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Music For Robots

Music For Robots
We, the contributors, love and support well-made music and make every effort to support the artists we love by purchasing their work (it is our policy only to post what we own). Through this site, we're simply trying to share good music with others who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. We encourage everyone to purchase music and concert tickets for the artists you feel merit your hard earned dollars. Also, if you own the copyright to one of these songs and would like a song removed, please let us know. Read Robot David B. elsewhere The Robot Mark has a tumblr.

Don't Die Wondering. December 17, 2013 20 Favourite Tracks Of 2013 In alphabetical order: Arca - &&&&& Mixtape Banks - Change Odland Serait-ce un rêve ? We came back from Bulgaria where we shot our next music video Serait-ce un rêve ? Galaktoboureko, the 3D video! Dear friends, and dear Springtime, #366DaysOfMusic // Each Day A Free MP3 Music Download To download a MP3 click with the right mouse-button next to the play icon and choose »save as...« #MP3 You like that old sweet Warp Records stuff? Sell Like a Human: Make Money Online Without Acting Like a Tool Posted on 12. Jul, 2010 by refe in STRATEGY Help delete irritating internet marketing tactics. Last week, Hypebot asked me to contribute a brief post for their ‘Social Media Day’ feature. You can find it here. The exercise got me thinking, and I’ve decided to expand on the topic a bit here on Creative Deconstruction.

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good: Weird in a good way. Like go An Album and a Song is a series where I pick a favorite album and song from a year (working up from 1960) for your listening pleasure. One rule: The year’s album and song can not both come from the same artist. Strangely enough, the Abbey Road got mixed reviews on it’s initial release, but retrospectively it’s rightfully considered The Beatles' last and perhaps greatest masterpiece. The album contains some of the finest songwriting of the band's careers whether it was Lennon's “Come Together”, Harrison’s “Something" (his greatest Beatles contribution), or McCartney’s masterful Side 2 medley, which sees the most legendary band of all time going out in the most grand fashion possible. Michael Jackson obviously had an incredible, groundbreaking solo career but if singing lead on the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" was his only achievement, he’d still be a legend in my book. Listen to Abbey Road on Youtube and “I Want You Back" on Spotify.

earworm by - it's a blog, stupid. ”Strahil Velchev a.k.a is an innovative, uncompromising producer, captivating dj and live performer from Bulgaria, incorporating in his record the very best examples of the electronic music with a twist. In his early teenage years he was raving on acid, techno, proto-hardcore and jungle. At 20 he got his hands on one of the first modular software synthesizers. At 27 he got his first vinyl released and few years later everybody who dig deeper for quality electronic music had heard of him.

GHOST in the MACHINE: the marriage of software & art GHOST in the MACHINE the marriage of software & art Defining Generative Art MUSIC INDUSTRY Worrying About Monetising Your Music is Holding You Back Posted on 19. Jul, 2010 by Rich Huxley. Art For Art’s Sake The constant talk of the need to monetise music is somewhat confusing to me. Just because you make art, doesn’t mean that you deserve to make money out of it. art –noun 1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more […] Continue Reading

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