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ציפורי גן עדן - פליאה

ציפורי גן עדן - פליאה
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תרנגול הודו מפירות We've detected that the Flash plug-in is either out-of-date, disabled or not installed in your browser. Our e-cards are all created using Flash, and Flash is required in order to view this card on desktop computers. (For mobile devices it's a different story: you can find details here.) Claude Béata, la voix des animaux - Sciences Claude Béata et Aurélie Luneau Catherine Donné © Radio France "Chien" jusqu'aux boutons de manchette ! Catherine Donné © Radio France

This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You Have Ever Seen This experiment outdoes the three-step experiment we featured in an earlier video in 2012. The crow is a very intelligent bird and should be appreciated for his natural wit and amazing ability to learn. Crows will examine different tool options given to them, and will not only choose a tool that is of the correct length or width for the assigned task, but they will also design a tool of the correct design and dimension if needed. Each day the Flixxy team looks through hundreds of new videos to pull out a few we think are the best. The videos we select should raise your spirits and bring more sunshine into your life. All of the videos here are safe for work and safe for all ages. ynet רגע בטבע: שלך עם דג ושלדג נוחת - ירוק אילנית בצפון הארץ (צילום: ערן גיסיס) שלך צד דג בצפון הארץ (צילום: פאבלו רודאף) שפירית ושבלול בהרצליה (צילום: יובל וקנין) תן זהוב ביער בן שמן (צילום: אלכס גייפמן) שרקרקים ירוקים בדרום הארץ (צילום: חררדאו קוללאו)

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