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The former interns battling to change the culture of US work The time-honoured tradition of the unpaid internship is increasingly coming under attack in the US, as former interns sue - and increasingly win cases against - the companies that allowed them to work for free. Before Lucy Bickerton started studying to be a doctor she wanted to produce films. However, her first taste of the business - a four month internship, working long hours and getting paid nothing on the current affairs programme The Charlie Rose Show - left her questioning her career choice. "While I was doing my internship, it didn't really occur to me that I was really doing the work of a production assistant and not this unpaid intern job, whatever that really means," says Ms Bickerton. After hearing about a successful lawsuit brought former Fox Searchlight interns who worked on the film Black Swan, Ms Bickerton filed her own suit and won the wages she says she should have been paid in the first place. Growing discontent Disingenuous use So she too sued and won a settlement.

¿Existe realmente una Dirección Estratégica de Recursos Humanos? Authors: Roberto Luna La premisa básica subyacente en la Dirección Estratégica de Recursos Humanos (DERH) es que la empresa que adopta una estrategia específica requerirá unas prácticas de RH que sean diferentes de aquellas prácticas de RH adoptadas por una empresa con diferente opción estratégica (Fombrum et al., 1984; Jackson et al., 1989; Jackson y Schuler, 1985). Por tanto, algunas estrategias competitivas requieren de recursos y capacidades más complejos en nuestros empleados, y por tanto incrementan la importancia de las prácticas de RH (Datta et al., 2005). En este sentido, las estrategias competitivas basadas en la diferenciación (calidad, servicio, etc...) han sido ligadas tanto conceptualmente como empíricamente a las denominadas prácticas de recursos humanos de alto rendimiento (PAR) (Arthur, 1992). Un estudio de Luna y Camps reciente confirma para el caso español estos resultados: Por último, el tercer grupo de empresas (16,1%) muestran puntuaciones medias inferiores.

Human Resources Management | Open Access Articles | Digital Commons Network Work Made For Hire – Analyzing The Multifactor Balancing Test, Ryan G. Vacca 2015 University of Akron Work Made For Hire – Analyzing The Multifactor Balancing Test, Ryan G. Ryan G. Authorship, and hence, initial ownership of copyrighted works is oftentimes controlled by the 1976 Copyright Act’s work made for hire doctrine. Work Made For Hire – Analyzing The Multifactor Balancing Test, Ryan G. Akron Law Publications Controlling The Climate: Inclusion Can Have Positive Impact On Gender-Diverse Groups, Lisa Hisae Nishii 2014 Cornell University ILR School Controlling The Climate: Inclusion Can Have Positive Impact On Gender-Diverse Groups, Lisa Hisae Nishii CAHRS ResearchLink Key Findings Typically, relationship conflicts cause people to feel personally attacked and defensive, causing dissatisfaction among organization members who feel uncomfortable working among hostile coworkers (Jehn, 1994; Jehn, Chadwick, & Thatcher, 1997). Purdue University No abstract provided. SelectedWorks Ridhi Arora

LinkedIn profile tips for recruitment and HR - Business Insider Comedy Central/South Park LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform in the world with more than 347 million members in over 200 countries. The platform's popularity has grown to such a size that there are now 3 million active job listings, an almost a 10-fold increase on the previous year. But according to a new independent study, "An Executive Recruitment Game Changer?," by Norrie Johnston Recruitment in the UK, HR managers don't seem to care or use your LinkedIn profile as much or in the way that you may think. In a survey of 100 HR senior decision makers who represent British companies with a minimum of 250 employees. The survey included 100 HR senior decision makers from private and public sector organisations who were telephone interviewed in December 2014. Less than 50% of companies use LinkedIn to check out candidates Norris Recruitment Job references or "recommendations" aren't the most important factor in assessing potential candidates

Redes para la Ciencia Work, on-the-job training and you | Money The G4S fiasco has highlighted not just a failure to recruit enough peoples to cover Olympic security, but also a failure to properly train their staff. The media is awash with G4S applicants recounting stories of their scant training with only 10 days before the Olympic start date. But how common is lack of staff training and what are your employment rights on this kind of situation? Well, for starters it's more common than you think. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) recently published their skills survey of 85,000 employers and found that almost 1.5 million of their employees did not have the skills required to perform their job role. The most common reason for not training was found to be that employers considered their staff to be proficient and/or did not need training. A lack of proper training can have a disastrous impact on your career. Have you had experience of not being properly trained or working for managers who needs training themselves?

