIT group, this drive system is not capable of near relativistic flight. Power Requirements As you probably already gathered. Ships Manifest Crew support manifest

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