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Anti-Bullying Learning and Teaching Resource (ALTER) Catholic Education Office, Wollongong

Anti-Bullying Learning and Teaching Resource (ALTER) Catholic Education Office, Wollongong
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Facts About Bullying Reporters and other content creators need the facts quickly. This section pulls together fundamental information about bullying you can use to build your pieces, including: This page was last reviewed on 10-14-2014. Definition In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Department of Education released the first federal uniform definition of bullying for research and surveillance.1 The core elements of the definition include: unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and repetition of behaviors or high likelihood of repetition. Bullying can happen in any number of places, contexts, or locations. Some bullying actions can fall into criminal categories, such as harassment, hazing, or assault. Journalists and other content creators can use this definition to determine whether an incident they are covering is actually bullying. State of the Science Bullying prevention is a growing research field that has made great strides in answering important questions. Statistics

Helping Kids Deal With Bullies Listen Each day, 10-year-old Seth asked his mom for more and more lunch money. Yet he seemed skinnier than ever and came home from school hungry. It turned out that Seth was handing his lunch money to a fifth-grader, who was threatening to beat him up if he didn't pay. Kayla, 13, thought things were going well at her new school, since all the popular girls were being so nice to her. But then she found out that one of them had posted mean rumors about her. Unfortunately, the kind of bullying that Seth and Kayla experienced is widespread. A bully can turn something like going to the bus stop or recess into a nightmare for kids. If your child is being bullied, you want to act to help stop it, if possible. Identifying Bullying Most kids have been teased by a sibling or a friend at some point. Bullying is intentional tormenting in physical, verbal, or psychological ways. It's important to take bullying seriously and not just brush it off as something that kids have to "tough out."

Stand Up | Teen Essay About bullying, school and self-esteem Bullying. A word almost every kid dreads. They dread being the outcast. The reject. How to Talk About Bullying Parents, school staff, and other caring adults have a role to play in preventing bullying. They can: Help kids understand bullying. Help Kids Understand Bullying Kids who know what bullying is can better identify it. Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied. Keep the Lines of Communication Open Research tells us that children really do look to parents and caregivers for advice and help on tough decisions. What was one good thing that happened today? Talking about bullying directly is an important step in understanding how the issue might be affecting kids. What does “bullying” mean to you? Get more ideas for talking with children about life and about bullying. There are simple ways that parents and caregivers can keep up-to-date with kids’ lives. Read class newsletters and school flyers. Teachers and school staff also have a role to play. Encourage Kids to Do What They Love Help kids take part in activities, interests, and hobbies they like.

Travailler dans le secteur aéronautique en Australie En Australie, le secteur de l’aéronautique réunit plusieurs professions et qualifications en demande. Quelles sont les compétences en demande ? Comment chercher et trouver un job ? Quels sont les salaires moyens des professions les plus en vue ? Métiers en demande dans le secteur de l’aéronautique en Australie Plusieurs professions figurent sur la « Skilled Occupations List » (SOL) et la « Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List » (CSOL). Actuellement, la profession d’ingénieur aéronautique figure à la fois sur la SOL et sur la CSOL. Les métiers de pilote d’avion et de pilote d’hélicoptère figurent exclusivement sur la CSOL. La présence de ces professions sur ces listes facilite l’obtention d’un visa de travail au candidat ayant reçu une promesse d’embauche émanant d’un employeur reconnu par le ministère australien l’immigration, et lui offrant un sponsorship. Où et comment chercher un job dans le secteur aéronautique en Australie ? Aviation Labour GroupAustralia Wide Personnel

Cyberbullying: What Teachers and Schools Can Do The Numbers 42% of kids have been bullied online — 1 in 4 have had it happen more than once. 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mail or other messages. 58% have not told their parents about an online bullying incident. 14% have received mean or hurtful comments online. 13% have been the subject of rumors online. 7% have had someone impersonate them online. 8% report receiving a threatening cell phone text. 5% have had a mean or hurtful picture posted. They may not call it cyberbullying. Students may say they got "dissed" on Facebook or that someone flooded their phone with mean texts. Even little kids have been known to hack into Club Penguin to sabotage each other's games. While most of these incidents occur at home, the problems spill over to the classroom, making cyberbullying an issue teachers can't ignore. The answer isn't forbidding technology, say experts, so much as teaching kids right from wrong. It's also different from traditional bullying in challenging ways.

