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Le blog des tendances design, technologies, architecture, web -

Le blog des tendances design, technologies, architecture, web -
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«Д.Журнал» — журнал о дизайне и архитектуре Design Observer Observatory By Manuela AguirreDesign for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, is one of the first books fully dedicated to health care design and comes at a critical moment given the degree to which design is starting to be acknowledged as a legitimate profession within the context of health care institutions. Places Nicole Huber & Ralph Stern Born in Germany in 1945, just months after the end of World War II, the film director Wim Wenders sought to make sense of the "ruin landscapes" of the nation's cities through personal and professional exploration of the wide-open landscapes of the American West. As Nicole Huber and Ralph Stern write, "The American West — and the American Western — served a specific and telling purpose for the postwar German West: to envision both traumatic upheaval and utopian projection." Observer Media By Rick Poynor From 1967 to 1970, the British author J.G. By Francisco Laranjo Critical graphic design is a vague and subjective term. By Hala Abdul Malak Hala A.

Артомалия junya ishigami | designboom | architecture & design magazine mar 23, 2014 a designboom book report of the exhibition catalog released by hatje cantz. 811 shares dec 15, 2013 inverting the outside world onto the building's interior, a miniature forest grows within the cuboid » 192 shares jun 22, 2013 reflecting the surrounding cherry blossom trees onto its transparent façade, the flexible volume blurs its » 92 shares apr 16, 2013 working alongside architect junya ishigami, a series of ceramic origami forms are created by casting » 536 shares Heinrich Böll / Генрих Бёлль - An der Brücke / На мосту Wenn meine kleine Geliebte über die Brücke kommt - und sie kommt zweimal am Tage -, dann bleibt mein Herz einfach stehen. Das unermüdliche Ticken meines Herzens setzt einfach aus, bis sie in die Allee eingebogen und verschwunden ist Und alle, die in dieser Zeit passieren, verschweige ich ihnen. Diese zwei Minuten gehören mir, mir ganz allein, und ich lasse sie mir nicht nehmen. Und auch wenn sie abends wieder zurückkommt aus ihrer Eisdiele, wenn sie auf der anderen Seite des Gesteiges meinen stummen Mund passiert, der zählen, zählen muß, dann setzt mein Herz wieder aus, und ich fange erst wieder an zu zählen, wenn sie nicht mehr zu sehen ist. Und alle, die das Glück haben, in diesen Minuten vor meinen blinden Augen zu defilieren, gehen nicht in die Ewigkeit der Statistik ein: Schattenmänner und Schattenfrauen, nichtige Wesen, die im zweiten Futur der Statistik nicht mitmarschieren werden...

The Book Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland ? Tipps zum Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland venice architecture biennale 08: japanese pavilion the exterior garden and greenhouses at the japanese pavilion image © designboom wooden furniture adorns the garden creating the feeling of an interior space outdoors image © designboom one of the greenhouses at the japanese pavilion image © designboom cushions were provided for visitors to sit and enjoy the garden and the greenhouses image © designboom plant vines are carefully hung on a chain creating living curtain-like barriers image © designboom detail of hanging vines image © designboom the japanese pavilion’s minimalist interior image © designboom details of botanical pencil drawings which decorate the interior walls of the pavilion image © designboom image © designboom detail drawings of domestic spaces decorate the interior walls of the pavilion image © designboom visitors gathering inside the japanese pavilion image © designboom the garden furniture being protected from rainfall image © designboom project by junya ishigami image © designboom curator taro igarashi image © designboom

Design in Europe - home of european design, webdesign, illustration and photography . : Yann Marussich - performances : . Description: Bleu Remix est la suite de Bleu provisoire crée en 2001, performance dans laquelle Yann Marussich laissait surgir de ses orifices, et suinter de son épiderme, des liquides biologiques teintés de bleu mettant en abîme les remous intérieurs de son corps. Le son original de Bleu Provisoire est retravaillé à chaque représentation dans Bleu Remix par un nouveau musicien local rendant cette performance à chaque fois unique. Dans Bleu Remix, le performeur vêtu d'un slip blanc est assis sur un siège dans une cage en verre transparente. Il nous propose un nouveau voyage intime et secret à travers son corps. Son corps est immobile, yeux clos, yeux ouverts. Pourquoi Yann Marussich choisit-il la couleur bleue ? Texte: Anne Rochat

de "The process itself is the actuality"Alfred North Whitehead There are no shortcuts to beautiful form. If you stand in front of the faucet of your kitchen sink and look at the beautiful shape of the drop of water you can realize that it forms slowly as gravity works on the tiny bit of water. You can not make that shape mechanically. Nor can we make babies from adding together bits and pieces. The child forms slowly through a process of division and specialization of cells. A building, room, or doorway is the same. This is the essence of the process of unfolding: moving slowly step by step from a less to more differentiated space. It doesn't mean spending more time or money, just doing things in the right order.