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NLP Techniques - Embedded Commands

NLP Techniques - Embedded Commands
What are the most effective NLP techniques and patterns? In Michael’s years of delivering top quality NLP training, he has discovered many techniques and exercises from a wide range of NLP and non NLP sources. Here he shares them with you. Remember NLP is often more about the development of techniques which come from attitude and modelling, than the techniques themselves. The following books by NLP co-creator, Richard Bandler, are excellent for the latest approaches to NLP (all links open in a new window). Beating Stress Exercises We all need a certain amount of stress to keep us healthy. Belief Change This is Richard’s classic approach to Belief Change, in this case to become an excellent learner. Changing Feelings by Dissociation Changing Feelings by Dissociation is a technique to reduce or eliminate unpleasant feelings by dissociation and submodality change. Characteristics of Play Play is an aspect of NLP Training and many NLP Techniques. Collapsing Anchors Embedded Commands Fast Phobia Cure

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Destroy Limiting Decisions Did you make a limiting decision as you were growing up? Maybe one that said you couldn’t do something that basically everyone else could do, but you decided you were too short, too tall, too rich, too poor, too fat, too skinny, too cute, too ugly, etc. Well, you’ve grown up and you’ve definitely changed since then, but you still seem to *think* that way. Maybe you are still too tall or whatever, and aren’t able to change that fact, but you *can* change the way you think about it.

Aligning Perceptual Positions: New NLP Method Aligning Perceptual Positions A New Distinction in NLP by Connirae Andreas, Ph.D. and Tamara Andreas, MM, ©1991 first published in Anchor Point, Feb. 1991 (Vol 5 No 2) – with minor edits April 2006 “Perceptual Positions” has been an important and useful distinction in NLP, one that can be used to enhance our flexibility, wisdom and resourcefulness. There are three major perceptual positions: NLP - Tips , Techniques & Information NLP has rightly become famous for its range of techniques - there are techniques for changing and improving just about anything you do! All of the techniques work to some extent if you follow them carefully - and you may need to improvise a little at times. For example a lot of NLP techniques appear to rely heavily on having a great ability to visualise - even though many people do not visualise very clearly. Here you can simply pretend that you are visualising - and the techniques will often work just as well! Use NLP Techniques with rapport NLP techniques are designed to be used alongside a lot of subtle skills such rapport, calibration, language patterns, anchoring, etc. which really need to be learned in live training sessions where you are interacting with others and have feedback from the trainer.

Leadership DynamiX – Executive Coaching, Workshops and Forum What Are MindSkills Techniques? These short carefully crafted techniques are about ‘HOW’ to run your business brain to get better results, learn skills faster and make lasting life changes. Based on accelerated learning, applied behavioural modelling research (NLP) and advances in management psychology. These next (3G) generation techniques stretch from ‘remedial’ (past) to ‘mindful’ (now) to ‘generative’ (future). They are a unique and skillfully designed and regular series of tightly-focused, high-impact mind/body strategies designed to boost personal effectiveness and take your capabilities, skills and traits to the next level.

Chunking NLP Articles Articles The Importance of Doing what’s Important in Life Learn NLP anchoring techniques NLP anchoring is one of the most popular NLP techniques out there because of it’s power and immediate impact. With it you can choose to deliberately put yourself in any chosen state such as happiness, energetic, confident, cheerful, creative, calm etc in the blink of an eye. The term NLP anchors came about by liking the impact of the technique to that of a ship’s anchor.

Sleight of Mouth NLP Articles Articles The Importance of Doing what’s Important in Life by Jevon Dängeli Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem? Where Do You Get Your Self Esteem? By Nikki Willhite It is always sad to see people with obvious low self-esteem. It is just as sad to see people build their self-esteem on "sandy soil." If someone asked you "Where do you get your self-esteem," what would you say?