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Tiny Houses - Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Houses - Tiny Home Builders
What is a tiny house? A tiny house is a small house that is sized such that it can fit on a trailer. In most areas this means that it can’t be bigger than 8 feet 6 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall, and 40 feet long. The houses are built on trailers since they are too small to be allowed as permanent structures according to most local code enforcement agencies. Why would I live in a tiny house? For many, the dream of owning their own house is only that, a dream. Another advantage of tiny houses is gained time. Another advantage is that the houses can be moved. Finally, one last reason to living in a tiny house is conservation. Why wouldn’t I just buy an RV? RV’s are great for travel, but not so great to live in. Have more questions? Looking for a house for your dog or maybe just a small project to get you started, take a look at our modernDog dog house. Related:  TH BuildersTrailer & Floor

Oregon Cottage Co. This quaint little home is waiting for the person seeking a simpler way of life or is in need of additional space for an office, art studio, guestroom or personal retreat. This well crafted 8'x20', 130 sq ft (habital space) Bungalow is energy efficient and built with sensitivity toward the environment. It has a standard RV utility hook up or can be connected to public sewer and water. It includes a full kitchen, sleeping loft, shower and toilet all built on a 10,000lb GVWR dual axle flatbed trailer for portability. It is priced at $37,000 and has the following green features: Eco-Batt wall insulation (R-16.9 assembly) Landark Natural interior oil finish Locally milled cedar siding Reclaimed wood flooring and interior door SFI certified wood windows Energystar refrigerator/freezer At a starting price of around $22,000 we can also build a "shell-out"option of this Bungalow where we provide a watertight exterior and sound structural framing. "On the road to where your imagination may lead you."

Tiny House Talk – Small Spaces More Freedom Tumbleweed Trailers Now Available to Build your Tiny House on Acquiring and preparing a trailer for your future tiny house can be one of the most stressful parts of the construction process. For most people the trailer is actually the single most expensive item that you’ll buy for your tiny home. And rightly so, as it’s going to be the foundation of your house. To address this issue Tumbleweed Houses is now offering trailers specifically designed and built for tiny houses. There are three sizes you can pick from right now which are: Then you can also pick four different styles within each size: No PorchCorner Porch (Left)Corner Porch (Right)Full Porch Things to Look Out for when buying Used You can save a lot of money by acquiring a used trailer and putting lots of labor into it so it can be ready for up to 10,000 lbs of “house”. This means your axles have to be in good shape, they must be able to handle that weight and you’ll also want to check your: TiresSpringsFlashingTongue length If you want to get info and order one of these trailers click here.

The Cube Project Rich the Cabin Man's Extra Long Tiny House on Wheels Now here’s a tiny house on wheels that more folks might be open to. To me it’s like a breed between a Park Model and a Tiny House. Most park models are wider than 8’6″ so you need a special permit to tow it. But not this one. Rich Daniels built it at just 8′ wide so you can still tow it yourself. Images: Rich Daniels This little cabin is 8′ x 34′ so a total of about 272 square feet of space without including the loft living space. Bathroom Building a House on a Trailer If you’re curious as how this all works (how to build a stick built house on a trailer) I highly recommend this book. Kitchen Safe Staircase to Loft Loft Spacious Loft to Sleep In Floor Plan Images: Rich’s Portable Cabins Find Rich so he can Build your next Cabin! If you’re interested in Rich having a cabin built for you head on over to his website right now to learn more and let him know I sent you. Would you build a cabin on a trailer this long? How do you feel about a longer than normal cabin on wheels?

Open Trail Homes The Tiny Life Tumbleweed Trailer Made in the USA, Tumbleweed trailers create a perfect foundation for your home. Designed specifically to carry your most prized possession - your home. Safety Tumbleweed ensures your quality-built trailer comes standard with brakes, lights, underside flashing and special trailer radial tires. These tires are a significant upgrade from tires normally found on utility trailers and extremely important for your safety. The average steel-belted radial gets about 100,000 miles of wear, while the bias-ply tires generally only get about 30,000 miles. Our suspension package, with multiple 5,000 lb axles, comfortably carries the weight of you tiny home. Designed for a tiny home When it comes to attaching your house to the trailer, techniques have improved greatly over the years. Additionally the trailer is designed to allow more than 3.5" of extra headroom in the house interior, something you cannot achieve on any other regular trailer. Here's what you get: Get it financed!

not-so-big living start-here/ Thank you so much for stopping by Tiny r(E)volution. My name is Andrew Odom and I’ll be your guide today. In addition to leading tours I am also a social media marketer, a writer, a photographer, a teacher, a husband, and a father. About Tiny r(E)volution Tiny r(E)volution is an Internet home for people interested in simple, minimalist living, and less square feet than most master bedrooms. It primarily focuses on tiny house trailers such as our own but also explores a number of alternative housing arrangements and the issues and products surrounding them. I write from our experiences with going tiny and offer tips, tricks, tools, opinions, and suggestions with each post. Subscribe In order to stay connected with us I encourage you to subscribe to our posts. On The Web Because we believe so much in the Tiny r(E)volution community and the collective ideas and thoughts we are represented on a number of platforms including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. Disclosure Policy Uncopyright

Open Trail Homes Open Trail Homes, a new tiny house company has been launched in North Salt Lake, Utah. They currently offer four models from 128 to 320 square feet. All of the homes are built on wheels and the largest measures 12′ x 24′ – which would make it better suited for a semi-permanent installation since special move permits are typically required to move 12-foot wide trailers. All the others could be moved with a full size pickup truck. Three of their four models are designed with beds on the lower level and three have additional sleeping/storage space in lofts. I’m very impressed with the packages they’ve put together and suspect this company could become a leader in the tiny homes market. To get a look yourself visit the Open Trail Homes website and Follow them on Facebook. Photo credit to Open Trail Homes. Top: Blue Sky model, 165 square feet. Below: Blue Sky Floor Plan Below: Bunk House, 128 square foot model Below: Bunk House interior Below: Bunk House floor plan

First weekend : who are you | The Tiny House Story Welcome to the story. This blog is about a tiny person building a tiny house. She wanted so much to change the world. And she realized, she must do it where she’s at. So here starts my journey, as a tiny house maker. We met at St. The first days we worked with our minds. We visited a lot of good spots to get some ideas and to see how the town already works with recycling and upcycling. Our first weekend was there in a get to know each other spirit. Next time we will start to build on the tiny tiny houses. And shortly, in Swedish, for the sake of the search engine. Varja