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VISUALGRAPHC – Visual Culture Research

VISUALGRAPHC – Visual Culture Research

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Amazing World of Infographics Today we made sure to prepare something special. Actually we try that everyday, but this one is not only about creativity. We’ll be speaking about information graphic or if you wish infographics which is a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. Not we should be clear and longer intro would be just waste of your creative time .). Ones To Watch: The Six Antwerp MA Collections of 2016 – As long-time admirers of Antwerp’s fashion scene, we were delighted to have the honor of being invited by the City of Antwerp to meet this year’s fashion MA graduates of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts on the occasion of the school’s annual presentation. Over the course of a parcours through northern Antwerp, in which the six MA students shared the inspiration behind their collections, and the SHOW16 runway presentation of student collections, we got to know the diversity, ingenuity and technical prowess of six highly talented and inspiring MA students whose futures gleam as bright as the scissors from which they cut their cloth. Get to know their aesthetic direction below – and take note of their names, because we have an inkling they’ll be all over the place in the future. Emmanuel Ryngaert: ‘Meccano’

20 Incredible Analytics Designs Analytics are a collection of immense amounts of data. Making them look pretty can be hard, but fear not, Dribbble is always here to impress. In this post we feature 20 incredible analytics designs. Author: Mike Moloney All posts by Mike Moloney SIMPLY SOUTH Play Play is a result of a close collaboration between De Steyl - the South African furniture makers, based in Garden Route lead by Deanne Viljoen, and RR Studio a pattern development studio - lead by Renée Rossouw, together with local artisans and apprentices from the community. Aiming for simplicity in the manufacturing process, they have suppressed unnecessary and damaging chemicals on the way, leaving room for beautiful, sustainable materials. Birch Plywood play was a saying in this conversation, sanded and finished by hand, and a new way for Deanne of opening up questions surrounding manufacturing processes, as she is moving towards a more sustainable signature in her practice. "It was important for me to create a proudly South African range that has environmental integrity, is playful and fun to use and which you can relate to from childhood into adulthood. " Deanne Viljoen

Inspirational Examples of Icon Sketching Sketching is an important part of the design process. In fact, even the greatest designers prefer spending a good deal of time with the pencil, before heading to Photoshop or Illustrator. And when it comes to designing icons, the story is no different. Today, we have put together some of the best and most inspiring examples of icon sketching from all across the web. 2MNYSBLNGS. white cube gallery / strokes (amaal said,2016) two girls talking… london stories (amaal said,2016) The History of Typography movie by Ben Barrett-Forrest Hundreds of cut-out paper letters tell the history of typefaces in this stop-motion animation by Canadian graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest. Starting in the fifteenth century with Johannes Gutenberg's Blackletter font, The History of Typography charts the major innovations in font design up to the present day. Barrett-Forrest explains the variations between early serif fonts such as Caslon and Baskerville and how they evolved into modern sans serif fonts such as Futura and Helvetica.

Living Large in an Eco-Smart Studio Apartment The designers at Liquid Interiors have turned an old and cramped 400-square-foot studio apartment on Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong into a comfortable and spacious home filled with eco-friendly features. “We wanted to make the space as big as possible… to create an example of how you can humanise space in city living,” says Rowena Gonzales, CEO of Liquid Interiors – the firm behind the project. To enhance spatial quality, the flat features bespoke furniture that cleverly maximises and conceals storage. Half of the wall that divides the bedroom and the living room is a wardrobe, while the other half is kitchen storage.

Volume 1: A Guide to Making Things In celebration of our first year, we wanted to send something nice to friends, fellow makers and people who do good things. Working with the lovely folks at Hey, who illustrated these ideas for us, we made 100 copies of the printed version. This is the digital version, and we have lots of copies. Fieldwork began one short but eventful year ago. Since then, we’ve grown from two to four people, moved into a new studio, and been lucky enough to work with inspiring folk on some great projects based around things we really care about. We want Fieldwork to be about working with good people and making good things, and it’s important to us that we keep the thoughts printed here in mind throughout the journey.

fireclaytile There is just something so good about black and white tile...especially if it's handpainted. We chose some of our favorite patterns from our Handpainted Collections to create our new Black and White Handpainted Collection! Using the colors White Wash, French Linen and Basalt, 12 of our patterns got a bold new look. Floating Schools Designed To Fight Floods In Bangladesh Climate change is getting a lot of attention in America this fall, thanks in part to the havoc wreaked upon New York by Hurricane Sandy. But that’s nothing compared to its effects on low-lying Bangladesh, which has struggled with global warming-induced floods for years now. Bangladesh now endures two annual floods, leaving millions of people without access to clean water, electricity, and other basic amenities for huge portions of the year.

BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2016 This in fact leads us to making mention of the pastel toned colour way which kept appearing all about town: all the way from HAY’s multicoloured presentation inside La Pelota - which inspired thoughts of 1950’s-era candy shops - to Patricia Urquiola’s console and mirror from the SHIMMER series she created for Glas Italia. Unsurprisingly, Patricia was a very busy designer this season - to prove our point we must note the incredible CREDENZA collection that she collaborated on with Federico Pepe on for Spazio Pontaccio which was inspired by the stained glass windows of holy sites. Marble seemed to be another trend at this Salone, especially black Marquina marble which appeared in everything from Apparatus Studio’s Portal marble dining table, to the small, Niobe side tables designed by Federica Capitani for Zanotta, not to mention the Mr.

This Vending Machine Sells Fresh Salads Instead Of Junk Food At the Garvey Food Court in downtown Chicago--a somewhat bleak place that Yelp reviewers call “sketchy” and even “scary”--there’s plenty of typical fast food fare. Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes, McDonalds, and other chains ring the hallway. But in the center of the food court, things are a little different: Last fall, an entrepreneur named Luke Saunders opened Farmer’s Fridge, a vending machine that sells fresh kale and strawberries instead of candy. Each morning, the machine is filled with freshly made salads and snacks packed in recyclable jars. The ingredients, carefully layered to stay crisp throughout the day, are all organic, and locally grown when possible. “I have always been someone who sought out healthy food, and I have been a bit obsessed with the food industry my entire life,” Saunders says.