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HTML5 Tutorial - Online HTML5 for Beginners

HTML5 Tutorial - Online HTML5 for Beginners
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Teaching Kids to Code: An Economic & Social Justice Issue Hadi Partovi wants more kids to learn to code. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerber, Sheryl Sandberg, and many others agree. Partovi wants all high schools to offer computer science classes because it represents a growing cluster of job skills but one that few schools teach — particularly schools attended by low income and minority students. To fix the problem Hadi launched in 2013. The initial strategy of inspiration and advocacy has brought a greater awareness to coding and expanded opportunities for learning and teaching. His site is packed with stats that make the case for coding (including the video below). is also home to the Hour of Code, a global movement that has impacted tens of millions of kids in over 180 countries. Partners like Microsoft believe in Hadi’s mission and are dedicated to supporting events such as the Hour of Code in an effort to better prepare students for college and career. advocacy appears to be working. For more on, watch this:

Macaw | The code-savvy web design tool. Build Your Own App With Vue Js Tutorial from Scratch If you want a fast and responsive framework for designing the front-end of your website, well then VueJS is the best one you’ll be able to find. VueJS is a light-weight, clean, data-driven, and reactive front-end ViewModel, which can help you get up and running on your app in no time. Vue uses no complicated languages and relies on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It also doesn’t have a steep learning curve like other frameworks is extremely versatile when it comes being adoptable. VueJS also works great with other frameworks and technologies, which means it can be combined seamlessly with other back-end frameworks. VueJS combines the best of popular frameworks such as Angular 2 and ReactJS, allowing developers to build anything from small widgets, to even enterprise-level apps! If you have no knowledge of a framework and have been dealing with chunky codes to design your website, well then this course is your savior! What you will find in this course: So, what are Vue waiting for?

New Minecraft modding software revolutionizes the way we teach kids coding A new e-learning software, developed by San Diego education start-up ThoughtSTEM, teaches K-12 students how to code by allowing them to write mods ("modifications") to the popular video game, Minecraft. The software, called LearnToMod, was recently tested by over 1,000 Beta users and 100 teachers, and the final release of LearnToMod is slated for Jan. 15, 2015. ThoughtSTEM was co-founded by computer science Ph.D. students Stephen Foster and Sarah Esper. LearnToMod, a software that allows users to learn programming inside of the popular computer game Minecraft, is now available to preorder for $30/year at LearnToMod seeks to inspire a new generation of young programmers by allowing students to explore their favorite video game, Minecraft, in a new way. "Students have been coming into our classrooms for years raving about Minecraft. ThoughtSTEM has been teaching kids across the greater San Diego area how to code for the last two years.

About - Docs@Liveweave Well, for starters…it is really easy to use. It has resizable panels, so that you can write your code (or weave, as we call it) the way you want. Liveweave also has built-in context-sensitive code-hinting for HTML5, CSS3 tags / attributes, as well as core JavaScript and jQuery, that makes life a lot easier. There are two ways to write your code. You can either write everything (i.e. In short, you can… Write HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript and test them in real-time.Code-hinting feature will guide you to write HTML5 and CSS3 code in proper syntax.Advanced context-sensitive code-hinting for core JavaScript and jQuery will let you learn JavaScript much faster and easier.Save unlimited number of weaves in the cloud. Liveweave will work in IE10 or above (partial support inIE9), and all the newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. You can choose a JavaScript library from the JavaScript menu. …. or any others, as long as you don’t forget to add it to the HTML <head> tag .

Introduction to Test Driven Development from Scratch Programmers are often vary of pushing through new code, because it most often than not results in bugs or breaks in the already mentioned code. More time is then wasted, trying to pin point exactly where the issue arose and what you can do to solve it. Well, one simple solution to solving this problem is TDD or Test-Driven Development. Learn the Test Driven Development process from the ground up in an easy manner with this comprehensive course! Our course has been designed to break down the process of TDD in to simple and short video segments. Why should you actually learn TDD? TDD is a systematic approach to code writing, and implementation. This course has been designed with our expert programmer, who has more than 10 years of experience in programming and works at the prestigious Moscow Aviation Institute. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and the confidence to start writing codes for testing your codes before implementation. What you will find in this course:

Intermediate school students take computer coding to heart MASON CITY | Lincoln Intermediate recently joined more than 10,000 Iowa students engaging in a computer science challenge. Hour of Code is's effort to introduce 100 million students globally to at least one hour of computer coding. Participants use coding languages like HTML or Java to design websites, create games and build apps. Local fifth- and sixth-graders took the challenge further. Close to 50 Lincoln students used Chromebook laptops to code about a hour daily, a process they repeated for a week during lunch periods. Isaiah Betterton, 11, kept his eyes glued to the screen as he programmed his third Flappy Bird puzzle of the day. “I’m making my own game and trying to get the bird to fly from point A to point B,” he explained. Although it looked like entertainment, Betterton said the process involved a good deal of problem solving. A first-time coder, Betterton said he was attracted to the challenge because he likes to try new things.

Windows 8.1's Reading List app is a Favorites list on steroids Greg Shultz describes how to take advantage of Windows 8.1's new Reading List app. Some of the improvements in Windows 8.1 have made using the modern apps more appealing. I like the new Snap feature, which allows you to have more than two modern apps open on the screen at one time, and I discovered a way to have two Internet Explorer tabs open on the screen and position them side-by-side. I recently came across a new app added to Windows 8.1 called Reading List that is a very nice addition to Microsoft's collection of free apps. Reading List allows you to keep track of all the content you encounter in your apps that you want to be able find again or read at a later date; in this respect, the app works like the Favorites list. Building your Reading List Building your Reading List is easy. I have the Wikipedia app installed in Windows 8.1, and I found articles on it that I would like to read later. Figure A When the Charms bar appears, click Share. Figure B Figure C Using the Reading List