Blog de Eduard Punset Recruitment: My place or yours? | Which MBA? The Shape of Things to Come | Product Reviews Sphero is a new toy that meshes the personality and maneuverability of a remote-controlled car with the simple form factor of an ordinary ball. You control this colorful, robotic sphere using apps that run on your smartphone. Sphero holds promise, but it’s going to take some imagination and some app development to really get the most out of this innovation. It’s not quite the future of gaming. For now, it’s just the future of cat toys. It’s not quite the future of gaming. Sphero’s been hotly anticipated since its debut before last holiday season. The translucent white, baseball-sized ball costs $130, and it can be controlled using free apps on either iOS or Android devices. The apps controlling the toy communicate with it via Bluetooth. The fundamental app (called “Sphero”) controls the ball using a joystick-like touchscreen controller. Using the “Draw n’ Drive” app, you can also direct it by drawing a pattern onscreen, which it then traces on the floor. TIRED Pricey!

Look like your interviewer? You'll probably get the job By Rachel SavageWednesday, 26 August 2015 It’s now well-established that ‘unconscious bias’, those instinctive prejudices we don’t always realise we have, is rife. And it’s particularly pernicious in the recruitment process. The CIPD, the HR industry body, reviewed a raft of studies in a new report and, even if you’d heard of many of the findings before, it makes for depressing reading. In short, interviewers tend to hire on ‘gut instinct’ and if you look like, sound like and have a similar background to them you’re far more likely to pass that litmus test. If your interviewer plays golf and you can sneak in a mention that your handicap is pretty good, you’re in luck - employers look for people with similar interests to them. You’re fighting an uphill battle if you’re an ethnic minority: people perceived to have ‘white’ names get more interviews than someone with an identical CV but an apparently 'black' name. Oh, and bad luck if you’re a woman too.

Redes - Web Oficial En vivo: Nadal vs Thiem 18:38 Siga en vivo las semifinales de Roland Garros Redes Fuera de emisión Una vuelta al mundo de la ciencia a través de 'Redes' vídeo Ver vídeo Tras 18 años en emisión, Eduard Punset se despide del programa 'Redes' Eduard Punset y su programa Redes han acercado la ciencia al gran público Después de 18 años ininterrumpidos el programa ha finalizado Pero Punset ya prepara otra aventura en RTVE 'Redes' superó los 600 programas emitidos en La 2 de TVE El espacio de divulgación científica superó los 600 programas emitidos Ha traído a los hogares españoles a los más punteros investigadores Ha sido uno de los referentes de la divulgación científica en los países de habla hispana Comentar Intervenciones de Eduard Punset en otros programas de TVE Eduard Punset, en 'La Noche en 24h' "Vivimos en un mundo que había negado la intuición" Punset entra en la ficción La primera "novela científica" de Punset combina la razón con las emociones Promo de Más TVE, con Punset Pasión por leer

How to write a job description and person specification Before you place a vacancy with a recruitment consultancy, it is a good idea to spend some time evaluating exactly what you require from a candidate. A job specification is a detailed description of the role, including all responsibilities, objectives, and requirements. A person specification is a profile of your ideal new employee, including skills, experience, and personality type. Why they help Writing a detailed specification forces you to think about exactly what skills and experience are required for your role and the type of person you want for the team. Specifications also give candidates a better idea of exactly what you are looking for. You can use the specifications as a checklist for evaluating CVs and in interviews, which will save you preparation time and make sure you don’t miss anything. Writing a specification can make you think about how your department works and provide you with an opportunity to shift responsibilities around to maximise efficiency. Further information

The Mind Gym What People Want From Work - Motivation By Susan M. Heathfield Updated October 25, 2015. Every person has different motivations for working. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. Work IS About the Money Some people work for love; others work for personal fulfillment. Others truly love what they do or the clients they serve. Whatever your personal reasons for working, the bottom line, however, is that almost everyone works for money. continue reading below our video Play Video Whatever you call it: compensation, salary, bonuses, benefits or remuneration, money pays the bills. Fair benefits and pay are the cornerstone of a successful company that recruits and retains committed workers. In fact, recent research from Watson Wyatt Worldwide in The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices Your Company Must Implement (or Avoid) to Maximize Shareholder Value, ( Got Money? Recognition for Performance Creates Motivation Reading About Motivation