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Appealing to the professional and savvy designer, Webydo is the leading online design studio that enables designers to create, manage and publish their client’s websites completely code-free. The cloud-based, online website design platform is revolutionizing the professional web design industry and putting designers in the driver’s seat. Webydo enables web and graphic designers to create fresh, dynamic HTML websites without writing having to manually write code. Saving designer’s time and money, Webydo appeals to the professional designer and helps them to create successful and long lasting designer-client relationships. This is apparent through their integrated cloud hosting, efficient content management system (CMS), and the Webydo Dashboard that allows for intuitive management of thousands of client sites.

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Etienne Mineur archives Cet été, j’ai un peu le temps d'écouter les nombreux PodCasts stockés dans mon iphone durant cette année, et je (re)découvre toutes une série de Podcasts vraiment intéressants et très variés. • Je vous conseille avant tout le l’émission de l’Agence tous Geeks n° 07, vous allez avoir Monsieur Post Carbone qui va vous expliquer le fonctionnement de nombreuses inventions, (du gramophone de Thomas Edison, au disque dur, en passant par la souris, le CDRom, et la disquette 3,5 pouces). Ce monsieur est un pédagogue de génie, il arrive à vous expliquer des choses très compliquées très simplement et avec passion, bref je vote pour que Post Carbon soit notre prochain ministre de l’éducation nationale (et de la recherche). • Il y a aussi une émission passionnante du nom de Pendant les travaux le cinéma reste ouvert concernant le cinéma. Cette émission est diffusée sur France inter avec comme animateurs l’excellent Jean-Baptiste Thoret et Stéphane Bou. • Proxi-jeux, sur les jeux de sociétés

Brokin nglish. Saturday - March 21st, 2014 | Location: Seattle Given the timing of us being in Juneau, someone made mention of visiting the Mendenhall Glacier, and that the large lake was frozen and we’d have about an hour journey with crossing the lake, as well as the hike up the glacier to the Ice Cave entrance. There were lots of pitfalls and it was all about staying on the path, but given the weather warming up, we didn’t expect the lake to remain frozen all the way through (the First mini glacier shot) with the heavy foot traffic, but it did and was an amazing trip in. French Blast French Blast a French selection of blasts Archive Subscribe to RSS

Matthew Lyons' Inspiration Tumblr "Yellowstone" Illustration (by Milt Banta?) 1957. Gouache on illustration board (view more of the original illustrations for the Disney Magazine via Miehana) Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, 1969 (via Miehana) Art Inspiration For The Weekend - Smashing Magazine Advertisement In a creative field like design, we face an undeniable truth: our wells of inspiration are bound to run dry from time to time. In those periods of imaginative downtime, we seek out sources that can help us return the creative flow to our working process, and get us “back in the game.” But when we need a quick recharge, where do we turn? Many of us have our favorite “go-to” places when we are victim to creative drought, though perhaps with a little help, our routinely chosen paths could change. Although they are so different in their purpose, art and design have such a close relationship; extensive discussions, over the years, have tried to figure out what separates these two imaginative fields.

Inspiration Forgot your username or password? Create account x Close I am A… NOT CONTENT The Second Holly Grove, between Avalon and Money, Mississippi, 2013 An extract from my notes on the 5th of February - 'Leaving Granada we came across an old store front near Holcomb, MS, and stopped to photograph it - the first of many finds of the day. Next we passed through Avalon, hometown of Mississippi John Hurt, which consisted of little more than a few houses, a few empty shacks, a gin warehouse (abandoned), and plenty of fields. We then drove to Greenwood, the 'Cotton Capital' and home to Furry Lewis, and got gas before turning back towards Avalon, in search of Money, MS - site of the story of Emmett Till.

industrial design courses ? designboom apr 19, 2014 the sound collection was produced for preciosa lighting and it comes alive with music to create a glowing, » 35 shares apr 18, 2014 the motion photography prize has been the first global open entry competition for artists and creative people » 49 shares The History of Visual Communication This website, which contains the material of the course VA312, taught at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey; attempts to walk you through the long and diverse history of a particular aspect of human endeavour: The translation of ideas, stories and concepts that are largely textual and/or word based into a visual format, i.e. visual communication. Wikipedia defines visual communication as: The primary tool by which man has visualised ideas is through the usage of writing and, by extension, type: Writing/type is the visual manifestation of the spoken word. And words are what we communicate with. Thus it is no overstatement when we say that type is the essence of visual communication and by extension of visual communication design.

mars 2008 Advertising Agency: Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCGCreative Director: Ron TiteArt Director: Mike SundellCopywriter: Brent TurnbullAgency Producer: Francesca DeRoseDirector: Eddy ChuLine Producer: Erik WilsonExec Producer: William CranorProduction House: Brown EntertainmentPost Production Producer: Cathy JefferiesCinematographer / D.O.P: Gabor TarkoInferno Artist: Dominik BochenskiAccount Supervisor: Kathryn Smirle

Changethethought “A recalcitrant bicycle thief falls in love with the bicycle he’s stolen. Inspired by the films of François Truffaut. Created by Budnitz Bicycles, directed by Russ Lamoureux, produced by Partizan.” Budnitz Bicycles was actually founded by Kid Robot founder Paul Budnitz who now resides in Boulder. He’s brought some serious talent to our local community here and he keeps inspiring through his entrepreneurial efforts and unceasing love for creativity. The Forty Story The Basics of Drawing Type & Creating Your Own Handwritten Font - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial Ever wanted to give your digital layouts and designs a truly personal touch? In this tutorial we’ll look at how you can create a font from your own handwriting, for use on your computer. The tutorial will be split into three parts. Firstly, we’ll look at the basics of drawing a typeface.

Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color. Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. Negative Space Logos Negative is not always bad. That's what many of today's logos suggests. Designers have intelligently and effectively utilized the negative space to come up with creative designs. We have picked up a few of such logos from the portfolios of our users who have contributed their logo designs from across the globe. Here are those logos for our inspiration. by hibaowaisbutt Apr 13

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