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How to Memorize Anything

How to Memorize Anything
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Understanding : DeadBedrooms How to Change Your Motor Oil Ever since I’ve owned a car, I’ve always taken it to a quick lube to get the oil changed. Every 3,000 miles I would find myself sitting in a lounge munching on complimentary donuts while some other man changed my oil. But it never felt right. I would stare out the window into the garage and watch the mechanics work deftly on my car. In addition to the resentment I felt for paying another man to change my oil, I was also jealous. Of course, I never did anything about it, mainly out of laziness. Well, after 10 years of taking my car to a quick lube to change my oil, I finally got around to learning how to change the oil in my car last month. Below, I provide a short guide on how to change the oil in your car. The Benefits of Changing Your Oil Yourself Save money. You won’t get stuff stolen from your car. You’ll feel manly. How Often Should You Change Your Motor Oil? The 3,000 mile rule is actually good advice… if you own a quick lube and want to make loads of money. New oil filter.

Vulnerability Leads to a Deeper Love Connection | Love for Successful Women The connection or disconnection you feel with your partner is a result how much or little you’re able to be vulnerable with him. Being vulnerable means open to the possibility of being criticized, hurt, rejected, etc. Having great fear of these possibilities will keep you from expressing the most important messages, words and feelings that can positively transform your life. If your fear is greater than your ability to express yourself openly, you will always feel disconnected in your love relationships and with yourself. You can only be vulnerable after knowing your worth The ability to be authentically vulnerable only comes after knowing your true worth. Being vulnerable is immensely powerful. Know your worth with these eight practices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Feeling resistant? Practice being vulnerable Once you start knowing your true worth, practice being vulnerable by opening up and expressing your thoughts and feelings wholeheartedly. Which of the eight practices will you try? P.S.

Guitar Chord Basics: How to Play G C D Chords Leadbelly playing his 12 string guitar So you can get a perfect score on “Free Bird” in Guitar Hero? Besides your twelve year old cousin, who do you think that’s going to impress? Instead of wasting your time with pretend guitar, start learning how to play the real deal. The guitar is a skill that will provide you and those around you years of enjoyment. The guitar has a way of showing up at parties and campfires, and it often gets passed around so people who know how to play can strum out some tunes while everyone sings along. But what if you’ve never played the guitar? For the answer, I went to my best friend, Andrew Bays. The Three Essential Guitar Chords According to my bud, Andy B, the three guitar chords every man should know are G C D. “You can play darn near anything with those chords (save Taylor Swift songs, cause they always have that dramatic teenage girl angst minor chord thrown in).” Not only can you play darn near anything with these chords, they’re super simple to play.

What the Right Man Says, Does, Thinks, and Acts Like — Charles J. Orlando If you’re looking for a quality man, there are specific signs to help you determine not only if he’s genuine, but if he’s the right guy for you. Here’s what the right guy says, does, thinks, and wants: He is sincere. Honesty, honor, gratitude, compassion, loyalty, trust... he embodies them all. He chases his dreams. You'll know that he does, because he will tell you what he wants from his experience on this planet and what he wishes for others.

How to Bridle and Saddle a Horse One of my fondest memories growing up was going to my grandpa’s ranch in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and riding horses. The “grandkids’ horse” was named Sugar. I loved that horse. Because I was just knee high to a grasshopper, Grandpa usually did all the saddling himself. And because Grandpa sold the old ranch while I was still young, I never got to saddle her myself. Seventeen years later I decided it was time I learn this skill I had missed out on as a lad. To learn how to saddle up, I visited our favorite cigar-chomping, tomahawk-throwing cowboy, Tom Warren, at Meadow Lake Ranch in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Let’s saddle up! How to Bridle a Horse Before we actually put the saddle on the horse, we need to put on the bridle. Here’s how you bridle a horse: Because I was with folks who had never been around horses before, Tom left the horse harness on the horse and tied him to a hitching post for safety purposes. It’s time to put the bit in the mouth. Fasten all the buckles on the bridle.

Gentlemen vs. "Bros": A Rant — Charles J. Orlando I look around at the typical man today and I can’t help but feel disappointment. What the hell happened? What happened to honor? To integrity? To common courtesy and manners? Before you send me your hate mail, I’m not referring to all men. These Bros are all about themselves. Maybe I’ve got it wrong. And that’s part of what’s missing today; accountability. If you back up a few short years, men generally had a strong sense of accountability, self-worth, and class (save for politicians and lawyers, many of whom still have negotiable ethics and values).

How to Build a Better Sawhorse Editors Note: This is a guest post by Ethan Hagan from One Project Closer. Check out some of his other manly contributions to AoM like repairing drywall and building a workbench. As I continue to expand my workshop, I quickly discovered the need for some good sawhorses. Sawhorses are great for setting up a temporary workspace, out-feed (on my table saw), and more. Now you can slap some sawhorses together pretty quickly and they’ll work just fine; Brett shared a fast and easy sawhorse design awhile back if you’re looking for something nice and simple. But I didn’t want to compromise on features. These are not the easiest sawhorses to build. Tools & Materials List These are the tools and materials I used to build the sawhorses. The Shopping List (3) 8 foot 2×4′s(2) 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ carriage bolts(6) 3/8″ washers(2) 3/8″ nuts(10) 2-1/2″ wood screws(1) 6′ locking tie-down Tools Compound miter saw (must be capable of bevel and miter cuts)Jigsaw (or handsaw)Drill/driverSquare Step 2: Cut the Notch