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Architecture, Art, Desings - Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

Architecture, Art, Desings - Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

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6 Free Online Room Design Tools You can use free online room design applications to quickly design your dream room or plan a room remodel. You start by creating your room's dimensions and then you move on to adding paint, flooring, furniture and accessories by simply dragging and dropping them into your online room. Before you know it you'll have created a wonderful room using these free online room design applications! 40 Things You Don't Have To Throw Away Are you one of those people who have a drawer or a box, maybe two of them, which is always full of “useless garbage” as you would think of it? Don’t be ashamed if you are, you are just like anyone else. Everyone collects things, ranging from small buttons to huge parts of some appliance or piece of furniture in case you’ll ever need it. But somehow, you never seem to actually have a need of it right? Well, the reason we are showing this collection of 40 Things You Don’t Have To Throw Away today is in order to show you a lot of effective and useful ways to reuse old things such as shoe boxes, jars, tins, cans, containers and many, many other similar things you would have thought of as useless and garbage, but yet somehow you’ve managed to think of them as things you don’t have to throw away.

Art Architect and digital artist Laurent Rosset creates sweeping photographic landscapes the seem to curl upward into infinity like an enormous wave that obliterates the sky. Rosset uses much of his own photography to create each image and enjoys discovering how even slight manipulations can vastly change the composition or meaning of a photograph. You can see more of his work on Instagram, and if you liked this also check out Aydin Buyuktas. Standard Measurements for Most Common Pieces of Furniture Did you know that most furniture is manufactured to standard measurements? Knowing those standard measurements before you buy or begin to arrange furniture can cut the task down to size. Knowing approximate measurements for a piece can help you start designing your layout for any given room. Although one sofa may look very different from another sofa because of style, color, or upholstery fabric, you may be surprised to know that most sofas share the same approximate measurements.

bedrooms (via date) (via insignificant-feelings) Curved wall i found a stick out in the woods. i painted it blue with tester paint and then painted over it with cream paint and sand papered over sections to reveal the blue. hung it from the ceiling and voila got myself a clothes hey guys here’s something different- a video of people… but relatedly, we want you to send us your best bedroom video! ! yes… a video tour of your bedroom. submit soon! (via incompletes) I made a thing. It features my bedroom at my college. Tiny Project, Less House More Life by Alek Lisefski “Tiny Project Less House More Life” by American web designer Alek Lisefski is a mobile home Designed and built by himself. Lisefski built his own 8x20ft eco-friendly tiny house on wheels to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Located in sebastopol, california…

Engineer Converted a Boeing 727 into a Home in the Woods Oregon-based engineer Bruce Campbell converted a retired Boeing 727 into a home in the woods. Bruce purchased the Boeing 727 for about $220,000… Bruce Campbell | via inhabitat | thisiscolossal the cool hunter We have all seen more than enough of the stacked-boxes genre of architecture. Boring, cold, uninviting, uninhabitable and so last decade. Yet, once in a while, a set of images crosses our desks of a project that could potentially fall into the has-been category but doesn’t, and instead makes us look again and ponder the beauty of great architecture.