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Email Marketing, List Management and RSS Feed Subscriber Services

FeedBlitz - Email Marketing and RSS Email Marketing, Subscriber List Management and RSS Feed Subscriber Services Login or Register Your Email Marketing RSS Feed and Subscriber List Solution Email subscriptions for your site Reach your readers wherever they are, however they want with email subscriptions, social media updates and RSS feed tracking.

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Copywriting : 27 accroches hypnotiques David Ogilvy, le légendaire maître copywriter, celui-là même qui aida des grandes compagnies comme Rolls Royce et Shell à vendre pour des millions et des millions de dollars de leurs produits, a dit : « En moyenne, les gens lisent 5 fois plus l’accroche que le corps de votre message. Choisir l’accroche, c’est gaspiller ou utiliser judicieusement 80 cents de votre dollar ». La vidéo n°2 « 5 accroches irrésistibles pour capter instantanément l’attention » vous avait déjà dévoilé 5 accroches qui captent irrésistiblement l’attention de votre prospect et qui sont par conséquent hypnotiques. Dans la vidéo ci-dessous, découvrez 27 autres accroches hypnotiques, utilisées par des maîtres copywriters qui ont vendu pour plusieurs millions et parfois plus du milliard de dollars. Vous pourrez désormais vous en inspirer pour créer les vôtres :

Google Videos MoreEven more from Google Sign in Videos Privacy Terms Settings Advertising Business About iElectrify: Improve Website Design & Increase Conversions If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! An alternative to Feedburner can help you manage blog and newsletter subscriptions more efficiently Since Feedburner has been bought up by Google, many bloggers and coders wonder if it’s even worth the effort to try and create an alternative.

Feed Creator Location Voiture Particulier 1. Introduction Koolicar, Société par Actions Simplifiées, immatriculée au RCS de Versailles sous le n° 532 482 445, offre des prestations de service associées à la location et au partage de Véhicules entre particuliers. Henry David Thoreau quote- Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want Search Authors Tags Quotes

How to ping Feedburner automatically – James Williams - at the intersection of communication and technology I am using Yahoo Pipes to create a grouping of feeds and a single output to RSS. To keep things tidy, I send the output to Feedburner. The challenge I’ve had is that Feedburner doesn’t appear to have an updating frequency – it waits for the feed output to change. What this means is that sometimes my feed wasn’t updating for days, even though the feeds had updated. I needed a solution to the problem, a solution that would force feedburner to check the Pipes output for any new feed items. I decided to solve this problem by setting up a CRON job on my server.

FetchRSS Using FeedBurner Networks to build The One Feed To Rule Them All.... all Dan York... all the time... :- If you have multiple blogs, how do you easily create a single RSS feed that aggregates all of your blogs? I have faced this issue directly with my migration from a single weblog into a network of blogs. Some of my readers may, for whatever reason, still want to read all my writing (and to my amazement something like 15 people have subscribed to this feed I'm talking about below). As I first wrote about over on my personal blog, there is a way now to do this. By using FeedBurner's relatively new "Networks" feature (FAQ here), I have now created the "Dan York - All Feeds" network. There is now a webpage with recent posts and links to the blogs and then an aggregated RSS feed that combines posts in all blogs.