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DOWNLOAD How To Use Evernote: The Missing Manual

DOWNLOAD How To Use Evernote: The Missing Manual
Table Of Contents §1 – What Is Evernote? §2 – An Overview Of The Desktop App §3 – An Overview Of The Smartphone Apps §4 – Tips, Tricks & Hacks §5 – Evernote Add-Ons / Plugins §6 – Conclusion 1. Why do you want to use Evernote? I see so many advantages to Evernote and we will explore some of them in depth later. As information becomes more plentiful, we are bombarded with relentless forms of media 24/7, such as blog posts, videos and photos. Your brain, amidst all this mess and disorder, just can’t keep up with what it has to remember. Here is a brief rundown of the features that could make your digital life a lot easier, and how to use Evernote to do just that. Find Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Evernote has its own OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service which means that it can read text, whether it’s computer keyboard text, text in a PDF document, a photocopy of some text (say a page of a book) or even text in a photograph. Evernote provides all users with their own unique email address. Related:  Curation ToolsCURATION

Home :: Target Info Good Curation VS Bad Curation What is good curation versus bad curation? The image is a remix of a presentation entitled “Link Building by Imitation” and authored by link building expert Ross Hudgens — and explains the skill set pretty well. The original image used words like “theft” and “steal” and prompted a debate amongst curators like Robin Good who selected the resource and curated it. Robin’s point in curating this resource: Here’s a great visualization of how different can be the traits of content re-use. In the left column you can see what would appear to be the ideal traits of a professional curator, while on the right you can immediately recognize the ones of scrapers, republishers, cheap aggregators and other “thin” publishers as Google would call them. Guillaume DeCugis, founder of Scoop.It, took issue with the chart because of using the words “theft.” I think debating the word theft takes us away from this point. The list of skills might, at first blush, feel like a lot of extra work.

10 Tips for Using Evernote Effectively Evernote is a tool for keeping track of, well, everything. At least everything as far as digital information goes, or information that can be digitized. Evernote comprises a Web-based service and clients for Windows, Mac OS X, mobile devices, and extensions for Web browsers. Learn the Shortcuts If you're using Evernote on the desktop, you'll want to start by learning the keyboard shortcuts. If you have something in the clipboard you want to create a note from, you can use Cmd-Ctrl-V to start a new note with whatever's in the system clipboard. Want to search for something that's in Evernote? The Evernote Web site has a full list of Windows shortcuts and Mac shortcuts. Use Evernote as an Address Book and Contact Manager I've yet to find a contact manager/address book that I actually like, whether it's Web-based or native desktop software. For people I keep in close touch with (co-workers, family, friends) I use my phone's address book and sync with my computer. Put Notes in the Favorites Bar

Curators and the Curated at SXSW Interactive By Kristina Loring - March 11, 2012 “I feel like such a token…I’m so grateful you guys are here to package and repurpose me.” The whole crowd listening to the “Curators and the Curated” panel erupted in laughter at SXSW Interactive. David Carr, reporter and blogger of the , was the only person on the panel whose job is solely to focus on the creation of content, rather than the gathering, repackaging, and distribution of content (although David Carr is certainly active on Twitter, which many would classify as a curation tool in itself). But, aside from whether or not sites like (which re-posts long form non-fiction content on their site and iPad version, and whose editor, Max Linsky, moderated the panel) disrupt traditional media’s ad revenue by pulling content to other sites and platforms for users to discover, an interesting debate emerged on the role of curators and the art of curation. Stay Tuned.

RSS Feed Search Engine Instant RSS Search engine will help you discover RSS feeds on the web around your favorite topics. You may use the tool to search RSS feeds for blogs, news websites, podcasts and more. It is instant search and hence the search results display as you type. You may use any of the Google search operators - like allintitle, inurl, etc. - for more accurate results. You can subscribe to the feeds in your favorite RSS Reader (like Feedly) or use the Preview link to see the 10 most recently published articles from that feed. Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change Every time I read a story about why newspapers are failing that doesn’t mention the role of aggregation and curation in their troubles, it reminds me that something very fundamental is being missed, even by very sophisticated observers. Aggregation is one of the core concepts of content presentation and commercialization. Curation is a term that has always referred to the careful selection and pruning of aggregates, such as for a museum or an art exhibition. NOcontent makes its way from its creator to the public without aggregation. Publishers are aggregators, pulling together lists of books to present a (publisher-) branded offering to bookstores, libraries, and various review media. Bookstores are aggregators, and their curation is reflected in front tables and shop windows and store sections that create a (retailer-) branded offering that consumers can navigate. What are the takeaways from this? 1. 2. 3. 4.

Con So.Cl anche Microsoft  debutta nel "social" Presentato quasi in sordina, mescola il networking con alcuni aspetti tratti dagli strumenti di content curation È solo un “esperimento di ricerca sociale”, “vi invitiamo a continuare a utilizzare prodotti come Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn e altri social network, nonché Bing, Google e altri strumenti di ricerca”. Non si è mai visto il debutto di un nuovo social network così timido, quasi sottotono. Peccato perché, a modo suo, So.Cl è un progetto piuttosto interessante che, salvo per il layout che ricorda molto quello di Google Plus, si rifà più al modello di siti di cura e ricerca di contenuti, come ( o Searcheeze che a quello delle reti sociali. Gli studenti, principali destinatari secondo Microsoft del prodotto, possono adoperare So.Cl per condividere i risultati delle ricerche effettuate con Bing. “Gli studenti – spiegano quelli di Microsoft nelle Faq – passano il tempo a condividere video. I dati condivisi sono pubblici per impostazione predefinita.

Tony RathScoop Our Lord of Curation series presents to you some of the great curators on They are here to share their insights and advice with you. Tony Rath is a professional photographer based along the shore of the Caribbean Seain the picturesque town of Dangriga, Belize. He is a trained marine biologist and has worked as a diver and underwater photographer for the Smithsonian Institution; diving on oil rigs off California; and captaining a sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Mediterranean and North Seas. Tony first visited Belize in 1979, and moved there permanently in 1988. He founded, along with his wife Therese, Naturalight Productions, Belize’s premiere Internet marketing company. -What is curation to you? To me, curation is a natural off-shoot of the information flow from RSS feeds, websites and mailing lists that I have been reading and collecting for years. -What is your best curating secret? The most critical aspect of curating for me is sources. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.