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Male Affection: A Photographic History Tour

Male Affection: A Photographic History Tour
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An Athlete’s Life in the Closet: One Tar Heel’s Tale » gay4soccer What follows is the personal testimonial of Stephen Bickford, who was 2004 NSCAA/Adidas National High School Player of the Year, United States U-18 player, and University of North Carolina Forward, all while living the life of a young man in the closet. — Chris In high school, I was fortunate enough to have been a part of one of the greatest youth teams in the country at the time, the ’86 CASL Elite. As a team we won the NCYSA State Championship every single year from U-14 through U-19 and were a force to be reckoned with on the national stage, winning multiple showcase tournaments all over the country. From my first touch of a ball at 6 years old, I had a rare gift for an American soccer player. Being gay and playing a team sport can be incredibly frightening. And what would my coach think? Nobody should ever have to make this sort of decision, let alone a teenager having to go through all the other challenges that come with being that age. However, this fear also drove me.

Don’t be that dude: Handy tips for the male academic There is a plethora of research on the causes of hostile environments for women in academia, and on why we have an underrepresentation of women in many fields. There are support groups for women, societies entirely devoted to women academics (broadly and field-specific), workshops for women in academia, and countless articles and blogs devoted to the topic. These initiatives are important, but here’s the thing: gender equality has to be a collaborative venture. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Please feel free to share any other tips or ideas in the comments, or to share your experiences. *This post begins with the premise that sexism exists — institutional and individual, big and small, intentional or otherwise. Like this: Like Loading...

Les sous vêtements masculins, vidéo Les sous vêtements masculins, vidéo Sciences et techniques Sciences humaines - Archives vidéos Sciences et techniques Sciences humaines 16 Children And Their Bedrooms From Across The World. This Truly Opened My Ey... Some children grow up in poverty, lacking food and sanitation, while others are born in countries where basic necessities are taken for granted. Photographer James Mollison came up with the project when he thought about his own childhood bedroom and how it reflected who he was. Where Children Sleep – a collection of stories about children from around the world told through portraits of their bedrooms - stemmed from his ideas. I'm shocked by how differently children start their lives in this world. Spread these incredible photos by sharing this list. Thank you for visiting Distractify today!

40 år siden kvinneåret 1975 | Marta Breens blogg Filmen «Hustruer» fra 1975 I 1975 ble Kvinnedagen feiret et helt år i strekk. Ringvirkningene er fortsatt synlige i idretten, kulturen og arbeidslivet. Det har lenge vært FN-tradisjon å markere viktige problemstillinger gjennom et helt år. Ikke alle disse markeringene gjør like stort inntrykk på oss, men ett år som fremdeles huskes av mange er det internasjonale kvinneåret 1975. Dette var en politisk begivenhet, både ute og hjemme. Det var selvsagt ikke alle som umiddelbart forsto viktigheten av kvinneåret: Den norske regjeringen bevilget fattige 45 000 kroner til markeringen, mens Det europeiske arkitekturvernåret, som ble arrangert samtidig, fikk nær to millioner kroner. Men dette prellet av den entusiastiske kvinnebevegelsen, som var på høyden av sin styrke og vitalitet, og året satte dype spor i norsk kultur, idrett og arbeidsliv. Amtmandens Døtre, 1975 Også i kulturlivet skapte kvinnene seg større rom i løpet av 1970-åra. Kanskje er det rett og slett på tide med et nytt kvinneår?

35 Pictures Of Tom Hardy For 35 Hardy Years Extraordinary Photos Of Drag Queens In Half Drag La fabrique du « masculin » À intervalle régulier, quelques observateurs pressés des médias pronostiquent l’émergence d’une « nouvelle presse masculine », rompant avec l’imaginaire machiste qui préside de longue date aux choix éditoriaux des magazines prétendant s’adresser aux hommes, satisfaire leurs aspirations spécifiques et répondre aux questions qu’ils se posent. Qu’en est-il, si l’on prend la peine de consulter et de lire attentivement les titres qui composent cette presse ? Disons-le d’emblée : à y regarder de près, la prophétie paraît bien illusoire. Presse masculine, miroir inversé de la presse féminine ? Cette inertie dans le changement apparaît avec d’autant plus de clarté quand on compare la presse masculine à ce que l’on a pu écrire récemment à propos de la presse féminine, et notamment du magazine Elle [1]. La femme-objet Tous les magazines pour hommes ne sont pas identiques. Le corps masculin comme objet de culte médiatique « Bien parler à son patron », ou comment devenir entrepreneur de soi-même