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Welcome - Get Board Game Fever!

Welcome - Get Board Game Fever!

Strategy Gaming Online - Your source for strategy games. Fantasy Flight Games - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games. IPR Access Software - Using the PlayCatan Access Software, you can play different versions of "The Settlers of Catan" as well as other games by Klaus Teuber with real people via the Internet. Here, your avatar inhabits a medieval world, where you may build your own house and take part in the events of your virtual home town in multiple ways. Are you new here? Then you must register first.

Dad's Gaming Addiction When I was a kid, the only board games I was familiar with were those I saw on the store shelf. As an adult, I was (and still am) amazed by how vast the board game market really is. Heck, I didn’t even know what a “Eurogame” was until about three years ago. As an avid gamer myself, there’s a good chance that if I didn’t know about it, then others didn’t either. Rio Grande Games e23: Digital Content from Steve Jackson Games najnowsze <MrMateczko> odpal irssi czy tam wee chat <MrMateczko> i napierdalaj <MrMateczko> nie bedziesz mial problemow ani z xorgami ani z gtk <sisel4> aż odpali vi... <Thorgee> Starym, jak jest "to descent" po polsku? <Thorgee> w sensie, jak samolot, albo taki pojazd <Thorgee> może się wznosić i co? Zstępować? <Hudziel> opadać <Thorgee> tak po prostu? Ne Tirez Pas Sur Le Messager ... Shut Up & Sit Down Sun Temple of the Maya Reviews and Commentary on Boardgames

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