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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

What is Fashion Tech? | Third Wave Fashion There’s no doubt about it: the fashion tech space has exploded. It has, by my count, 595 billion google search results, seven dedicated meetup groups with thousands of attendees, a half dozen conferences, and a dedicated startup accelerator. Further, we at Third Wave Fashion, track over 500 fashion tech startups in our own database. This space is big and expanding fast. But what, exactly, does “fashion tech” mean in these contexts? But it’s not quite that simple. Here at Third Wave Fashion, we use a three-legged stool analogy. In 2010, when we came into existence as a company, we still spoke about things like big data and complex algorithms referring to them as cutting edge technologies. It’s important to note that we’re not talking about wearable tech here. Fashion tech startups exist online, but many of them combine offline elements as well. Fashion tech startups are blowing away the traditional relationships between consumers and brands. What is fashion tech? She continues,

The PoloTech™ Shirt - Tees   Sweatshirts & T-Shirts It is our priority to provide you with the exceptional service you have come to expect from Ralph Lauren. Your feedback is important to us. For press inquiries, e-mail us at Phone: 888-475-7674 Please note that does not use your email for promotional purposes or disclose it to a third party. Privacy Notice To request removal from any of our marketing lists, please contact: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT Welcome to the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation Workshops least likely scenario This workshop is part of a course at the Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin. Workshops soft sensors for soft bodies FURTHER_READING_WATCHING_LISTENING_ Elektronische Textilien als Material und Werkzeug_ Hannah Perner-Wilson, Irene Posch, 2020 “Welche Fasern leiten Strom? Workshops connecting bubbles This semester, we are sitting in a strange bubble at home. Sensors 6 really wearable sensors The textile sensors on our website are often not designed to be manipulated with your hands. Workshops soft interactive technologies This workshop is a part of a course at the Art Academy Weissensee Berlin. Workshops ETextile Adventures This workshop is part of a course at the Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin. Sensors Sole Sensing Rather simple way of making insoles with 3 pressure sensors located at different pressure points of the foot on the ground. Actuators Vibe Modules Workshops from SPACE to SPACE with NO SCREENS? Power

uk.businessinsider YouTube/Movieclips Marty McFly from the "Back to the Future" series is pretty much a pro skateboarder. But when he finds himself transported to the future in "Back to the Future: Part II," he has to adapt his skateboard skills to a hoverboard (Great Scott!). The movie was made back in the 80s, so this "future" scene actually takes place this week, on October 21, 2015. (Maybe keep an eye out for McFly zooming by on a hoverboard, you know, just in case.) Unfortunately we don't have hoverboards that are that impressive today, but we're getting close. The HoverBlog made this graphic that shows how hoverboard technology has improved over time.

KOBAKANT Model with bionic arm will walk at New York Fashion Week Rebekah Marine, a model with an i-limb quantum prosthetic hand, will walk in New York Fashion Week on Sept. 13 in the FTL Moda show. The 28-year-old was born without a right forearm. She was told at a young age that she wouldn’t have a future in modeling. She quickly gave up the idea, went back to school and worked a more traditional full-time job. That wasn't enough for her — she decided to start modeling when she was fitted for a prosthesis about four years ago. Now, with her i-limb quantum — one of the more advanced prosthetic hands made with gesture control technology — she was embraced by some in the industry. Others still struggle to see past her disability. “Being a model with a disability has been extremely difficult over the past couple years,” she tells Mashable. Marine is joining other models with disabilities, such as 18-year-old Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome who will also be strutting down the FTL Moda runway. See how the i-limb quantum works in the video below:

Seamless | FabTextiles Seamless: Digital Fabrication jacket uses a variety of digital and analog tools. With the use of digital computing and fabrication methods we are able to rapidly prototype and assemble new designs. You can use any 2D or 3D software to create patterns ready for cutting. Recomended Tools & Materials: Sewing Machine, Needle & Thread, Laser Cutter, Fabric (3meters), Pattern Most materials are suitable for this application, and depending on the type of effect you would like to create, a stiffer material, preferably felt, neoprene, firm interlock knit, will stay in place, where a chiffon or silk will have more mobility. Digital Tooling: Find your pattern. Small scale! Rescale your model and fit your pieces within the constraints of the material as well as the laser cut and send your file. Fit and pin your final pieces together and sew! New forms and ideas in neoprene laser cuts are ready for the new collection. Designing a lower clothe and 2 upper and 2 complements. Laser cut

3D-printed dress exposes your body as you reveal data Think "online" and "naked" and a certain class of dubious websites might spring to mind. But graduate student and maker Xuedi Chen has linked real-world nakedness with online exposure in a completely unique way. Using 3D printing, Chen, along with collaborator Pedro Oliveira, has created a dress that has 20 hand-cut reactive displays built into a black, flexible mesh that change from opaque to transparent as more data about herself is shared online. She calls the dress "x.pose" and created it for New York University's Thesis Week, during which students at the school's Interactive Telecommunications Program unveil creations made during their final project seminars. To achieve the "now you see it, now you don't" effect of the dress, Chen first created a mobile app using Node.js and PhoneGap to track her data trail over about a month's time. "The panels are made of smart film, or electrochromic film," Chen told Crave. Including you ...

News | Brooke Roberts Sarah Simpson is a lawyer focused on technology at Taylor Vinters, London. It was while presenting at the inaugural FashTech conference in London that we happened to meet this incredible woman. Having taken a great interest in Brooke's presentation, Sarah met Brooke after the event. We met up with Sarah at Tower 42 in London for the shoot and styled Sarah in our Maurits dress. BROOKE ROBERTS: WHAT GOT YOU INTERESTED IN YOUR FIELD OF WORK? BR: WAS YOUR CAREER PATH A STRAIGHT LINE OR MORE OF A WANDERING TRAIL? BR: WHAT DREW YOU TO THE INDUSTRY, AND MORE SPECIFICALLY, WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME IMMERSED IN TECHNOLOGY? BR: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE ASPECT OF YOUR WORK? BR: WITH THE RECENT TECHNOLOGICAL BOOM, HOW HAS THE LEGAL LANDSCAPE CHANGED? BR: WHAT PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU OFFER TO THOSE LOOKING TO FOLLOW A SIMILAR CAREER PATH? BR: WHAT DEFINING MOMEMT MADE YOU REALISE YOU HAD PICKED THE RIGHT CAREER? BR: WHATS THE BEST PIECE OF PROFESSIONAL ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN GIVEN?

Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson records the advance of our robot overlords Ruby is a fast learner, but perhaps not a natural conversationalist (Image: Agent Ruby (detail graphic), 1996-2002. Courtesy of the artist and Paule Anglim Gallery, San Francisco, Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York and Waldburger Wouters, Brussels) Halfway through an exhibition of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s work at Modern Art Oxford in the UK, I stopped to talk to Agent Ruby (1998-2002), a text-based web agent whose “consciousness” is shaped by and reflective of encounters and adventures that she has with her users. She is supposed to become more intelligent as she speaks to you. “What is your favourite novel?” Later, Ruby told me: “Did you know that you can download your own chat robot and create your own robot personality?” Why would I do that? For 50 years, the US artist and film-maker Lynn Hershman Leeson has been creating sculptures, installations, films and online experiments – but has never really garnered the acclaim her work deserves. Her work dates in unpredictable ways.