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WhatDoTheyKnow - Make and browse Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

WhatDoTheyKnow - Make and browse Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

linc.cnil [Aller à la dernière version, publiée en juin 2022 : CookieViz 2.3] Le logiciel Cookieviz 2, à télécharger gratuitement depuis le compte Github de la CNIL, analyse les interactions entre votre ordinateur, votre navigateur et des sites et serveurs distants. En l'installant vous pourrez savoir à quels autres acteurs le site que vous visitez envoie des informations. Des nouvelles fonctionnalités pour la version 2: Création de parcours de visite manuellement ou depuis un fichier texteSupport multilingueAnalyse par histogramme, voronoï et par graphe Comment l’utiliser ? 1. Développeurs et experts du web, contribuez au projet open source ! Le code source du logiciel Cookieviz est librement accessible et peut être enrichi par les développeurs. Vous avez une idée que vous souhaitez partager avec nous pour améliorer ce projet ?

Openly Local | Recensement des communes britanniques Open data Browsers tools Privacy Software Vendor List with Focus on GDPR and ePrivacy.pdf Data Protection Toolkits - Sphere Data Protection | Business Consultants Micro businesses, employing between 2 and 9 people, are the most numerous types of business in the UK. In 2016 there were 5.3 million UK micro businesses, representing 96% of all private businesses, 32% of all UK employment, and 19% of the UK’s private turnover. We happen to think this is great, and we salute you. Of course, running a small business like yours means that several people will wear several hats. Time and budget are resources that are not plentiful, and our toolkit is aimed at covering all the basics you will need to bring your business in line with the obligations the new legislation places on you. In it you will find the essential documentation needed to assess, map and risk assess the personal data within your business, and your supply chain of sales and marketing prospects, customers, suppliers and employees. We are here if you need additional support – just book an appointment click here. Micro Business Package £299 + VAT Introductory Offer (for a limited time)

Growth Hacking Your Way to Heavy Fines? Adjust Your Outbound Strategy for GDPR. - Blog During our GDPR inventory, it quickly became clear that our marketing stack had to change. We’re dedicated to complying with the full GDPR—which means the way we generated leads for our products, how we used tools, and our attempts to growth hack—had become problems. Here I’ll share how we used “web snitchers” at Convert, and why we are stepping away from that practice. Anyone in CRO will be familiar with the concept; “You lose 98% of your website visitors…so convert more”. We rely on similar software. “We are cutting around 20% of our marketing software to comply to GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations” Dennis van der Heijden, CEO of “Growth Hacking”— Or Sneaky Lead Capture? In the past, we used reverse IP lookup services, data enrichment, and cold email outreach. Around 3% of our new revenue depended on using tools like Snitcher and WhoIsVisiting— apps let us reverse IP lookups on visitors on our websites. We relied on multiple reverse IP tools in order to limit the error margin.

The GDPR and consent interfaces: A technician's view From an IT technician's point of view, those of us tasked with operationalizing mandated transparency and consent requirements from the EU General Data Protection Regulation before the May 25 enforcement threshold face a formidable challenge. While EU users and regulators will be able to evaluate compliance with new GDPR rules by simply viewing any public-facing data ingestion screens, as IT staff - who craft and maintain those screens - we lack concrete requirements as to what actually needs to be changed or added at our existing user "touch points" to achieve and demonstrate compliance. Experience tells us that IT implementations based upon ill-defined and amorphous specs often end poorly, yet the May deadline looms, and a strategy of inaction risks heavy sanctions as well as brand damage for the enterprise. What to do? For an answer, it is useful to step back and analyze the GDPR holistically, and from the standpoint of the EU leaders who drafted and enacted it in 2016.

GDPR – Tools to get you compliant In our last article we discussed where you should begin, this time we are going to talk about some of the tools you can use to help you get you compliant and become a GDPR hero within your business. If you recall from our previous article, there are four key phases to ensuring GDPR compliance: Discover: First thing you need to do, is create a quick inventory template to start recording the type of personal data you have and where it is stored. In short, you are looking for this: NameEmail addressSocial media postsPhysical, physiological, or genetic informationMedical informationLocationBank detailsIP addressCookiesCultural identity In these locations: EmailsDocumentsDatabasesRemovable mediaMetadataLog filesBackupsCloud applications If you haven’t got time to create your own Excel inventory template, complete the box to the right and we will mail one over to you straight away. Manage: For this example, let’s consider the hiring process within a Company. Protect: Protecting your data: Report:

Europrivacy eelo, a mobile OS and web-services, in the public interest by Gaël Duval eelo was featured on a number of news sites including: Note about languages: you can read the whole story translated: auf Deutsch, en Français, en Español, in Italiano Your data is YOUR data! eelo recognises the need shared by everyone for better data privacy. The eelo project will provide an alternative mobile operating system and associated web-services, including email, cloud storage, and online office tools. eelo is an open source, non-profit project, in the public interest. In 1998, I created Mandrake Linux, because I was both a Linux fan and didn’t like Windows. Since then, the smartphone has emerged. And I'm definitely not happy with that situation. I’m also not happy with Google and others like them. I want to stop that, at least for myself. I want to reconquer my privacy. But at the same time, the alternatives that exist at the moment don’t exactly fit my needs. This "new thing" will be - as much as possible - open source. Non-profit doesn’t mean nothing will be for sale.

Association of Data Protection Officers The ADPO Resource Library is designed to offer a variety of supports, services and courses to members of the Association. The ADPO recognises the importance of providing the most up-to-date information developing with regard to fast changing world of Data Protection. The Resource Library also features presentations delivered to annual ADPO conferences. As part of our emerging digital library programme we are seeking contributions from ADPO members and the wider Data Protection Community to expand these resources. Email if you would like to contribute. Document Templates Data Protection Policy Template A useful model and starting point for organisations needing to develop or refine their corporate policy with regard to data protection. Format: MS-Word | Pages: 4 | File size: 60KB Download Data Loss Notification Procedure Template This document is intended to provide a model procedure to be followed in the event of a loss of personal data. Data Incident Log Template