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ANSYS - Simulation Driven Product Development

ANSYS - Simulation Driven Product Development

University of Alberta - ANSYS Tutorials University of Alberta - ANSYS Tutorials ANSYS is a general purpose finite element modeling package for numerically solving a wide variety of mechanical problems. These problems include: static/dynamic structural analysis (both linear and non-linear), heat transfer and fluid problems, as well as acoustic and electromagnetic problems. Most of these tutorials have been created using ANSYS 7.0, therefore, make note of small changes in the menu structure if you are using an older or newer version. This web site has been organized into the following six sections. ANSYS Utilities An introduction to using ANSYS.

Mentor Graphics Traditional EDA tools for physical design and verification have reached limits due to greater manufacturing process variability and the growing size and complexity of designs that take advantage of the latest nanometer scaling. With the advent of new process technologies, the handoff between integrated circuit (IC) layout and manufacturing has changed from a simple check to a multi-step process where the layout design must be enhanced to ensure efficient manufacturing. This presents a host of challenges related to manufacturing process effects, photolithography, data volumes, and achieving a cost-effective yield of finished chips from each wafer. To meet these challenges with confidence, design teams turn to Mentor Graphic’s Olympus-SoC™ place and route system with Multi-Corner-Multi-Mode timing analysis and DFM-aware layout optimization for rapid closure of physical designs. The Functional Verification platform is comprised of “best-in-class” technologies.

Ansys java.lang.Object anar.Exporter anar.Ansys public class Ansysextends Exporter This class is an exporter for ANSYS (Finite Element Modeling). The output is Fortran. Ansys public Ansys() export public static void export(Obj obj) public static void export(Obj obj, java.lang.String fileName) public static void export(Obj obj, java.lang.Object theSketch) public static void export(Group group) public static void export(Group group, java.lang.String fileName) public static void export(Group group, java.lang.Object theSketch) PTC PTC Advantage We’re at the early stages of a fundamental transformation, marking what could be one of the most significant disruptions to the manufacturing industry since the Industrial Revolution. As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing technology companies, PTC helps manufacturing leaders address these transformative forces to achieve and sustain product and service advantage. PTC solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) enable process transformation by empowering you to aggregate, analyze, and deploy product information to drive the strategy and dynamic decision-making processes on which your success depends. As your business evolves, and your challenges increase in complexity, our goal is unchanged - to deliver technology solutions that help you achieve, and sustain, a product and service advantage. Forces of Transformation eBook

Cambridge University Engineering Department - Engineering Programs Introduction | Analysis Types | ANSYS License | Personal Copy | Files | Commands | Tutorials | Troubleshooting | Manuals | Hardcopy Output | Remote Solver Mananger Ansys v13 Introduction (ANSYS Home Page) ANSYS is a finite element program from ANSYS Ltd. Analysis Types The following areas are highlighted to illustrate the capabilities of ANSYS : Main Areas Fluid-Solid Interaction Advanced Mechanical and Thermal Nonlinear Mechanics Electromagnetics MEMS Initiative ANSYS License The Engineering Department has a 5 User licence for RF category. Personal Copy on PC (Engineering Department Only) Users (Research Students and Staff) requiring a local installation on their own PC which is connected to the Departmental network should contact and put in a request. There is a nominal charge of GBP 550 + VAT per user to pay towards the cost of the license. On-line Tutorials Then in the xterm window for the Linux server startup ANSYS by typing ansys. Finding Download files . cd cd project

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