Suicide of Ryan Halligan Ryan Patrick Halligan (December 18, 1989 – October 7, 2003) was an American student from Essex Junction, Vermont, who committed suicide at the age of 13 after being bullied from his classmates in real life and cyber-bullying online. According to the Associated Press, Halligan was repeatedly sent homophobic instant messages, and was "threatened, taunted and insulted incessantly".[1] His father, John P. Halligan, a former IBM engineer, subsequently lobbied for laws to be passed in Vermont to improve how schools address bullying and suicide prevention. He has also given speeches at schools in other states about the story of his son. Biography[edit] Early life[edit] Halligan was born on December 18, 1989[3] in Poughkeepsie, New York, the son of John P. and Kelly Halligan. He was described by his father as a "gentle, very sensitive soul," who experienced some developmental delays affecting speech and physical coordination in his early school years. Bullying[edit] Suicide and aftermath[edit]

Australie : liste des métiers recherchés (en demande) By Laurent (Mis à jour le 3 juillet 2013) Quels sont les métiers particulièrement recherchés en Australie ? Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par une expatriation/immigration Down Under, la « Skilled Occupation List » (SOL) du gouvernement australien, actualisée chaque année, vous donne une idée très précise des besoins de main-d’oeuvre qualifiée sur place. Et donc des profils ayant davantage de chances d’obtenir un visa de travail temporaire, grâce au sponsorship d’un employeur désireux de les recruter. Voici la liste complète des métiers en demande en 2012. Sur le même sujet : 100% de chance de trouver un job à Sydney, (salaire horaire 20$ AUD minimum). Trouver un job à Sydney (cliquer) Agriculture Consultant agricole Forestier Scientifique agricole BTP, industrie (divers) Comptabilité, finance, droit et gestion Actuaire Avocat Auditeur Interne Commissaire aux comptes Comptable (général) Comptable en management Économiste agricole Évaluateur Enseignement, métiers de la sphère sociale Ingénierie Source

Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups: Precious, Jumper, You Again & ParaNorman: Bullying Precious is a dramatic, but well-made movie. Jumper is a great adventure. You Again is a funny movie that revolves around the topic bullying and its consequences in an average, ordinary person. Finally, ParaNorman is simply awesome. Read the definition for Bullying below. Bullying can be defined as ongoing verbal and/or physical harassment/abuse that occurs in community and/or school settings. I. 1. ( ) More than 1 in 3 middle and high school students say they don't feel safe at school, and generally, boys are more fearful in school than are girls. 2. ( ) 27% of middle school students and 31% of high school students said they "agree" or "strongly agree" that it is acceptable to hit or threaten someone who makes them angry. 3. ( ) More than 16% of U.S. school kids say that they have been bullied by another youngster during the current school term. 4. ( ) Bullying appears to occur most often in the 6th through 8th grades. Answer key: All are true. II. - Lacks empathy and concern for others 1.

Una sociedad que no respeta a maestros, no tiene futuro: Vílchez Martín Texto pequeño Normal Texto+grande “Una sociedad que no respeta, no tiene consideración y no ama a sus maestros, es una sociedad sin futuro. Las sociedades que más aman a sus maestros, son las que más han crecido”, afirmó Luis Fernando Vílchez Martín, catedrático de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Vílchez agregó que los maestros deben ser bien remunerados, primero, porque cada uno es digno de recibir una buena compensación por su trabajo; y en segundo lugar, porque es una manera de ser socialmente respetado. Si una persona gana poco, significa que le damos poca importancia a su trabajo, pareciendo que tiene poco valor. En entrevista con Educación Futura, Vílchez Martín señaló que el papel de los profesores debe cambiar y adaptarse a las nuevas herramientas tecnológicas. El maestro es imprescindible. Ante ello, señala, muchos alumnos han rebasado a los profesores en el uso de estas nuevas tecnologías.

