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diy: displaying artwork with clothhangers Today I’m loving … displaying artwork with pant/skirt hangers. This is a budget friendly solution (you can get these hanger for less then one USD/EURO at IKEA) as you don’t have to get your artwork framed. And it looks good as well! Design Pro Journal - Take back your profession Dec 27, 2012 There’s a lot to being a design professional. It takes years of preparation and practice along with a dedicated effort to address inadequacies and learn new and essential things. For some, the sheer volume of what More… Discuss Dec 12, 2012

Oh Joy! I'm excited to announce the launch of the Oh Joy for Nod kids' bedding and decor collection! Inspired by Ruby and her transition to a big girl room, the collection is a limited-edition bedding and home decor line for kids. It includes baby, toddler, and kids' bedding, pillows, lamps, plush toys, rugs, and a curated collection of art to go with it all. The Sundae Best collection is inspired by Ruby's favorite food—ice cream—and how fun it would be to sleep surrounded by your favorite treat. I wanted to create an abstracted version of ice cream with sprinkle sheets and a cone-inspired pattern on the duvet. Twig & Thistle I’m so excited to share my Oscar printables for this year! I wasn’t sure if I was even going to do them but I’ve been getting a ton of requests for them and I got really excited about updating the set. The theme this year is black, white, gold and kraft paper. I know, super original, but I think the design is a playful mix of formal and slightly rustic hints. This year’s entry contains invites, paper oscar statuettes, popcorn boxes, drink tags and of course ballots; everything you need to throw a red carpet party in style! Oh, and I finally put together an “Oreo Cake” that I’ve been obsessed with since I saw it the Martha Stewart 2010 September issue.

oh, hello friend: you are loved. It's always fun to look forward to things, don't you agree? So I put together a small list of things I'm looking forward to this month. What kind of things are you looking forward to? 1. With a new year comes brand new items in the shop - I'm really excited about all the new items we'll be getting in the shop over the coming months. 2. 26 Tips and Tricks To Simplify Life I have been collecting all kinds of clever tips to make life just a little bit more simple. Here are some of my favs! 1. Cord organization tips. I am SO doing this. {link} 2. Quick Tips Bundle: 50 Easy as ABC Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is the primary tool to consider. Probably, lots of jobs regarding picture enhancement would be incomplete without Photoshop. In the world of high technologies and beautiful images of the web it’s totally important to have at least a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl - Part 2 instant inspiration. Posted by victoria //// 10 Comments this week’s instant inspiration comes from Freunde von Freunden and their very beautiful instagram feed, @fvonf. if you’ve not visited before, Freunde von Freunden is a digital interview blog delivering a unique glimpse into creatives’ living and workplaces, and one of my personal favorite websites for inspiration — whether it be visually or verbal, their interviews include some of the most interesting people and inspiring artists worldwide. the @fvonf instagram feed is equally as inspiring, offering up a sneak peek inside the homes and studio tours that accompany the fabulous Freunde von Freunden interview series. • all photos courtesy of @fvonf. easter’s around the corner — let’s get hopping. Posted by victoria //// 4 Comments

{capture the moment}: Free Downloads {capture the moment} Your email address:Powered by FeedBlitz Blog powered by Typepad Free Downloads more people i’m proud of « style/SWOON so last week… Warby Parker posted some of my favorite people in the world, Jully, Vynsie and Derek, on their blog from their trip to Dallas. Check out these amazing photos of my favs, We are 1976. AND! AND!

Decorating your home with White New Here? Sign up to be part of something great & receive a BIG present too. A free instantly downloadable book of EPIC photo ideas. It's jammed packed with my insider tips & tricks for creating gorgy gorgeous photos. You won't want to miss that! Signing up means that you will have more fun, better hair & weekly tips to design the life YOU want to live. Decorchick! Changing her world, one project at a time Yesterday I showed you all the awesome mantel I scored at the Pottery Barn outlet. Now today, I will show you her all fancied up for Fall. :) I just want to kiss it! Do you want to kiss it too?

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