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Crop Circles are Clues

Crop Circles are Clues

Vector Equilibrium links Ignore this box please. Add to Browser Install Firefox add-on More ways to add DDG Feedback Report Bad Results Other Help / Feedback Add to Browser Give feedback Try this search on : YouTube Wikipedia Facebook Yahoo! Search syntax s:d sort by date r:uk uk region site: domain search \ search first result More... r:n turn off region !     This page requires Javascript. Vector Equilibrium and its Transformation Pathways 1. More from Vector Equilibrium: R. R. Cuboctahedron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fuller applied the name "Dymaxion and Vector Equilibrium to this shape, used in an early version of the Dymaxion map. More from vector equilibrium meridian model - Acupuncture in Honolulu ... equilibrium meridian model.htm More from VECTORS AND EQUILIBRIUM - Scribd Vector Equilibrium - MAP More Links ...

Our Concept ~ Spark Studios Spark Kids Founded by Yoshiko Hariu, Spark Studios is predominantly a space for children aged five to sixteen to learn various cooking techniques and culinary etiquette to equip children with skills applicable for the real world. Taught in English, the courses are segmented into 6 classes per course, each with a themed syllabus. For example, students will learn themes such as cookies, Asian savouries, Japanese treats and chocolate goods. Upon completion of each theme, students are awarded a pin to showcase their achievements. Additionally, Dining Etiquette is a separate course where students will learn skills such as basic table manners, restaurant protocol, party etiquette and how to behave in social events with a strong emphasis on respect towards others. “Spark Studios plan to engage children through interactive culinary activities and to develop their proactiveness through raising questions and thus improve their ability to express themselves. Spark Kitchen

L'incroyable journal de bord de Byrd L'incroyable "journal de bord" de l'amiral Byrd . Cet article est la suite logique de deux articles précédents sur "L'extraordinaire découverte de l'Amiral Byrd" qui ne pouvait être allongé outre mesure et qu'il convient et de lire respectivement en priorité aux adresses suivantes : Cette aventure de l'Amiral Byrd est si extraordinaire, que nous avons pensé faire le rapprochement avec l'aventure, bien connue, d'Alice au pays des merveilles que nous devons au mathématicien et écrivain britannique Lewis CAROLL en 1865. Quand on découvre le "Carnet de bord" de l'amiral Byrd. Le 10 Novembre 2000, nous avons reçu par la poste d'un très aimable internaute suisse, le " Carnet de bord ", attribué à l'Amiral Byrd et correspondant à sa célèbre expédition du 19 Février 1947 (Voir notre bibliographie à biblioterrecreuse.html) Nous en avons fait une modeste traduction que nous vous livrons plus bas : Aussi voici donc la traduction, qui seulement, intéresse avant tout, les internautes français : Page1:

Dispersion of Energies in Worldwide Crop Formations Dispersion Of Energies In Worldwide Crop Formations Author: W. C. Levengooda and Nancy P. Talbottb aPinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, 4853 Wolf Lake Rd., Grass Lake, Ml 49240, USA bTalbott, BLT 0ffice, Box 400127, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA Abstract: The findings reported here lend further support to a decade of research which suggests that over 95% of worldwide crop formations involve organized ion plasma vortices that deliver lower atmosphere energy components of sufficient magnitude to produce significant bending, expansion and the formation of unique expulsion cavities in plant stem pulvini, as well as significant changes in seedling development. Introduction New findings reported here augment an ongoing investigation initiated in the late 1980s, when samples taken from 'crop formations' in wheat fields in southern England were first sent to the laboratory. Materials and methods Plant material Analysis of stem pulvini Method of examining gravitropic responses Results and discussion

Torus Energy Links Ignore this box please. Add to Browser Install Firefox add-on More ways to add DDG Feedback Report Bad Results Other Help / Feedback Add to Browser Give feedback Try this search on : Wikipedia YouTube MathOverflow Tumblr Search syntax s:d sort by date r:uk uk region site: domain search \ search first result More... r:n turn off region !     This page requires Javascript. Home of Quick-PV - Energy Torus Technologies Home. More from Thrive torus free energy physics - Does anyone know any physics behind this claim? The Code / Fundamental Pattern - Nature appears to rely on ... Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale - the torus. More from Torus Energy Group Freezing and Cooling with Alternative Energy Systems at Torus Energy Group. More from

Civil disobedience, version 2.0 - Eric Fleischauer - Decatur Daily The Alabama Legislature's rich tradition of pandering to the worst impulses of its constituents has created a noble tradition of civil disobedience. The 21st century version of civil disobedience is playing out in reaction to some of the worst laws passed in the 2013 session, including the gun law. An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this article in its entirety. Login Or, use your linked account: Need an account? Version 1.0 of civil disobedience in Alabama was easy to spot, because its practitioners were intentionally conspicuous. Version 2.0 is more pragmatic and less blatant. The significant downside to the civil disobedience of 2013 is it permits legislators to pander without negative consequences. Quiet disobedience The examples of this quiet disobedience are numerous, but I will focus on two provisions of the gun law. The general rule in Alabama is that a person can carry a handgun anywhere. Risk involved

Hunab Ku; le papillon galactique Hunab Ku était une divinité Maya inhabituelle, un dieu-créateur unique suprême des Mayas du Yucatán (une tentative évidente de se concentrer sur un concept commun de divinité). Son nom signifie "un" (hun) "état d'être" (ab) "dieu" (ku). Hunab Ku était le dieu créateur des Mayas qui rétablit le monde après les trois déluges qui se déversèrent de la bouche du serpent du ciel. Le premier monde fut habité par des nains qui construisirent les cités.Le second par une race inconnue: les Dzolobs qualifiés de transgresseurs Et finalement le troisième monde fut habité par les Mayas eux mêmes. Hunab Ku était considéré comme le père d 'Itzamna et, dans une version du mythe de la création, c'est lui qui avait fabriqué le monde et placé les Bacabs aux quatre coins pour soutenir le ciel. A la différence des autres dieux du panthéon maya, Hunab Ku était invisible, et n'était jamais représenté (du moins, aucune représentation dans les codex ne lui a été attribuée). Hunab K'u a clignoté comme l'éclair!

Crop Circles: A message from above The appearance of mysterious crop circles is not exclusive to recent decades. Some of these formations are so immense and complex as to defy reason and the truth behind them is far more intriguing than we are willing to accept. Crop circles have been a subject for debate among researchers and ufologists for years. These mysterious formations have appeared all around the globe without exception, and while some of them are sloppy work of pranksters, there are some crop circles that are incredibly elaborate, intricate yet beautiful, capturing our imagination and interest and makes us wonder who created them and how. Some crop circles are known to have appeared overnight, without light, without leaving traces or footprints behind, and some have appeared in some crops in a matter of hours. “Some of these formations are so immense and complex as to defy reason. Crop circle arts are not going to give up their secrets easily.