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For Nonprofits

For Nonprofits

Google Announces New Service for Nonprofits Google has announced a new program for nonprofits, which they say will include a grant for adwords, exclusive tools, and collaboration forums. "Instead of applying to each Google product individually," nonprofits can apply for a suite of tools here, according to Google's blog post. The user-friendly site,, looks like it aims to simplify and educate how nonprofits can use the wide array of google products for their organization (like this video below). For now, it wasn't immediately obvious what new or "exclusive" tools will be offered to nonprofits, how google would determine the grant size for adwords, or who is (and is not) qualified. *update: Google has responded to our inquires. "-a marketplace of Certified Google Partners (in Adwords, Apps, Analytics, Website Optimizer, Geo and more) that have offered to help nonprofits optimize Google tools at a special discounted rate or pro-bono -up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords to reach more donors

Tests produits, news high tech et actualités informatique - CNET France Online Giving, One Person at a Time “This cracks the code for how you get regular people, not the superwealthy, to give money,” Mr. Green said. “It works because your birthday is a time when it’s acceptable to ask for something, and your friends want to give you something.” Each friend might give a small donation—$10 or $20 or so—but together, each wish might generate hundreds or thousands of dollars. Causes is just one method for nonprofits to press for more action from their audiences. Some people may not be ready to donate money immediately, but what if you can coerce them to do something else on behalf of your organization? The jury may still be out on which campaigns will work to get this kind of response and which won’t. So far, some of them may not have done anything other than express tepid support. Giving Published: November 10, 2010 Go to Complete List » Go to Complete List » Go to Complete List » Inside More in Giving (1 of 15 articles) Precious Eyes

Upgrade to Google Apps for Nonprofits - Google Apps Help Google for Nonprofits members are eligible for the free Nonprofit Edition of Google Apps. See below for how to get started. What you'll need: A Google for Nonprofits accountNonprofit organizations that are not schools must be Google for Nonprofits members to qualify for the Nonprofit Edition of Google Apps. View full list When you're ready to proceed, follow these steps to sign up for Google Apps for Nonprofits. Sign in to your Google for Nonprofits account.

Top 5 Free Tech Resources for Non-profits | Dutiee This post lists some of our favorite FREE technology resources available on the web, that non-profits can leverage. These resources are – Free for non-profits, Easy to use and available over the internet. The Internet has changed the world. More people now spend more time online than ever before. 1. Google Apps for non-profits allows organizations to retain their existing domain names (for example and at the same time, use Google Mail for work, Talk, Calendar and Docs for collaboration, along with other Google resources. This means you no longer need to pay for email hosting, or ‘maintenance’ or ‘upgrade’ charges. Sign up here Google Apps for Non-Profits. 2. Although Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and social media in general are all the rage these days most online campaigns begin with an email. We have used several email newsletter services over the years at Dutiee and the one that really stood out in terms of ease of use, analytical reporting and funkiness has been Mailchimp.

Analysis Exchange Benefits for Organizations and Causes | Web Analytics Consulting from Web Analytics Demystified Trouver des photos libres de droits avec Google Images - trucs, astuces et HowTo pour optimiser Windows Cette astuce va vous montrer comment il est possible de trouver des photos libres de droits avec Google Images. Lorsque l’on recherche des photos sur Internet avec l’outil Google Images, il n’est pas évident de savoir lesquelles sont réellement libres de droits et celles qui ne le sont pas. Pour cela, il existe des filtres dédiés qu’il est possible de faire apparaître en cliquant sur le bouton " Outils de recherche ", puis sur la flèche à côté du bouton " Droits d’usage ". On pourra alors faire ressortir les images pouvant être réutilisées voire modifiées, avec ou sans la précision concernant un éventuel usage commercial.

Ideo: Good Stories Make Good Brands. Here's 4 Tips and 7 Examples | Co.Design This is the latest piece in our PATTERNS series by IDEO. Read more about the series here. Every product needs a story, as does every brand. The product's origin. The creators' ideals. Or a unique experience. Consumers are looking to share narratives as a way to express their knowledge, identity, status, and connections. TAKE ACTION: Designing for Life's Changes 1. 2. 3. 4. THE EVIDENCE: Stories from Around the Globe Shoes Make the Man A self-proclaimed sneaker geek, Carl has over 500 pairs in his collection. Bragging Rights on a Global Scale A lot of people travel to Costa Rica to take surf lessons. Lee, a 36-year-old investment banker from Manhattan, works hard to attract opportunities like this. Working in a typically male-dominated industry, she may not always get invited to go bear hunting with the guys in Alaska. Discerning Chickens Cause a Stir In Andhra Pradesh, India, a region where clean water is scarce, one humble local farmer's chickens are better off than most people. Red Cross

Google Launches Nonprofits Website Program Google has launched a nonprofit website program - with free domains, hosting and Adwords money for any companies that qualify. The Google site set up for this wants to help nonprofits "reach and engage supporters, improve you operations and raise awareness for your cause." Google has been beefing up its support for charities, most recently developing a Crisis Response page for information on the Japan earthquake and tsunami. This new site offers a lot of support for nonprofits that qualify. The resources include a forum for nonprofits to share information with one another, a series of "case studies on how other nonprofit organizations used Google tools to meet their needs" and ties in to Google Grants that provides free Adword spends to advertise for new donors and supporters. "If you work for a nonprofit, this program provides you with several new benefits. Over time, we've learned that many nonprofits require hands-on assistance to optimize the use of Google tools.