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The 30-Minute, No-Gym Bodyweight Workout [Infographic]

The 30-Minute, No-Gym Bodyweight Workout [Infographic]
You Might Also Like 33 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises READ Ready to strengthen, stretch, and break a sweat? This high-intensity bodyweight workout is a simple, effective way to work your whole body—without any machinery or extra equipment. From heart-pumping jump tucks to core-blasting mountain climbers, these supersetted moves will help build strength and boost metabolism with just body resistance alone. Special thanks to our model, Lauren Williams, a personal trainer and head coach at Tone House New York, and Lululemon for outfitting her in the Wunder Under Crop II and tank top. Related:  health

Flatten Your Belly with This Killer Ab Workout Get ready to whip off your cover-up: This workout, created exclusively for Women's Health by Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., owner of Results Fitness in Newhall, California, combines fat-burning cardio with moves that target your entire core rather than individual muscles (wouldn't it be great if there was a magical lower abs workout?), so you'll burn more fat while toning up. Directions Do these workout moves three nonconsecutive days a week. Start with the Basic Workout (moves 1-4 at right) to prime your muscles. After three weeks, you'll be ready to graduate to the Advanced Workout (moves 5-8). For maximum fat burning, perform the exercises as a circuit: Do one set of each move in the order shown, resting for 30 seconds between exercises. Melt Your Middle Follow this interval-training program three times a week after your core workout. For this interval workout, remember to include an easy 3- to 5-minute warmup and cooldown. MOVE 1Basic Workout: Plank MOVE 2Basic Workout: Side Plank

10 Nutrients Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Awesome Want some pep in your step? Perhaps a dash of good cheer? (Who doesn’t, right?). Look no further than the grocery store’s shelves. How can foods improve our moods? Try one of these foods for a mid-day pick-me-up, to promote long-term happiness, or to ward off the nagging worry that you forgot to lock the front door (You did remember, right?). A bit about the units used below: Mg (milligram) is the typical unit of measurement for nutrients and 1,000 mg equals 1 gram. 1. The most abundant mineral in the body, calcium plays an important role in maintaining strong bones and healthy blood vessels, and in reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. How eating it helps: Found in a variety of sources (non-dairy included), calcium is often paired with vitamin D to help regulate mood fluctuations attributed to PMS . RDA: 1,000 mg per day for adults Food Sources of Calcium: 2. A trace mineral found in small amounts in the body, chromium helps the body metabolize food . Food Sources of Chromium: 3. 4. 5.

Packing Tape Image Transfers | Lil Blue Boo I love image transfers. It’s something I’m always using in my journals but there are so many other fun uses for them. All you need to make a transfer is a photocopy of an image or words and packing tape. You can also use printouts from a laser printer or magazine pages. Inkjets will not work because they are not heat based toner. First, take a strip of packing tape and place it over the images you want to transfer: Then use the back of your scissors or the side of your fingernail to make sure the tape is adhered firmly: Next, dip the tape and paper into a bowl of water to wet the back: Using your fingers, start to rub off the paper from the back of the tape: Like magic….your image is left behind on the tape! I like to use the transfers to wrap special letters before I mail them. It’s like having custom tape: Another idea is to take a small canvas and use the images for artwork: I used a paint brush to add craft paint to bubble wrap to use it as a stamp: I just used my hand to press it down:

Attack of the Love Handles Working your obliques helps to shape your torso while strengthening the muscles that help to support and protect your back. Perform these 5 moves in a row with no breaks. Try doing 2-3 sets! Mermaid On your knees, extend your right leg straight out to the side. On an inhale, bring your torso down towards the floor, getting your left elbow as close to the floor as possible. Perform this 20x and then switch sides. Side Balance On your knees, keep your left knee on floor but extend your right leg out to the side and bring your left hand to the floor. On an exhale, bring your right elbow and right knee in towards each other to touch. Snake on Hands Coming into a plank position on your hands, cross your right foot over your left and turning your hips to the right. On an inhale, lift your booty into the sky and exhale drop your right hip down towards the floor. Snake on Elbows Perform the "Snake on Hands" but now on your elbows. Side Plank Twist Lift your left arm up into the sky.

9 упражнений из китайской медицины для снятия боли в шее Практически каждый, кто проводит много времени на работе в одном и том же положении, сидя за компьютером, испытывает дискомфорт в области шеи – неприятное похрустывание, боль, иногда небольшое жжение. Чтобы снять эти симптомы, китайские целители, известные тем, что к медикаментам они прибегают в последнюю очередь, советуют проводить небольшую зарядку из 9 упражнений. Они просты, но невероятно эффективны. Для улучшения эффективности упражнений, повороты и наклоны головы сопровождайте движением глаз в том же направлении. Давление вперёд. Эти упражнения помогают избавиться от боли в шее, головокружения, головной боли, звона в ушах. Поделитесь этим комплексом простых и эффективных упражнений с друзьями – возможно, кому-то вы сможете помочь облегчить жизнь уже сегодня.

DIY Shibori Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary. Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Lauren and I first discovered shibori after discovering an old photo on the web. The idea of recreating an ancient Japanese dyeing technique inspired us to spend an entire weekend experimenting with our favorite deep blue, indigo. You’ll need:an indigo dye kitnatural fiber clothing or fabric2 5 gallon bucketsrubber glovessmall wood squaresrubber bandstwinea PVC pipea long wooden sticka drop clothrubber glovesscissors When choosing fabric or clothing, it’s important that made of natural fibers. Itajime shibori is known as the shape-resist technique. Fold it again in the other direction – again, like an accordion. Arashi is the Japanese term for “storm” and it’s also known as the pole-wrapping technique. Wrap the twine around the fabric. Continue wrapping, scrunching and tightening until all the fabric is compacted.

One Exercise To End “Lower Belly Pooch” | Wold Fitness Notebook Even very lean women can have a little “pooch” on their lower bellies. Check out these bikini models that have what my daughter calls a “pooch”: These models are lean, heck – you can see their ribs! So what causes that little bulge in the lower belly? Is it something they ate hanging around in their digestive system? But if your diet is on point, you’re lean, you’re working hard… What can cause the pooch? Simple: tight hip flexors. The muscles that cross the front of your hips can get really tight and pull you into what we exercise science types call an “anterior pelvic tilt.” This forward tilt pulls your low back out of alignment. Whoa! Even on someone very lean having a swayback can give you a lower belly pooch. In the title of this blog post I promised one exercise that would end lower belly pooch. This stretch will bring your hips back to where they should be, ease forward pressure on your lower back, and dial back the lower belly bulge. Pretty cool, huh!

Самое эффективное упражнение для пресса Планка – одно из лучших и недооцененных упражнений для тела. Многие полагают, что планка – слишком простое упражнение, но оно поддерживает в тонусе как мышцы живота, так и всего тела в целом. Это идеальная зарядка и она подходит всем, вне зависимости от пола, возраста и уровня физической подготовки. Ее можно добавлять в любую программу и выполнять где угодно и когда угодно. Планка действует на все мышцы корпуса, делая живот подтянутым и плоским. Выполнение классической планки: 1. Всего 4 минуты в день – и вы почувствуете разницу: улучшается тонус, повышается выносливость, идеально и глубоко прорабатываются мышцы брюшного пресса.