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Wedding Inspiration & Styling

Wedding Inspiration & Styling
Written by: louise Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2011 Hey lovely people! You know it’s Thursday right? Yup, that means we’re back with another cracking DIY project for you today! Woop! The lovely Fanni over at Fubumedia has been beavering away on this fun little idea to share with us today. As with all our projects, it’s pretty simple, all you need to do is print the free templates, and get sticking! You will need: 1 x favour box template 1 x thank-you flag template 2 x sheets A4 card (you could use complimentary colours to add an extra bit of pizzazz when your guests open the box!) A pair of sharp scissors Pencil Cocktail sticks or toothpicks Ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colours Method: Dowload and print the templates, and cut out the favour box template. Once you have the shape, fold all the little strips inwards, place your favours in the middle, and pinch all the strips together at the top before securing with a little bit of tape. and voila!

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DIY Fortune Cookie Favors Who knew you could create such beautiful fortune cookies out of a simple piece of paper? Laurie’s DIY project this week is not only creative and fun, but also very inexpensive to make(less than 10 cents per a fortune cookie) What You’ll Need Decorative or Scrapbook paper (not too thick, similar to a text weight, not cardstock) White text weight paper Double faced tape A pencil A round plastic lid to use as a template (approximately four to five inches in diameter) or a extra large circle craft punch A pair of scissors Computer and printer Directions: 1. Begin by using a plastic lid as a template to trace circles on your decorative paper.

Shabby Apple Giveaway (Giveaway now closed) Earlier this week I let you all know to keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway (and a coupon!)... well here it is ladies and gents!! (ok really this is just for the ladies... but guys, enter too, then you can give this to a lady in your life and she will be super excited! Or gents you can win and send it to me... I wouldn't mind, I wont tell the husband... shhh) I was just recently introduced to Women's Dresses from Shabby Apple and I'm totally in love. MAGAZINE ENVELOPES 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina. She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! Little origami elephant You know how sometimes you need to take a break from work and fold an elephant? Here's my attempt, following this YouTube video in which Jo Nakashima shows how to make an origami elephant designed by Li Jun. This guy's pudgy derriere is even cuter than his face.

March of the penguins It's Sunday afternoon and the snow is falling like powdered sugar over a sweet dessert. My kiddies noses are pressed against the window as they watch this magical confetti turn the ground into a soft white blanket. Their excitement fills the air as they quickly gather their snow gear and prepare to step into a winter wonderland. Sometimes creativity blossoms out of the blue; sometimes it takes a little more effort; but if you just let inspiration take you away, anything can happen, including something like this....... May I show you something? Paper Tea Cups #1 I’ve been messing around with paper. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to make paper tea cups, but inspiration hit over the holidays and I couldn’t find one online. Hence the gauntlet was thrown down! I had to make one. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated. But I’m ecstatic with the results!

How to make my Chalk Lines Skirt This is one of my favorite skirts (and my sister’s favorite to borrow). It’s not the quickest sewing project, since you have to sew each seam twice – once to put in the piping and again to actually make the seam – but it’s worth the extra effort. These are the pattern pieces: To add piping to a seam, first sew the piping to one side, placing it on the right side of the fabric with the decorative bit facing in.

Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel DIY Neon Yellow Striped T-shirt Hey y’all! I’m Lexy from The Proper Pinwheel and I am super excited to share with you this ridiculously easy DIY. Neon is all the rage right now and what better way to support the trend than by wearing it?! If you have a plain white t-shirt lying around the house, than you can make this: Darwin chair by Stefan Sagmeister Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister presented a chair with 200 patterns at Design Miami/Basel last week. Called Darwin Chair, the piece for Dutch collective Droog is covered in 200 sheets of paper each with a different print. The top sheet can be removed and discarded each time it becomes worn.

Mojo Spa ™ We all know someone who seems to have it all: beauty, brains, and talent and doesn’t have to try to be amazing. Cinnamon is nature’s equivalent of Ms or Mr. Perfect and while it will impress you with its many skills and uses, it won’t leave you with any lingering feelings of jealousy! Boost Circulation