Madame Tussauds London Filled with 14 exciting, interactive zones and the amazing Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience, Madame Tussauds London combines glitz and glamour with incredible history. Walk down the red carpet and strike a pose with Kate Winslet, before challenging your favourite sportstars like David Beckham or Lewis Hamilton. Start your royal experience with an audience with the Queen, before planting a kiss on Prince William’s cheek. For the brave, get face-to-face with scary serial killers in our live fear experience SCREAM. Then step up to your favourite Marvel Super Heroes before getting ready to experience the spectacular and exclusive Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie, where our Marvel Super Heroes battle it out to save London from impending doom. So, who do you want to meet?

Bystander Effect - Psychestudy Definition The phenomenon which explains the likeliness of a person to take some sort of action to help someone in distress depending on the number of people present in the scene is regarded as bystander effect. If you witnessed a emergency situation happening in front of you, you would definitely take some sort of action right? Psychologists argue that it may not be the case as number of people present in the scene impacts how you (a person) would react. A basic understanding of this phenomenon is that when there are fewer people in the scene or a person is alone, he/she is more likely to feel responsible to take some sort of action. On the other hand, if there are many people, there occurs a diffusion of responsibility and no single person is entirely responsible which then causes inaction. Examples of the Bystander Effect The Famous Bystander Effect Example In 1964, March 13 – Friday, Catherine was murdered in front of her apartment entrance as she was on her way home from work.

Justicia Restaurativa y Bullying en las Escuelas | Mediación y Violencia En las escuelas que usan las prácticas restaurativas, los estudiantes aprenden a hacer frente a sus conductas inaceptables, a reparar el daño que han causado y a construir una comunidad. Un estudiante se molesta e insulta a su profesora y ella lo envía a la oficina del subdirector de la escuela, quien lo suspende por tres días. Nos quejamos por la mala educación, el traspaso de los límites de conducta y por los padres irresponsables que han criado a este chico; y justificamos el castigo porque es “hacer que el estudiante asuma la responsabilidad por su conducta”. Se ve a si mismo como la víctima. Tres Prácticas Que Funcionan Los procesos restaurativos van desde prácticas formales—que requieren de capacitación, preparación y tiempo—hasta informales, que son los suficientemente simples y prácticas como para convertirse en una segunda naturaleza. La Reunión Restaurativa El director Nuo Ivezaj dijo que la experiencia también lo impactó. Declaraciones Afectivas El Círculo Restaurativo

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle, Londres Ce qui fut d’abord la collection privée d'un seul individu s’est transformé en un des plus grands musées d'histoire naturelle au monde. Le musée est situé dans un magnifique bâtiment néo-roman, conçu par Alfred Waterhouse. Faisant d’abord partie du British Museum, le Musée d'Histoire Naturelle prit forme grâce au don de sa collection à la nation de Sir Hans Sloane en 1753. On dit que Sloane, qui était médecin de profession, était connu pour ses «curiosités naturelles». Quand une deuxième collection, celle du botaniste Joseph Banks (qui avait voyagé avec le capitaine James Cook) est venue rejoindre la collection de Sloane, les conservateurs du musées ont vu la nécessité d'un emplacement distinct pour ces objets. Interieur Un concours fut été organisé afin de déterminer quel architecte créerait le nouveau bâtiment. Les collections furent déplacées vers leur nouvelle demeure en 1883, mais ce n’est qu’en 1963 qu’elles furent considérées comme un musée à proprement parler.