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AirServer - The game console for Mac/PC has arrived

AirServer - The game console for Mac/PC has arrived
Direction and focus are both crucial in business presentations. One of the issues when using a laptop connected to a big screen is that you need to be within arms reach of the keyboard to page through your presentation. Sometimes this setup is neither practical nor desirable. For instance, suppose you want to direct a presentation standing beside a big screen at the front of a room. Sprinting back and forth to your laptop or winking awkwardly at a co-working to page forward can break the flow of a presentation. AirServer installed on your laptop solves this problem by giving you the freedom direct your presentations how you really want to.

20 iPad Lesson ideas Learning in Touchincorporating Digital Video in Education Subcribe to Podcast 20 iPad Lesson ideas 35 Great iPad Apps for Designers, Geeks and Creative Individuals - Creative Can Creative Can Because of its mobility and large array of useful apps available, iPad has become very popular these days, and this trend is not likely to end anytime soon. With the capability that almost rivals desktops, iPads, have also become the gadget of choice of designers while on the go. With the help of some iPad apps, designers, geeks and creative individuals can now do their job while away from their workstations. Here, we are showcasing some of the great iPad apps for designers and other creatives to use while on the go. You will find here apps for mock-ups, sketching, social media, web development and etc. that you can use to accomplish varied tasks.

Apps we can't live without: Default Folder X Software success is fleeting—for every program such as BBEdit that becomes a software staple, you can find countless applications that are all the rage for a year or two and then either stop working or fade in popularity. Longevity is especially rare for software that tweaks your Mac’s features and interface: Whenever Apple releases a major OS update, it renders some of that third-party software incompatible or irrelevant. In other words, it’s tough for system-enhancement software to stay both compatible and compelling. Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board An iPad and Apple TV can combine to provide an advantageous alternative to more expensive, traditional interactive white boards. Guest writer and High School Principal David Mahaley is using this approach and offers his insights, and observations from educators in his school. With the integration of the iPad into the instructional environment, teachers and students have discovered many new ways in which the device can expand and enhance the learning environment. With the iPad, the Apple TV can offer a flexible, complete, and cost efficient alternative to the traditional interactive boards populating our classrooms. As a school administrator and teacher, I have explored the Apple TV and its offerings as an alternative to one of the many types of interactive whiteboards currently available to instructors. We have committed our school to issuing every high school student and instructor an iPad.

AirServer and Reflector One of the coolest features available to iPhones and iPads has been the ability to mirror your devices display to your television using an Apple TV. AirPlay has been around even longer, which let you direct a video or audio stream to your Apple TV or (in the case of audio) to an AirPort Express with attached speakers. However, in Mountain Lion, Apple went a step further and allowed supported Macs to also be able to mirror their displays to the Apple TV. Unfortunately, in what many consider to be an incredible oversight, Apple never went the opposite direction and allowed iOS devices and Macs to mirror their displays to other Macs. Some might consider this overkill, but it’s an excellent way to capture gameplay video from an iOS device and it’s also helpful in a classroom or work environment when Apple TVs aren’t readily available. Enter AirServer and Reflector.

20 best iPhone and iPad apps for kids from April 2012 Time flies when you’re having fun… It’s the last day of April, so it’s time for our monthly roundup of the 20 new apps that have leapt out at us from the last month on Apps Playground. Pip and Posy: Fun and Games (above) Axel Scheffler illustrated The Gruffalo, which has yet to be turned into an app. However, Scheffler’s own Pip and Posy books have spawned this lovely collection of mini-games by Nosy Crow. Expect colouring scenes, digital jigsaws, spot-the-difference puzzles, matching pairs and a mirror feature to make faces using your iPhone or iPad’s front-facing camera.Get it now or read our post Lego Super Hero Movie Maker This is an official app from Lego that ties in with its DC Universe Super Heroes range, which includes Batman, Superman and similar characters. The idea here is an app that lets you use those toys to create your own stop-motion superhero movies.

PPT Template PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools- all designed to be easy to use and learn. Wish you all success in creating a great PowerPoint presentation. These sets of free PowerPoint templates were created to make it easier for you to make incredible PowerPoint presentations instantly. Download original PPT

Audio editor / sound and voice recorder for Mac OS X Download To download one of the software packages available on this page, just click on the corresponding link, the download should start automatically. Download Amadeus Pro 2.1 for Mac OS X 10.6 or later Older versions