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Bleach on fabric tutorial - Stencil Revolution

Bleach on fabric tutorial - Stencil Revolution
Here is my Bleaching Tutorial, exclusively for Stencil Revolution members. In 2002, I was hired by a small clothing company to invent a process by which we could produce images on garments that would be more “tattooed” into the fabric than screened on. I immediately thought about bleach and began two years of research and testing. I worked with chemists, fabric manufacturers, and artists. I wrecked my studio, my clothes, and my lungs. I wasn’t paid nearly enough for this. Chemically, to achieve different values, I worked with retardants to slow the process of the chemical’s effects, I watered down mixtures, I used “stop-baths”, dehydrated bleach crystals… you name it. So, here is the big secret, just for S.R. members. Contributed by Phelyx. I have finally completed this simple tutorial and am pleased with the results. This Japanese Koi design was created specifically for this tutorial. There are a few basic need-to-know items and suggestions that I can offer. Third: Cheap bleach is fine.

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DIY Shibori Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary. Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Tutorial: Easy Buttoned Legwarmers « Laupre Tutorial: Easy Buttoned Legwarmers With Spring right around the corner I’ve been eying my favorite skirts and dresses and looking forward to getting a chance to wear them comfortably. I whipped these little legwarmers up to help me a get a headstart until the temperatures come up a little more. I thought I’d take photos to share so you can make your own. They’re really easy! You can make yourself a pair in an hour and wear them out tonight.

DIY: Tie Dye Denim This DIY kick starts my tie dye week (another version to come) and just might be my most favorite DIY yet!! As I was perusing the latest Elle magazine, I saw an ad for Paige denim. It was for a beautiful pair of tri-colored tie dye jeans (Paige Toulouse Verdugo Skinny). No Sew, Lyrics and Music, Slashed Tee: DIY Saw this on Pinterest and I had to DIY it. You can too. Grab your scissors and let's go. A cloche hat in boiled wool (with tutorial) Hi everyone! The winter is coming fast here, so it was time to make the yearly hat I used duct tape to construct the pattern, and below you can follow the different steps. I use a old pare of nolyn stockings and taped over them. I used a string to draw the center, front to back and side to side. Here i find the angle on the brim.

The Bleaching 101: Dark Jeans to Pastel Shorts *Try this at your own risk. I've gotten a TON of questions about my Pink Skinny Jeans. Thank you for all the sweet comments too! I love reading them! No thank you to the haters that don't think they're the same jeans (why would I do that?). DO IT YOURSELF: T-Shirt Weaving I have a lot of t-shirts. Long sleeved, short sleeved, too small, too big…. I especially have a lot of oversized t-shirts that I like to wear as tunic dresses.

T-Shirt Refashion: Jersey Necklace Sometimes I feel like I ride on the coattails of creative people. Back in January as I was surfing my favorite blogs, I came across this post on Ultra Vroom about cardigans and fabric necklaces. I instantly fell in love and had to have a fabric necklace for my very own. I week or so later I remembered the large stash of white jersey hanging around the basement and hap-hazardly made my own version of Annie‘s fabric necklace. If I remember correctly, I wore that necklace for 4 days in a row. I didn’t really take it off until Penelope bumped her mouth on the table and bled all over me (Penelope is ok, BTW).

Dyeing Tips & Tricks RIT and tintex dyes are a combination of Acid, Direct, and Disperse dyes mixed with acetic acid and salt. Acetic acid is needed to aid the acid dyes, and salt is needed for direct. (mortants= acetic acid( or citric acid) and salt are safe to use) To get the best results with RIT or TINTEX is to heat the dye bath. No Sew, T-Shirt Skirt: DIY I have been asked by a few people if I could try and create a no sew skirt out of a T-shirt. I finally ended up with this design last week. Several designs came out of this one thought. Flat bottom straight sides zippy pouch I love the method of sewing across two corners of a pouch or bag to create a flat bottom (this post is going to sound a bit like a cosmetic surgery clinic brochure at times I fear), but sometimes I don’t want the sides of the bag/pouch slope inwards towards the base. I knew that this had to be solvable through the careful application of trigonometry, so…. I decided just to take a guess at how to solve it (‘cos I’m no mathematician). After a few false starts, I managed to draw this pattern which creates a straight-ish sided pouch with a flat bottom. The finished pouch is 9″ wide, 7″ high and around 3″ deep at the base.

The Convertible "Infinity" Dress: How it almost defeated me, and what you need to make one I made this thing. It’s pretty cool. It’s a convertible dress that’s basically a circle and two straps, so it’s really easy, inexpensive, and crazy versatile. It’s been around forever and everyone seems to love it (in fact, part of the reason I’m posting this is to answer some questions for people I’ve run into), and I can hardly believe how close I came to not making it at all.