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Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach: Motivational Magic!

Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach: Motivational Magic!
SO we all know as teachers that the first couple of weeks is dedicated to working on routines and procedures... Many positive "motivation" factors are considered in my classroom :) My first graders thrive on these little tricks of the trade! This entire post is dedicated to what I like to call my box of "motivational box" (aka some of the many "tools" on my teacher belt!). 1. My Behavior Clip Chart Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, but this is my behavior clip chart. 2. I originally started "brownie points" a couple years back, but I saw this snazzy visual display on Pinterest... 3. I purchased a $1 spray bottle in the toiletries section of Target and filled it with water. 4. This is a brand new trick that I just started and it is BEYOND genius! 5. This is another original... 6. This is the new update to my old use of "Warm Fuzzies" (still have a deep rooted love my old guidance counselor and his warm fuzzies and cold pricklies)... 7. This idea came from the Kinder Gals... 8.

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Famous Pirates Information Anne Bonny Anne Bonny was one of the two most famous female pirates. Both Anne and Mary Read (the other famous female pirate) fought on a famous pirate ship called Revenge. Famous Pirates of the Bahamas For Kids Blackbeard Edward Teach, known better as Blackbeard, was the fiercest and most feared pirate of all time. He earned the nickname "Blackbeard" because of his long black beard which almost covered his whole face. He would weave hemp into his beard and light it during battle.

30 Teacher Thank You Gifts {homemade} Make teacher happy with one of these incredible homemade teacher gift ideas. They're perfect for both male and female teachers. These easy homemade gifts tutorials include teacher poems, teacher thank you cards, as well as edible treats, printable cards, personalized t-shirt, gift cards and printable art! We've taken away all the guess work on gifts to make for teacher's with these incredible tutorials. For even more teacher gift ideas Tip Junkie's Creative Community has over 113 tutorials. You can always search there if you'’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

Doodle Coloring Pages Print out my Free Coloring Pages. There are a lot to choose from and you are sure to find something that you like. They work great in the classroom as free time activities or theme unit fun. Your kids at home will also have a blast with them. So start exploring and find yourself some coloring fun! From Mandala inspired designs to animal drawings and pirate pages to holiday fun, there are enough designs to keep any coloring fan busy for hours! Teacher Appreciation T-shirt Tutorial Kari and I have always enjoyed making teacher gifts for those who help shape the minds of our children. Good teachers truly do shape young minds and it can be a thankless job at times. I am so grateful for a 10th grade math teacher who not only taught me how to understand math, but to LOVE it when I thought it was useless and hard. I look back now and I can link my love of science to my love of math which was fostered by her! {Thank you Ms.

Writing Myths Lesson Plans: Large creative writing sword templates" This five page banner is included for free in this set of Writing Myths lesson plans. Legendary Stories: Writing Myths Lesson Plans A Knight's Sword Creative Writing Templates Click on the Add to Cart button above to purchase this set of teaching resources.

10 Best Classical Music Tracks For Calm and Tranquility Classical music has an incredible ability to change and enhance a mood or atmosphere. If you need convincing, you have only to think of your favourite films or TV programmes and see if you remember the music. The best films are the ones that engage you on all levels and the soundtrack has a huge effect on that. If you think back to your own childhood, there will be songs and music which you associate with the best things you remember. My father loved Dance Band music and so whenever I hear it played, warm childhood memories come flooding back and I think of him.

a year of many firsts: It Was the Perfect Setting! This upcoming week we are learning all about the importance of settings in stories! To help my kiddos fully grasp what setting is, here’s what we’ll be doing: First, we’ll receive a special delivery package from a “ kid world traveler” named Sam. Inside the package, we will find a letter from Sam and many photographs. Sam is a photojournalist, or someone who likes to tell stories through his pictures. Weather Felt Board Last updated Sunday, January 5, 2014 Hi everyone! Today I thought I would share a fun visual aid that I created to use when I talk about the weather with my little ones. I have been meaning to make one of these since we started doing tot school, but am just now getting around to it. Better late than never, I say! To start with, I decided I just wanted five basic symbols; sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, and windy.

St George and the Dragon Story The most famous legend of Saint George is of him slaying a dragon. In the Middle Ages the dragon was commonly used to represent the Devil. The slaying of the dragon by St George was first credited to him in the twelfth century, long after his death. How to Homeschool Preschool The years between 2 and 5 are so formative. So much of the “foundation” of your child’s interests and temperament is being nurtured and awakened. They are also developing skills that they can use in school for years to come.

Every Lined Paper Under the Sun! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed email so you won't miss a thing. Thanks for visiting! With several school-age kids between us, and different teachers with different requirements, Bettijo and I have created quite an impressive collection of printable lined school paper. Perhaps your child’s first grade teacher wants homework to be done on half-inch, primary lined paper? No need to track down and buy a pack, just download and print our template at home for free! Maybe your school is like my son’s and uses the Spalding method?

Peg-A-Number Fact GameLearning 4 Kids learning 4 kids Loads of fun ideas for learning through play at home You are here: Home / Learning Play / Peg-A-Number Fact Game Peg-A-Number Fact Game ~*~ Apples of Your Eye! ~*~: Writer's Notebook Organization! I've been using the Writer's Workshop model of teaching and celebrating writing for the last 6 years, but this is the first year that I feel I've got a good grip on how to help my students organize their Writer's Notebooks (WN). This blog will show you some options for organizing WN's and some sample lessons to help you implement the Writer's Workshop model easily. Please visit my TeachersPayTeachers account to support the work I've done here at For everything I sell on the site, I give 10% to and an additional 10% to Food for the Poor. The complete kit is only $3 for all that you see here, plus Writer's Notebook labels and additional information for everything you need to start your Writer's Workshop off on the "write" foot! Here is the cover of my Writer's Notebook. I usually show my students a few of my WN's that I've used over the years (including one from 2nd grade!).