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137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, Part 1 - Craftynest

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, Part 1 - Craftynest
Why Christmas when we’re in the throes of summer? I know. I worked six years in retail. In my experience, nothing incited people’s groans more than Christmas being stocked on the shelves in August. However, I think this a worthy exception. After all, if you’re going to have a handmade Christmas, you can’t very likely undertake the proposition in December, now can you? I’m excited to share this prodigious list of Christmas gift ideas that I compiled years ago. This is the first of seven parts that I will post over the next few weeks (MWF). Part 1: Home & garden crafts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. source unknown 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Monogram Mugs Friends! I’m so pleased to share our first gift DIY of the season. Maude made these fantastic monogrammed mugs over the weekend. Don’t they look terrific? The idea came when we saw these fun initial cups at Anthropologie and remembered our kitchen was lacking in hot cocoa mugs. It’s a very doable project. 1) We started with a trip to Goodwill, where we collected 8 plain white mugs. 2) Then we gathered supplies. For the font, I had something very specific in mind. 3) Cut out an initial and a piece of transfer paper. 4) Trace the initial. 5) Take your Porcelaine pen and trace over the lines of the initial. 6) Once the lettering is done, let the mugs sit for 24 hours. 7) And that’s it! The project turned out so well that it has my mind spinning with other possibilities. What do you think? Need more sibling gift ideas?

21 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men Buying Valentine’s Day gifts for men can be tricky. I know how difficult my own husband is to shop for. To make the task easier, I have put together a collection of twenty creative gift ideas that I think your man might enjoy! Chocolate and bacon…a weird combination that sounds perfect for my man this Valentine’s Day! I think this treat could easily be “DIY’ed” for the occasion. Shaping your bacon into hearts before baking would make this treat extra cute! fab For the man that loves the smell of alcohol, these candles would make the perfect gift. I don’t think many men will readily admit it, but I believe they like to be pampered with fun spa products made for them. True story. This made me laugh out loud! With chapter titles like “Fight a Bear”, “Be a Superhero”, and “Grow a Successful Beard”, 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do looks hilarious! uncommon goods beer month club think geek

Make a Perpetual Button Calendar for 2011 (and Beyond) By Diane Gilleland I know calendars (and clocks and address books) are quickly becoming computer-centric tools, but I like the old-school charm of this desk calendar. Make it once, and you can use it forever – just move the numbers to their correct location each month, and change the nameplate! Materials Picture frame, 11″x14″ or 16″x20″, see belowSheet of foam board or 1/2″-thick corkRuler Craft knife Piece of woven fabric, about 24″x30″ Spray adhesive Masking tape Scissors 42 large buttons, 3/4″ to 1″ in diameter 42 flat-head thumb tacks 5 sheets card stock, for numbers and nameplatesDownloadable name/number template 3/4″ circle punch, optional E-6000, or similarly strong glue Water-soluble fabric marker Fine-point Sharpie 2 squares of wool or acrylic felt 1 sheet of Friendly Felt, or lightweight chipboard Sewing machine and thread 2 sets Velcro dots plus 22 “loop” style dots (the softer half of a Velcro pair)Greeting card envelope Directions Step 1: First, prepare the background.

50+ Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas We’re still discussing gift ideas today. I hope you’re not sick of them. Today’s gifts are also handmade but may cost a little more to make. Even then they are still Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas and range from $5 – $20. Not sure about how you do things but I usually have a set number in my mind of how much I’d like to spend for each person. I sure hope it helps out if you’re going handmade this year. Hope you enjoy these ideas as much a I did! From Lil’ Luna: Scrapbook Frame Count Your Blessings Board DIY Planter Boxes Coffee Filter Letters Coffee Filter Wreath Twine & Vinyl Holders Custom Name and Picture Boards DIY Serving Tray from A Thoughtful Place DIY Spoon Hook Rack from Fox Hollow Cottage DIY Rustic Chalkboard from Love Grows Wild DIY Kitchen Chalkboard from Love Grows Wild DIY Distressed Sign from Love Grows Wild DIY Number Tray from Design Dining and Diapers DIY Eye Chart Decor from Design Dining and Diapers DIY Succulent WaterCan Planter from Design Dining and Diapers DIY Gift Ideas for under $2

Inspired Entertaining: DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses Last month I got an email from one of those "deal of the day" websites featuring a very cute set of wine glasses with chalkboard stems from a company called Chalkboard China. I've seen chalkboard glasses before, and always thought them to be a fun and chic way for guests to keep track of their glass throughout the night so you don't end up with mixed-up glasses or dozens of half-full glasses left around the house. But all the ones I've seen in stores feature a strip of chalkboard paint across the bowl of the glass, which I've always felt looks awkward and takes away from the beauty of the wine or beverage in the glass. What I like about this version is that the writing part is at the bottom on the stem and foot of the glass, so it doesn't compete with the beverage. What I did NOT like about the glasses, was the price. $19.95 per glass is absurd and totally unnecessary. So I figured, "I can totally make that myself!" Materials 1. 2. 3. Method Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.

25 Handmade Gifts Under 10 Dollars Well, it is tradition! Time to share my favorite 25 Handmade Gifts of the Year. It takes me some time to put this list together. I look for affordable handmade gifts that will cost around $5 to make and that are pretty and meaningful. I can’t wait to show you what I have for you this year! Super cute DIY Necklaces at Crafts Unleashed I love the tutorial and how easy and affordable these are to make. When life gives you lemons make Homemade Lemon Soap! Think about how cute this would look in a basket with some towels. Recipe and tutorial at A Pumpkin and A Princess Jar Lid Picture Magnets I don’t know of a mom or grandma that wouldn’t like to receive these adorable magnets. I made these for my mama and she loved them! You can make them for under $5 and look how cute they look as a gift! Tutorial at The 36th Avenue DIY Tablet Holder Hello brilliant! This was made from an old wooden kitchen board… again so affordable. Do you know how cool this is for the kitchen, while trying to follow recipes online?

DIY Friendship Necklace – HonestlyWTF As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces. We promise they are super easy to make and the perfect way to pass the time during those long summer roadtrips. To make a 2-tone necklace, cut a long piece of rope and wrap two different colors of embroidery thread around its own bobbin. To alternate colors, simply put the inactive color (red) in your left hand and the new active color (purple) in your right. Once you’re done knotting, add a few nuts and/or washers to the necklace.

10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys Home » Gifts to Make, Headline, Holiday Crafts, Man Crafts 23 January 2014 45,097 views One Comment by Becky Striepe What is it about making Valentine's gifts for guys that's so darn difficult? Really, I have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for my husband at any holiday. Do you struggle with finding DIY Valentine's Day gifts for the guys in your life, too? 14 Days of Love Tradition - A sweet handmade pocket pillow becomes the home for a daily reminder for your partner of how much you love him.DIY Sharpie Mug - What a perfect gift for the coffee- or tea-drinking dude! Have you created any good DIY Valentine's Day gifts for guys? Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content.