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Development of Draft Make something people want.Paul Graham I’ve made a lot of stuff no one wanted. Trying to grow my first business, Inkling, I did what good Lean Startup followers would do. I turned some of our technology into a small “project management software” prototype and used Quora and LinkedIn to set up meetings with project managers. One thing became clear fast. There’s a great story in Esquire Magazine this month about the history of Irish whiskey. 130 years ago there were almost 30 Irish whiskey distilleries. But then in 1988, a company named Pernod Ricard bought IDL and had an interesting idea… Stop selling whiskey to whiskey drinkers. And the rest is history. A mistake I made with that project management software was spending too much time obsessing about what project managers thought. I started making that same mistake with Draft when I first started. So I went down a different path. Today, Draft’s user base is diverse.

Markdown.css - make HTML look like plain-text When this section is styled by markdown.css it looks like plain-text, despite being HTML. Inspect it with firebug or click on <HTML/> to see the markup. A strong tag and an em tag get styled like so. How about a link to my site? Lists they look like this it’s how you’d format them in pure markdown, if you took the time to indent when it wrapped to a new line. Ordered lists here’s one line from a numbered list here’s another in markdown, the actual numbers don’t matter—you can toggle this with the class markdown-ones Block quotes This is a blockquote that extends to multiple lines.With repeating email-style angle brackets. Code blocks (function() { console.log('code blocks indent four spaces'); })() Different headers h4 header h5 header h6 header That’s an hr above. However, images will still look like images. Made by Peter Coles / aka @lethys / code on github Get the markdown.css now!

Escribir en MarkDown | César HernándezCésar Hernández Existen varias versiones de MarkDown, después de su publicación en 2004, Michel Fortin desarrolló una versión extendida en PHP: MarkDown PHP Extra, que permitió agregar algunos elementos. En este artículo revisaré ambas, ya que la versión de Fortin ha sido ampliamente aceptada, por ejemplo en MultiMarkDown, GFM y sitos como stackOverflow. Las características que están disponibles solamente en MarkDown Extra están marcadas con asterisco. Párrafos Por su principio de legibilidad, para escribir párrafos en MarkDown no necesitamos conocer ninguna sintaxis, es simplemente cuestión de escribir, la única regla es que cada nueva línea se argegará un nuevo bloque de párrafo <p>. Itálicas <em> Dentro de cualquier línea de texto podemos agregar negritas o itálicas, para hacerlo, debemos incluir un asterisco + o guión bajo _, antes y después de la palabra o palabras que se quieran resaltar. En este texto, _estas palabras llevan itálicas_. Negritas <strong> Líneas Horizontales <hr /> Abreviaturas* Imágenes

Blog It’s 4:30am and I hear the baby cry. I have no need of an alarm clock, she is just as punctual looking for her morning bottle. I rise, knowing I will not be back in bed again for a looooong time. I give my day to God while I feed the baby, come downstairs and get the fires started, first in the kitchen and then in the living room. The house is cold and I throw on a jacket…. it takes time to heat up. I start a batch of bread. The chill is starting to subside in the house. We check on our goat who is due to kid at any moment. Now it’s time for school. The kids are learning to be business owners, making presentations, and enjoying time with friends. This is the hour every day that I get to spend alone with my very best friend no matter how busy we are, this is my favorite hour of the day. I have seven very sad children to console for a while and then coax into bed. Each day holds surprises, joys and sorrows for me now.

Finding the Cure for Writer's Block in a Web App Posted 01/28/2014 at 6:38pm | by Michael Simon Lord knows how much I've spent on apps for writing. It wasn't so bad when I only had my Mac to worry about. But even before we entered the post-PC era, sharing was always an issue. These days, things are a whole lot better. But that doesn't mean my search is over. It wasn't supposed to be this way. And at least one developer still believes that's true. Nathan Kontny is no stranger to technology. "Draft started as just a simple way to mark major versions of my work that I could easily go through to find that old stuff," Kontny said. Draft isn't just the best web app I've ever used, it's quickly becoming one of my go-to writing apps. "When I design things, I prefer to give myself as few choices as I can possibly have," Kontny said. When you use Draft, Kontny's passion is evident. "I love building small things and quickly iterating on them. So, if that means Draft can't take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, so be it.

