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88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories

88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories
We’ve all been there: hunger striking before dinnertime, a sudden craving for something sweet, the need for a quick energy boost before working out. The solution? A small and satisfying snack that won't tip that calorie count over the edge—after all, a quick nibble can easily turn into the calorie equivalent of a full-blown meal. These flavorful, low-calorie treats can please any palate while still leaving room for dinner. Sweet Snacks 1. 1/2 frozen banana dipped in 2 teaspoons dark chocolate chips, melted 2. 28 grapes (about 1 scant cup), placed in the freezer for 2+ hours 3. 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt with 1 dash cinnamon and 1 teaspoon honey 4. 1 Fig Newton with 1 teaspoon peanut butter 5. 1 medium orange, sprinkled with cinnamon 6. 2 1/4-inch thick pineapple rounds (3 1/2-inch diameter), grilled (or sautéed) for 2 minutes or until golden 7. 1 cup blueberries with 2 tablespoons whipped topping 8. 3 small dried figs stuffed with 1 tablespoon part-skim ricotta and sprinkled with cinnamon 9.

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Naked Apple Pie Recipe March 2, 2011 Here at Snack Girl headquarters clothing is optional (for the 4 and under set). This is also true of our pies. I learned of the "Naked" pie concept when I made a mistake. One night, while making an apple pie, I chopped too many apples to fit into my pie crust. So, I just tossed the apples into a bread pan and cooked them along side the pie. Guess what? I like the NAKED pie better than the real pie that I had baked. And, I learned that "going crustless" meant that I could skip an entire step of apple pie baking! Making a pastry crust is pretty easy if you have a food processor, but do I really have time to be making pie crusts? Now, you could have told me to add butter, oats, and sugar to the top to make an apple crumble. In the recipe below, I have included 3 spices to make the pie really flavorful. For Weight Watchers followers, this pie has a whopping 1 Points+ per serving. I made 2 pie plates so 1/4 pie is a serving in this recipe. print 2K+ Naked Apple Pie Recipe

Salsas dulces Capítulo 56: Salsa de Arandanos Ingredientes 150 grs de Arándanos. 3 cucharadas de Azúcar. 1 cucharada de Coñac. Elaboración 1- Comenzaremos por colocar lo Arándanos en un cazo no tan grande, junto con el Azúcar, 5 cucharadas de Agua. 2- Pasado este tiempo, los Arándanos ya estarán blandos, entonces tienes que añadirle el Coñac y cocinar un momento más (dentro de este momento, puedes con una cuchara de madera deahacer los Arándanos más rebeldes que no quieran deshacerse). 3- Ya tienes lista la Salsa de Arándanos, ahora la dejas enfriar un momento a temperatura ambiente y luego ya la puedes consumir con lo que elijas. Salsa Crema de Naranjas 2 tazas de agua 1 taza de azúcar 4 cucharadas de maicena ¾ taza de jugo de naranjas o mandarinas ½ limón (jugo) 1 cucharadita de mantequilla Preparación: Hervir el agua con el azúcar. Agregar la mantequilla y batir. Salsa de chocolate 500 cc de crema de leche o nata 200 gr chcolate cobertura amargo 1 - Empezaremos troceando el chocolate. Caramelo para Flan Coulis de Kiwi

80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions Here at Greatist, we're always looking for ways to make our favorite foods healthier without sacrificing flavor. So we compiled a list of our best substitutions and discovered some new ones along the way. Below are our 83 (!) Baking hacks 1. Swapping out flour for a can of black beans (drained and rinsed, of course) in brownies is a great way to cut out the gluten and fit in an extra dose of protein, Plus, they taste great. 2. In virtually any baked good, replacing white flour with whole wheat can add a whole new dimension of nutrients, flavor, and texture. 3. Using applesauce in place of sugar can give the necessary sweetness without the extra calories and, well, sugar. 4. Don’t knock this one till you’ve tried it. 5. This gluten-free switch gives any baked good a dose of protein, omega-3s, and a delicious nutty flavor. 6. They’re both fats (albeit very different fats) and have nearly the same consistency at room temperature. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.