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Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles

Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles

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Be a better writer in 15 minutes: 4 TED-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice There’s no denying it — the English language can be mighty tricky. When writing a paper, a novel or even an e-mail, you might look at a sentence you just wrote and think, “Is that comma supposed to be there?” or “Is that really the best word to use?” Fear not! 15 English Phrases for the Doctor’s Office Phrases a doctor might say: “We’ll need to run some tests.” Tests are used to help diagnose (identify) the health problem. Some common tests are a blood test and a urine test. There are also scans such as an ultrasound (used for seeing internal organs; often used for pregnant women to see the baby) and X-rays (used for seeing the bones).

The city getting rich from fake news Many of the fake news websites that sprang up during the US election campaign have been traced to a small city in Macedonia, where teenagers are pumping out sensationalist stories to earn cash from advertising. The young man sitting in the cafe looks barely more than a boy - he hasn't shaved for a few days, yet he's a long way off achieving designer stubble. The hair on his chin and cheeks is still soft and his smart navy blazer and clean white shirt make him look as if he's in school uniform. It's not the image that 19-year-old university student, Goran, sitting far back in his chair with one leg crossed over the other wants to portray.

These Viral Two Sentence Horror Stories Are Creepier Than Any Scary Movie Seven months ago, a Reddit user asked a simple question: "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?" The response was deafening and blood curdling, and the conversation is just starting to go viral. The terror contained in these stories is different than the gross-out horror most blockbusters go for. These stories showcase a more subtle, creepier kind of fear, the kind we only feel when something is just teetering on the threshold of threatening. The incredible inventiveness of these lines also vindicate Twitter-style writing, which many critics have claimed is simply too restrictive to allow users to express complex thoughts. The following stories are sure to get your skin crawling during your afternoon lull this Friday.

Capital - The highs and lows of life abroad Away from the safety net of home, uncertainty is perhaps the one thing that unites all expats. HSBC's 2014 Expat Explorer survey revealed that 35% of those interviewed claim a lack of job security is their biggest worry, while a further 30% cite the state of the local economy as the main source of their anxieties. I also think living as an expat has slowed me down — in a good way. It's definitely made me a better listener.

Women Post Photos On Facebook To Boost Self-Worth, Study Suggests Are women using Facebook to feel better about themselves? A new study suggests it might be so. University at Buffalo researcher Michael A. British War Poetry-WWI Back to Modern History SourceBook Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967):"How to Die" Link to Collected Poems [At Columbia] Wilfred Owen (1893-1918):"Anthem for a Doomed Youth" Link to Collected Poems [At Toronto] Wilfred Owen: "Dulce et Decorum Est"Herbert Read (1893-1968): "The Happy Warrior"W.N.Hodgson (1893-1916): "Before Action"Wilfred Gibson (1878-1962) "Back"Link to Collected Poems [At Columbia] Philip Larkin (1922-1985): "MCMXIV" Link to Poems [At] Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) "How to Die"

R.I.P. California (1850-2016): What We’ll Lose And Learn From The World’s First Major Water Collapse Last week when NASA announced that California is on its death bed and has only 12 months of water left, the news hit like a punch to the gut. “Data from NASA satellites show that the total amount of water stored in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins — that is, all of the snow, river and reservoir water, water in soils and groundwater combined — was 34 million acre-feet below normal in 2014. That loss is nearly 1.5 times the capacity of Lake Mead, America’s largest reservoir,” writes Jay Famiglietti of NASA. Famiglietti adds: “Statewide, we’ve been dropping more than 12 million acre-feet of total water yearly since 2011. Roughly two-thirds of these losses are attributable to groundwater pumping for agricultural irrigation in the Central Valley. Farmers have little choice but to pump more groundwater during droughts, especially when their surface water allocations have been slashed 80% to 100%.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Illustration by Guy Billout "Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Teaching voice Learning outcomes Goal Students will develop effective voice by using sensory detail in their writing.