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52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less

52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less
Being hungry sucks (it's a scientific fact). So why spend hours cooking a gourmet feast when a nutritious and delicious meal could be only 12 minutes away? Skip the grumbling tummy and cranky guests and serve up any one of these 52 healthy and satisfying meals. Breakfast Um, YUM. This smoothie is full of amazing flavors from blueberry, vanilla, coconut milk, and of course, cacao powder. Say goodbye to boring toast. You can have salad for breakfast, too. This healthy breakfast is a little more of a healthy dessert, but we'll let it slide. Take a trip to the tropics with this pineapple and coconut flavored breakfast. It doesn't get much better (or easier!) This blogger has recipes for four different flavors of awesome instant oats: blueberry vanilla, chocolate banana, walnut and date, and strawberries and cream. Peanut butter toast might be a classic, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! These "wraps" are a creative and gluten-free way to hold your B.A.T. Pizza for breakfast? Lunch

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15 healthy dessert recipes for a sugar fix Sometimes, you just crave something sweet. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's all about what kind of sugar you eat. Unrefined sugar is the best kind – natural and unprocessed. White sugar has been over-processed and contains little nutritional value; it can stimulate your appetite, cause high or low blood sugar and dips in energy. Natural sugars such as agave nectar, stevia and sugar from fruits are a far healthier choice. We've come up with a pretty foolproof list of vegan desserts packed with natural sugars, fibre and vitamins that are perfect anytime your sweet tooth is calling.

88 Unexpected Snacks Under 100 Calories We’ve all been there: hunger striking before dinnertime, a sudden craving for something sweet, the need for a quick energy boost before working out. The solution? A small and satisfying snack that won't tip that calorie count over the edge—after all, a quick nibble can easily turn into the calorie equivalent of a full-blown meal.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine We don’t want to bore you with yet another DIY project that involves using pallets in a creative way. Instead, we suggest you take a look at these 60 ways to improve your home design – all with the use of some up-cycled pallets. You could do almost anything, from a useful and relaxing porch swing to a simple decorating piece like a painted wood art. Creativity is abundant in this collection of ideas. Paint the pieces of wood you collect from a recycled pallet or cut them in any shape you like.

Outsmart Your Eating Instincts The road to diet hell is paved with good intentions. Even if you’re committed to eating healthily, our minds are tricky little buggers that often derail our plans, without us even realizing it. The result is that people, in general, eat way more food than they think they do. 89 Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life Whole grains for white, quality for quantity, Wii Fit for Mario Kart—just one smart swap can pave the way to a healthier and happier life. We decided to go all out and provide 89 “this for that’s,” so there are no excuses when it comes to making healthier choices! Fitness 1. Planks for Crunches

36 Healthy Taco Recipes You Need to Try Tacos have gone from unappetizing fast food to Tuesday night staple and gourmet food truck fare. Filled with meat or veggies, stuffed inside a soft or hard tortilla, and topped with cheese or guacamole (or both!), the possibilities are endless. And while there’s nothing wrong with a beefy, cheesy handheld, there are plenty of delicious ways to make healthy tacos too. These 36 variations of the Mexican mainstay—organized by the main ingredient—all start with wholesome add-ins. 60 Awesome Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets Take a look at these 60 ways to improve your home design – all with the use of some up-cycled pallets. 1. DIY Pallet Hanging Lounger more details here… 2.

Oatmeal - The Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast These staples and mix-ins will give you all the energy and nutrients you need in the morning. You may have noticed a heart-shaped seal on your box of oatmeal recently. The seal's there because oats contain beta-glucan, a type of fiber that's been shown to help lower cholesterol when eaten regularly. Need another reason to dig in? Oats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium.

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