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List of women warriors in folklore - Wikipedia The Swedish heroine Blenda advises the women of Värend to fight off the Danish army in a painting by August Malström (1860). The female warrior samurai Hangaku Gozen in a woodblock print by Yoshitoshi (c. 1885). The peasant Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc) led the French army to important victories in the Hundred Years' War. The only direct portrait of Joan of Arc has not survived; this artist's interpretation was painted between AD 1450 and 1500. Buffy studies - Wikipedia Neda Ulaby of NPR describes Buffy as having a "special following among academics, some of whom have staked a claim in what they call 'Buffy Studies'".[1] Though not widely recognized as a distinct discipline, the term "Buffy studies" is commonly used amongst the academic Buffy-related writings.[2] Development as academic field[edit] The debut of Buffy (1997–2003) eventually led to the publication of a number of books and hundreds of articles examining the themes of the show from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives including sociology, psychology, philosophy, theology and women's studies. Since January 2001 Slayage: The Online Journal of Buffy Studies has published essays on the topic quarterly, and it continues to do so. Fighting the Forces: What's at Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was published in 2002, and since then many more Buffy books have been published by academic book publishers.

Buffyverse - Wikipedia The construction of the Buffyverse[edit] The Buffyverse is a fictional construct created by hundreds of individual stories told through TV, novels, comics and other media. It began with the first episodes of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series in 1997 and expanded with the spinoff TV series Angel in 1999. The popularity of these series led to licensed fiction carrying the Buffy and Angel labels.

Buffyverse canon - Wikipedia Definition[edit] Canon listing[edit] This is an overview of what has been dubbed official Buffyverse canon by series creator Joss Whedon: Comics and novels[edit] Despite this, they have been licensed as official Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel merchandise. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Wikipedia The series received critical and popular acclaim, frequently being listed as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and usually reached between four and six million viewers on original airings.[7] Although such ratings are lower than successful shows on the "big four" networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox),[8] they were a success for the relatively new and smaller WB Television Network.[9] Buffy's success has led to hundreds of tie-in products, including novels, comics, and video games. The series has received attention in fandom (including fan films), parody, and academia, and has influenced the direction of other television series.[4][10] Premise[edit]

List of Wonder Woman enemies - Wikipedia This is a list of fictional characters from DC Comics who are or have been enemies of Wonder Woman. Central rogues' gallery[edit] In alphabetical order (with issue and date of first appearance, and when or if they were involved in Villainy Incorporated, a league of Wonder Woman rivals founded by Eviless[1] in which at one time or another most major WW villains were involved). Foes of lesser renown[edit] In chronological order (with issue and date of first appearance), separated by those with multiple appearances and those that appeared in only one issue or story. Multiple appearances[edit]

William Moulton Marston William Moulton Marston (May 9, 1893 – May 2, 1947), also known by the pen name Charles Moulton, was an American psychologist, lawyer,[2] inventor, advocate for women, writer, and comic book writer who created the character Wonder Woman.[1] Two women, his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston and Olive Byrne (who lived with the couple in an extended relationship), both greatly influenced Wonder Woman's creation.[1][3][4] He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006. Biography[edit] Early life and career[edit] Marston was born in the Cliftondale section of Saugus, Massachusetts, the son of Annie Dalton (née Moulton) and Frederick William Marston.[5][6] Marston was educated at Harvard University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and receiving his B.A. in 1915, an LL.B. in 1918, and a PhD in Psychology in 1921.

Amazon Archives CSS Form Submit Button You are in:Home Update as at March 3rd, 2017 Custom Search Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena, Swifter than Mercury and stronger than Hercules, she is Wonder Woman! This site is a labour of love and has been created as a resource for anyone interested in the original version of the iconic DC Comics' character, as well as perhaps allowing those unfamiliar with the previous incarnations of the Amazing Amazon to discover her past adventures in comics. Eminem discography - Wikipedia American rapper Eminem's music has been released on record labels Web Entertainment and Interscope Records, along with subsidiaries Aftermath Entertainment, Goliath Artists and his own Shady Records. Eminem is the best-selling hip-hop artist of all-time[1] and the best-selling artist of the 2000s[2] with US album sales at over 32.2 million during the decade.[3] As of November 2010, Eminem has four songs that have sold over three million downloads in the United States.[4] Eminem has sold more than 42 million track downloads in the United States alone.[5] His worldwide albums and singles sales stand at more than 172 million.[6] He has earned forty-two platinum certifications, five number one singles and six number one albums from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).[A] In this discography, music videos and collaborations are included as well. Albums[edit]

Intelligent Viewing: 100 Most Informative Video Collections on the Web Whether you’re a seasoned professional, in search of a new hobby, or a student looking for new material to help you study, watching online videos can be an effective method for learning something new. Videos are often more personal than text-only websites, and through partnerships with top universities and media outlets, they allow you access to some of the most exclusive events and lecture series in the world. Below you’ll find 100 informative and inspiring video collections for business, leadership, science and technology, the arts, language learning, news analysis, and more. General When you’re not sure where to start, browse the different categories on these video collections from MIT, HBO, Harvard, and more.

LifeClever ;-)The 7 deadly sins of résumé design So you’ve labored with sweat and tears writing your résumé, and now you’re all set to turn it into a magnificently designed creation. Unfortunately, with the freedom of modern computers and fancy software, comes huge opportunities for abuse. When it comes to résumés, both non-designers and professional designers commit some almost unforgivable sins. Here are the 7 deadly sins of résumé design and how to repent: 1. Fancy “résumé” paper