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10 Great New Web Tools for Teachers

10 Great New Web Tools for Teachers
It just about time I provide you with another list of awesome educational web tools I have being bookmarking for the last couple of weeks. The purpose is to update you with the latest and new web tools that have been recently released online and which you can use either in your teaching or for your own professional development as an educator. Enjoy 1- Vivoom Vivoom is a video enhancer that allows users to add amazing looks to their videos 2- Noteshares NoteShares is a social document sharing platform that makes it insanely easy to share documents with friends and family. 3- ShowDrive ShadowDrive is a social cloud drive that securely drives, controls and delivers a unique way to back up and share files with your friends 4- Instant Google Street View Simply start typing an address, place name or location, to be instantly taken there via Google Street View.If no Street View exists at the location, or if your search is too broad (e.g. 5- MyLinkCloud Related:  a trier

Infobourg - 10 applications en ligne essentielles dans le coffre à outils de l’enseignant Parmi les millions d’applications qui existent et apparaissent tous les jours, certaines semblent incontournables, peu importe le milieu. En voici 10 qui devraient, à terme, faire partie de vos outils réguliers. Fait intéressant, cette liste provient d’un article lu au fil du Web (The 10 Most Popular Teacher Tools Being Used This Year), qui a été publié sur un site technophile américain, Edudemic. Il est intéressant de constater que ces outils s’appliquent tous aussi bien chez nous. Notez que plusieurs sont offerts en français, mais certains demeurent unilingues anglais. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Et vous, quels sont vos incontournables? À propos de l'auteur Audrey Miller Audrey est rédactrice en chef d' et s'occupe de l'organisme l'École branchée, en plus de s'impliquer bénévolement dans l'AQUOPS et dans l'organisation d'EdCamp Québec. Pour suivre l'auteur :

The Best of Teachers Web Tools The Best of Teachers' Web Tools Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Introduction Technology is radically transforming every aspect of education : reading andinteracting with the web; writing memos and sending emails; computing withspreadsheets and statistical analysis programs; analyzing problems with datavisualization tools; creating social networking sites; teaching with digital video tools;making presentations using web-based services. today’s digital natives as we were taught yesterday is robbing them of their tomorrow ( John Dewy ), a fact which aligns with the core purpose of education that is the lightingof a fire and not the filling of a pail.This eBook is created with you and your teaching and learning needs in our mind.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Enhance Students Productivity with These Web Tools August 26, 2014 There is a growing number of tools for students offering benefits from organizing assignments to creating study groups to taking notes. Here are some notable options for your students to consider. ClassOwl ClassOwl was founded by a group of Stanford sophomores wanting to improve the hectic academic experience. Teachers and students are constantly faced with the challenge of staying organized and up-to-date with assignments and deadlines. ClassOwl is a simple solution for teachers to help keep students on track. A free resource to create online discussion forums and study groups for university students. answer students’ questions once for all students to seeyour students can engage with classmates in online discussionyou can post class related announcementsyou can post class files, resources and the class syllabusyou can conduct polls to get a sense of where students standyou can receive/send private messages from/to students on more sensitive subject matters Want more?

8 Fantastic Social Media Tools for Teachers Written by Sandra Miller Teachers use social media to engage students in creative ways that encourage collaboration and inspire discussions, especially among soft-spoken students. The number of social media tools for teachers in this respect are numerous and include the following. Plagiarism checker Plagtracker is a social media tool for teachers with the noble ability to detect plagiarism in written content. TeacherTube This app is like you tube for teachers. Edublogs Common uses for Common uses for blogs in classrooms include group projects, reflection journals, school newspapers, class web pages and parent newsletters.edublog provides plenty of other creative options for integrating the blogs into curriculum. Edublog has an option to keep blogs private which is one of its safety features thus reduces exposure to other blogs. Collaborize Classroom Classroom discussions tend to be really boring as normally most students rarely participate and will keep quite up to when the discussion ends.

Les 100 outils les plus utilisés en formation Depuis 2007, le Center for Learning & Performance Technologies édite chaque année le classement des 100 outils les plus utilisés en formation (initiale ou continue) par le biais d’un sondage auprès de 500 professionnels dans 48 pays différents. Cette année encore, et pour la 5ème année consécutive, Twitter domine ce classement. Identifions pour cette année les coups de cœur par catégorie qui apportent une valeur ajoutée indéniable. Catégorie : créer, développer, partager vos présentations / documents de formation Google Drive : anciennement Google Docs, la suite Office de Google propose ces outils avec l’avantage du Cloud ; autrement dit, accéder à vos documents/présentations depuis le web depuis n’importe quel périphérique. Idéal pour partager, échanger, collaborer sur des documents à plusieurs. Prezi : pour celles et ceux qui cherchent une alternative à Powerpoint et souhaitent concevoir des présentations dynamiques et attractives. Catégorie : améliorer votre productivité

How Teachers Feel About The 10 Biggest EdTech Trends Figuring out the biggest edtech trends is a great first step. We’ve taken it many times . Figuring out how teachers actually feel or care about those particular trends is a whole other story. A new infographic sheds light on what 100 teachers from North America and Europe feel about edtech trends identified below. Granted, that’s a super small sample size but it gives a little insight into how teachers and admins feel these days. The EdTech Trends In the interest of explaining the infographic a bit more (some of the words are basically written upside down!) Web-Based Tools for Educational Purposes Online Educational Resources Digital Literacy Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Blended Learning Social Media Education E-Moderation Mobile Learning Digital Games In Education Interactive Whiteboards How It Works So how do teachers (at least the 100 or so teachers polled) feel about these various trends? How do you fall in with these feelings? Click the infographic below to enlarge

A Wonderful Chart of Educational Web Tools to Use in Class September 22, 2014 Here is a wonderful chart featuring a plethora of diverse tools arranged according to the task they are to perform. From web tools to create digital quizzes to note taking and brainstorming tools, this chart is definitely a must have. The only inconvenience I see in it is that the web tools mentioned are not hyperlinked so you need to Google them yourself to access them. I am not really sure who has created this chart. Check out the full graphic from this page Creative Writing Prompts Write a scene that includes a character speaking a different language, speaking in a thick accent, or otherwise speaking in a way that is unintelligibe to the other characters. (Note: You don't necessarily need to know the language the character is speaking—be creative with it!) Describe a character's reaction to something without explaining what it is. See if your fellow prompt responders can guess what it is. Write a story or a scene about one character playing a prank on another. Writing Prompt: Write a story that involves confusion over homonyms (words that have the same spelling but different meanings) or homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently). For World Storytelling Day, share the best story you've ever heard or told by word of mouth, or have a fictional character recount their favorite story. You're making your way down a cobbled street when a stocky, red-bearded man beckons you into an alley. Consider your handwriting, or a character's handwriting.

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