Heck Yes Markdown Cómo escribir Markdown - Parte II Detalles del Curso: Dificultad: Novato Duración: 10 min En la entrada pasada estuvimos viendo la sintaxis que utiliza Markdown para formatear el texto en un nivel muy básico. Enlaces Colocar enlaces o links es sumamente útil e importante ya que permite referenciar contenido ubicado en un lugar diferente a la página en la que estamos. En la [entrada pasada]( Colocamos entre corchetes [] el texto que queremos tenga el enlace y seguidamente colocamos entre paréntesis () el enlace de destino. Si prefieres hacerlo de una manera más ordenada que tener las referencias en el medio de tu texto puedes hacerlo también de la siguiente manera: En la [entrada pasada][1] O incluso: En la [entrada pasada]... ... ... Imágenes ¿Qué son muchas palabras sin imágenes de prueba que lo demuestren? ! De igual manera puedes utilizar la sintaxis alternativa que mostramos en los enlaces para tener tu texto más organizado. Tablas * Se vería así: Código ```lenguaje x = y

Recursive outlining and writing I am in the middle of writing my dissertation, and I’m constantly experimenting with my writing process flow and set-up. I have two monitors, a 19 and a 22-inch one. The overall writing process appears to be a recursive process of alternating between outlining and writing (though the two are not always clearly separable). My actual writing started once I got to a point that I had so many outlines in different outliners that the only way out of that morass was to start writing them up. To my surprise I have selected Word 2010 as my main writing tool. For times when I wouldn’t be using Dragon, I would want to use WordExpander to speed up the typing, and it turned out that it would display the pop-up menu of word choices by the cursor in Word but not in Scrivener. So, Word is open in my 19-in monitor that is facing me and where I do the final writing up (dictating with Dragon or typing with WordExpander). This describes the set-up of my outline-to-writing process. Like this: Like Loading...

Markdown - La guía definitiva en español Plagiarism Checker Many people think of duplicate content as just borrowing someone else's ideas or simply copying another person's work to be expanded upon. But terms like borrowing and copying only disguise the seriousness of the offense. First and foremost, plagiarism in itself is considered an act of fraud. It is tantamount to intellectual theft and involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward that the work actually belongs to you. As such, plagiarism is subject to sanctions such as suspension, penalties, expulsion from school/work/unions, substantial fines, and even imprisonment. You don't want to get involved in something as fraudulent and filthy as that, do you? Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided simply by citing the right source. However, the best way to completely steer clear of plagiarism is to learn how to detect it so that you can either rewrite your words or find some other way to avoid it. First and foremost, plagiarism in itself is considered an act of fraud.

Sintaxis Markdown - Cheatsheet en español En este apartado descubrirás la sintaxis Markdown y los conceptos básicos para escribir utilizando este lenguaje de marcado. De hecho, al final del mismo estarás perfectamente capacitado para empezar a utilizar este lenguaje en tus escritos y publicaciones. La mejor manera de hacerse una idea de la sintaxis de Markdown es simplemente echar un vistazo a un escrito formateado como tal. ## Título ### Subtítulo Este es un ejemplo de texto que da entrada a una lista genérica de elementos: - Elemento 1 - Elemento 2 - Elemento 3 Este es un ejemplo de texto que da entrada a una lista numerada: 1. Como ves, se cumple perfectamente uno de los objetivos para los que Markdown fue diseñado, y es hacer las publicaciones lo más legibles posible. Otro de los objetivos de Markdown, es que puedas publicar los documentos “como están”. Índice de sintaxis Markdown En el lenguaje Markdown encontrarás tres tipos de elementos básicos que a su vez engloban el resto de la sintaxis. Elementos de bloque Encabezados 1.

Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude Grammar Instruction with Attitude Home • Terms • Exercises • MOOC • Handouts • Presentations • Videos • Rules • About • Shop • Feedback ©1997 - 2019 by Robin L. SimmonsAll Rights Reserved. valid html MLA / APA / Chicago Bibliography Composer, Notecards, Outlining Natara Bonsai | Dr Andus's toolbox The problem with developing a final outline for a PhD dissertation chapter is that it is difficult to know when the outline is really final. It will be final of course when you are confident enough that it is of the requisite quality. The difficulty is how to identify the boundary between the conceptual development stage and the stage of writing-up for presentational purposes. For academic writing it is the former that is the main headache, i.e. coming up with the content, rather than putting it into its final shape. For now I can’t seem to find a better answer than to push on with aiming to reach a final outline, even if it turns out to be an interim stage of conceptual development. This reflexive and recursive process of dealing with multiple outlines in multiple software tools eventually reveals an arrangement of outlines in an arrangement of software tools, and a shape-shifting process flow that adjusts itself continuously. Could I be wrong about that?