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9.6 hours 59 teams $100,000 2 months 407 teams $80,000 57 days 551 teams $50,000 14 days 3040 teams 1951 scripts $35,000 2 months 310 teams 177 scripts $30,000 2 months 572 teams 382 scripts $20,000 2 months 168 teams 144 scripts Jobs 38 days 197 teams $10,000 7.4 days 605 teams 443 scripts $500 4 months 201 scripts Swag 8.4 days 226 scripts Swag 20 days 921 teams 593 scripts Knowledge 6 months 865 teams 784 scripts Knowledge 31 days 867 teams 1392 scripts Knowledge 31 days 3744 teams 2271 scripts Knowledge 31 days 96 teams Knowledge 31 days 59 teams Knowledge

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Essential Guide to Coding Qualitative Data Next, do further rounds of coding to re-examine the codes and categories you’ve created so far. In this phase, you may re-name, re-code, merge codes, and re-categorize the work you’ve done so far. While the first round pass at coding was fast and loose, these rounds of coding are about reanalyzing, finding patterns, and getting closer to developing theories and concepts. In general you should be reducing the number of codes from your initial round of coding, and actively reflecting on how to best categorize the codes you have. Here are some methods of coding that are commonly used in second round coding and beyond. Thematic Analysis Coding [Video] Volvo Trucks améliore la fiabilité de ses camions avec le Big Data A l’heure du tout connecté, depuis les montres aux villes entières (smart cities), le volume des données générées par ces dispositifs est tout simplement énorme. Quelles en sont les applications ? D’une meilleure connaissance clients à l’analyse prédictive, il est difficile de répondre aujourd’hui à cette question tant les possibilités nous semblent infinies et les technologies évoluent tous les jours. Toutefois, un usage émerge depuis plusieurs années : le véhicule connecté… un enjeu stratégique pour les constructeurs.

How to Transcribe Interviews Download a PDF of this chart. Use automatic transcription service Get transcripts generated within minutes. They won’t be perfect and will likely require editing, but these services include good editing experiences that link the text to audio. Online Resources CAQDAS is an acronym for computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. There are diverse opinions among practitioners in the field about the utility of such specialized software for qualitative data management and analysis. The software, unlike statistical computation, does not actually analyze data for you at higher conceptual levels.

Episode 31: Debunking 5 Common Writing Myths - cathy mazak Is writing constantly dropping to the bottom of your to-list? Do you have a growing pile of half done projects? You may be holding on to myths about writing that are holding you back. If you’re like many women I work with, you have a list of almost-done projects: revise-and-resubmits, drafts that need to be hacked out, reviews you’ve promised.

Podcast - cathy mazak I’m Cathy Mazak, host of the Academic Woman Amplified podcast, and it’s my passion to mentor brilliant academics (yes, I’m talking to YOU) to publish more. After 15+ years in academia, I started this page to help you develop your writing, your focus, your balance so you can have the career (and life) you want. I don’t believe that academia should be soul-sucking. I don’t want you to publish more just to publish more. 100+ Strong Verbs to Use in Your Reaserch Paper The academic community can be conservative when it comes to writing styles, but your writing shouldn’t be so boring that people lose interest midway through the first paragraph! Given that competition is at an all-time high for academics looking to publish their papers, we know you must be anxious about what you can do to improve your publishing odds. To be sure, your research must be sound. But it also must be clearly explained. So, how do you go about achieving the latter?

Academic Phrasebank - The Largest Collection of Academic Phrases - Ref-n-Write: Scientific Research Paper Writing Software Tool - Improve Academic English Writing Skills REF-N-WRITE is proud to announce the launch of the academic phrasebank. The phrasebank is now available as part of the Word AddIn. New buttons and options have been added to the AddIn for the users to access the academic phrasebank and search through academic phrases. Schedule – 2018 The 2018 conference has come and gone, but please enjoy these archived sessions. My school already puts a lot of time and resources into teaching our kiddos about being safe on the internet, but I don’t think we specifically address how data about them is being accumulated. After today, I feel like that’s an inexcusable oversight. Great stuff. – 2018 attendee