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Augmented City 3D

Augmented City 3D

Kunst & Kultur | avameo als ich diesen Titel in der Herbst-Vorschau des [transcript]-Verlages sah, wurde ich hellwach. Beim lesen des Untertitels der Dissertation von Daniel Botz schoss allerdings das Adrenalin in mir auf! Zahlreiche Assoziationen aus meiner Vergangenheit wurden innnerhalb weniger Nanosekunden abgerufen, ein Neuronenfeuer entfachte sich in meinem Hirn. Der Untertitel seiner Dissertation lautet: Die Ästhetik der Computer-Demoszene Vermutlich sagen die meisten Leser nun: Häh? [Weiterlesen...]

London Gets First Electrified Roads That Charge EV's Wirelessly It's no secret that toxic, heavy, and expensive batteries are the Achilles' heel of electric vehicles. But that's all about to change. Just yesterday we were talking about a super-lightweight car that draws its power from the road itself , but today we discover that it's not just a concept. The HaloIPT system will charge electric vehicles via Inductive Power Transfer (IPT). What this means is that your electric vehicle simply needs to be parked -- or even driven (more on that in a minute) -- over a charging pad and the battery begins charging automatically. The IPT system can also be used to charge eBikes and heavy goods vehicles. Inhabitat reports , The company is planning to electrify parts of England’s M25 motorway by using magnetic induction, a principle that was first discovered in the 1800s. Do you think major metropolitan areas (where EV's are most prevalent) can successfully integrate these inductive charging pads into new and existing roadways? News - Avatars as communicators of emotions Contact: Komunikazio Bulegoa Avatars as communicators of emotions Current interactive systems enable users to communicate with computers in many ways, but not taking into account emotional communication. Scientists have been working for decades so that the interaction between people and computers be more natural and intuitive. Nevertheless, taking into account the everyday interaction between people, this technology should also take into consideration non-verbal communication, i.e. facial expressions and body gestures. Our successful acceptation of a transmitted, face-to-face message depends 7% on the words used, 38% on the way in which the voice is used (tone and volume) and 55% on gesture or facial expressions. Tools for creating emotions With verbal communication, Ms Ortiz’s thesis focuses on the emotional and affective aspects. After studying existing computer structures and architecture and observing that all of these focus on concrete cases of interaction, Dr. Dr. Go to top of page

sergey_larenkov Wireless, the Biggest Tech Platform in History. Now What? Bio Paul Jacobs Paul Jacobs has served as CEO of Qualcomm since 2005 and was appointed chairman of the board in 2009. Under his leadership, the San Diego–based company has emerged as the leading provider of chipsets for mobile devices and is consistently ranked at the top of its industry on Fortune’s list of “Most Admired Companies.” Jacobs joined Qualcomm as a development engineer in 1990. Jon Rubinstein Jonathan J. He left his position as senior vice president of Apple's iPod division on April 14, 2006. Kara Swisher Kara Swisher is Co-Executive Editor of To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials. Encyclopædia Britannica Article cell(ular) phone Wireless telephone that permits telecommunication within a defined area that may include hundreds of square miles, using radio waves in the 800–900 megahertz (MHz) band. cell(ular) phone on © 2010 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Ecrans. Ravalement de façades. » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism Alors que les écrans envahissent la ville, quelle place l'architecte occupe-t-il maintenant ? Comment son métier peut-il évoluer à l'aune de cet environnement digitalisé ? Les architectes serviront-ils encore à quelque chose dans la ville numérique ? C’est ce que l’on pourrait conclure en lisant – évidemment à contre-sens – cette brillante analyse, professée par le critique d’architecture Christopher Hawthorne dans le LA Times. Pour la faire courte (et ne pas citer la moitié du texte), Christopher Hawthorne se penche sur la profusion des écrans dans la ville – les écrans digitaux traditionnels, évidemment, mais aussi et surtout les mobiles et smartphones en explosion – qui « transforment chaque coin de rue en Timesquare ». Pour lui, les architectes peuvent se positionner dans la continuité de cet environnement digitalisé, à l’image de la Gateway Art Tower de l’architecte Eric Owen Moss, sur les façades de laquelle peuvent être projetées des animations artistiques.

saqoosha/FLARToolKit/en Spark project Wiki ナビゲーション (Japanese page) What is FLARToolKit ¶ AS3 ported version of ARToolKit. The license ¶ FLARToolKit is free to use for non-commercial applications under the GPL license. For more information about the conditions of the GNU General Public License, version 3, click here. Commercial Licence ¶ If you are interested in developing a commercial application or not releasing your FLARToolKit application source code then you should contact ARToolWorks ( for a commercial license. Download ¶ Download Browse source code ¶ version 4.0.0-fp10 version 2.5.x version 1.x.x trunk Source code ¶ You can get latest source code with following command. How to use ¶ Import of FlashBuilder? Forum ¶ Examples ¶ Who made it?

10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2010 1. Anthropomimetic Machines No matter how closely a robot resembles a human on the outside, if you crack it open, the jumble of wires is unlikely to bear much resemblance to our insides. A group of European researchers aims to bridge that gap--its robot prototype is anthropomimetic, meaning it mimics the human form. There's a skeleton made of thermoplastic polymer, actuators that correspond to each muscle and kiteline as tendons. 2. Yesterday's fuel cells, like those seen here on Spacelab, require a hydrogen infrastructure. Coal is dirty, and fuel cells run on hydrogen--that's the conventional wisdom. 3. For the past five years, scientists at the University of Alberta in Edmonton have been working on the Human Metabolome Project, a database of the 8000 naturally occurring metabolites (that is, small molecules involved in chemical reactions in the body), as well as 1450 drugs, 1900 food additives and 2900 toxins that turn up in blood and urine tests. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Human unconscious is transferred to virtual characters Virtual characters can behave according to actions carried out unconsciously by humans. Researchers at the University of Barcelona have created a system which measures human physiological parameters, such as respiration or heart rate, and introduces them into computer designed characters in real time. "The ultimate aim is to develop a method which allows humans to unconsciously relate with some parts of the virtual environment more intensely than with others, and that they are encouraged only by their own physiological responses to the virtual reality shown," Christoph Groenegress, co-author of the work and researcher at the University of Barcelona explained. The system, the details of which were recently published in the journal The Visual Computer, uses sensors and wireless devices to measure three physiological parameters in real time: heart rate, respiration, and the galvanic (electric) skin response. To tell stories and in rehabilitation

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Extraordinairement intelligent d'avoir rajouté la mobilité du virtuel par rapport à l'utilisateur. by voiturevolante Jul 18