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Ultimate Photoshop Design Resources

There's no doubt that I like to design. Next to coding, I also love to edit photos, designing websites etc. My personal favorite tool to achieve this, has to be Adobe Photoshop. Next to a good tool, you'll need some good resources. Fonts, Plug-ins such as Brushes and Textures, Stock photos can help you tremendously when designing. Here's a list of my personal favorite photoshop design resources. Fonts, Stock Photos, Patterns, some Textures and Inspiring sites do not require Photoshop. If you think that there's a top-source missing from the list, share it with us by posting them in the comments. Fonts The standard fonts on a PC are really boring and just created to read. Dafont Personal FavoriteGreat website, huge amount of fonts. Photoshop Brushes One of my favorite tools in Photoshop has to be the brush tool. VBrushOld site with Photoshop 7 brushes. Photoshop Textures If you want a little bit more depth or relief in your images, than textures can help you out. Patterns Photoshop Plug-ins

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50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer Photoshop 50 Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer by Alex on Apr 1, 2011 • 12:17 pm 9 Comments Using Photoshop actions can make your life easier and help you edit your photos more quickly. Basically, actions are nothing more than a series of normal Photoshop operations recorded so you can run them in sequence quickly, without having to remember just what steps to do, and in what order. Photoshop Actions For Every Photographer OS X Human Interface Guidelines: The Philosophy of UI Design: Fundamental Principles Good product design incorporates a number of timeless principles for human-computer interaction. The principles described in this chapter are critical to the design of elegant, efficient, intuitive, and Aqua-compliant user interfaces. In fact, they drive the design of the OS X user interface. Metaphors Take advantage of people’s knowledge of the world by using metaphors to convey concepts and features of your app. Metaphors are the building blocks in the user’s mental model of a task.

Photoshop Free Downloads Abstract waves and circles vector background EPS Gold Rounded Text Silver bronze meta text Gold Text by Xiox231 Gold Fire Text Effect Top 50 Free Photoshop Brushes Resource Sites Please note this post is almost 3 years old. For an up to date list, you should try these posts: 50 Photoshop Brush Collections – 1000s of Brushes → 40 Amazing Photoshop Brush Directories and Collections → 1. Photoshop Brushes on deviantART 2. Photoshop Roadmap

50 Photoshop Tricks for a Fast-Paced Work Environment Are you a designer on a deadline? If you are, then I’m sure you can recall the last time you thought to yourself, “if I had a little more time, I could…” what? Polish that button? Find a better hero image? Reevaluate that color palette? Take some time to do a little more QA?

The Web Aesthetic - Aurora Twelve years ago, John Allsopp asked us to embrace the adaptable nature of the web. We didn’t listen. Although the web standards movement that followed advocated the separation of presentation and content—an essential requirement for adaptive design—this only manifested itself in code. Floated divs replaced table cells, yet layouts remained governed by the inflexible conventions of print. Today, when every device begs to be connected, it has become easier—almost necessary—to accept the adaptable nature of the web. Responsive web design is an emerging best practice, and our layouts are becoming more flexible. free acrylic photoshop brushes Well. They’re finally here. The free acrylic PS brushes I mentioned the other day. I had a blast putting these together so I hope you will enjoy using them.

50 Photoshop Brush Packs The demand for high quality Photoshop brushes are huge, every designer needs them. The problem may be that there are far too many of them, resulting in it is nearly impossible to find that particular brush that your design needs. There are certainly no shortage of Photoshop Brush Directories, and there are certainly no shortage of blog posts showcasing the best and latest brushes. What there isn’t though, is a good and reliable source of brushes were you can filter and search by category, style or even shape. And that is what I had hoped to achieve with this post.

Achieving a Vintage Look Through Color Tones in Photoshop CS by Guest Contributor Anna Gay Photographers are often striving for a “vintage” look in their photos, and even though there are endless ways of achieving a vintage look, there are a couple of characteristics to keep in mind. First of all, the color tones in a vintage photo often lean towards either a blue or a red hue, or a cross-processed look. Vintage photos also have an element of noise or grain that can be achieved through textures, and also a certain amount of vignetting around the edges of the photo.