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Modern. Highly capable. Versatile. Simple And Powerful Blocks Construct's unique block-based approach is a simple and exciting way to start designing games. When a mouse touches a cheese increment its health and remove cheese from play area Mouse On collision with Cheese Cheese Mouse Cheese Audio It's both the easiest and most powerful alternative to code. Node or flowchart based tools can quickly land you in a spaghetti-like mess. Learn To Code Programming is a valuable skill, and Construct makes it uniquely easy to learn. Want to go further? And So Much More There are genuinely too many features in Construct to reasonably list here. Ready to get Going? You've found the right tool — Now start making games!

GameMaker Last updated: 02/04/2019 We (meaning YoYo Games Limited, company number 05260718) use technologies on our website and mobile services (which we'll call the Services) to collect information that helps us improve your online experience. We refer to these technologies, which include cookies, collectively as “cookies.” We hope that this policy helps you understand and feel more confident about our use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. Below we list the different types of cookies we may use on the Services. Essential Cookies. Essential cookies on the Services may include: Performance Cookies. Performance cookies on this Services may include: Functionality Cookies. Targeting or Advertising Cookies. For more information about targeting and advertising cookies and how you can opt out, you can visit or Google Adwords Facebook Twitter 1.

Game Editor WordPress Francophone Rizzoli Lizard Construct 2 Kézikönyv Well done for choosing Construct 2, the HTML5 game creator! No programming is necessary. This manual provides a complete reference of all of Construct 2's features. The following pages will help you get installed and up and running with Construct 2, so you can start making your games as soon as possible. Construct 2 also has links to the manual in various dialogs and menus to help you jump directly to the relevant manual page for that part of the software. Manual vs. The manual is designed to be a comprehensive reference. The tutorials in the Tutorials section on have a separate purpose to the manual. Creative Commons license The Construct 2 manual is licensed under Creative Commons.

PubNub Soleil Construct2 Tutorialok gyűjteménye Beginner's guide to Construct 2 Well done for choosing Construct 2! Let's get started making your first HTML5 game. We'll be making the 'Ghost Shooter' demo game. How to make a Platform game Construct 2 can make all kinds of 2D games. 26th, January 2012 | byAshley 6 Steps to Play with Players' Minds Open your mind, but be CAREFUL! Supporting multiple screen sizes Virtually every game has to work on a different sized screen. 29th, October 2011 | byAshley How to make a Facebook game In this tutorial, we'll learn how to add a HTML5 game made with Construct 2 to Facebook, and how to integrate it with Facebook's features. 4th, September 2011 | byTom Delta-time and framerate independence Framerate independent games are games that run at the same speed, no matter the framerate. 10th, October 2011 | byAshley

Novelty - Visual novel maker Minecraft Blog - Minecraft News, Updates, Videos, and Freebies pygame News The python pygame music collection - Apr 10, 2014 We are collecting music made with python at this "the-game-music-from-pygames" issue. The music will be placed on the new "HiFi"(alpha) pygame website for people to listen to. PySDL 0.9.1 released - Apr 8, 2014 Marcus von Appen has released PySDL2 0.9.1. PySDL2 is a wrapper around the SDL2 library and as such similar to the discontinued PySDL project. Version 0.9.1 is a bugfix release, which fixes some issues in the PySDL2 API: fixed issue #50: corrected the sdl2.ext.load_image() documentationfixed issue #52: sdl2.ext.Renderer.fill(), sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_rect() and sdl2.ext.Renderer.draw_point() convert sequences correctly nowfixed issue #53: provide backwards compatibility for previous SDL2 releases by adding a wrapper function for sdl2.cpuinfo.SDL_HasAVX() You can download it from PyPy + pygame_cffi benchmarked against CPython + pygame - Mar 28, 2014 Kivy App Contest 2014 - Mar 27, 2014

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