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New website has 57 resources just for Android developers!

New website has 57 resources just for Android developers!

WWDC 2014 Session Videos JavaScript for AutomationSession 306Play Automation in OS X has always been about power and choice. Scriptable applications, including Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and the Finder, can already be automated using a variety of languages, including AppleScript, Objective-C, Perl, Python, and Ruby. With OS X Yosemite, application scripting support has been added to another popular language, JavaScript. JavaScript for Automation (JXA) extends the standard JavaScript environment provided by the JavaScriptCore framework with support for querying and controlling all of the scriptable applications running in OS X. Download: HD | SD | PDF System Requirements To watch the streaming version of this video, use the latest version of Safari on a Mac running OS X Lion or later.

About us Barcelona Architecture Walks -BAW- es un proyecto de investigación en activo que desarrolla MIEL ARQUITECTOS como respuesta a su “AMOUR FOU” por la arquitectura y Barcelona. Las Barcelona Architecture Walks nacen como investigación en activo con la clara convicción de extender sus derivas hacia múltiples ejemplos de ARQUITECTURA CATALIZADORA, aquella que genera ciudad y es la más clara expresión cultural de una sociedad tan compleja como la catalana. Barcelona Architecture Walks -BAW- is an active investigation project run by MIEL ARCHITECTS as response to his “AMOUR FOU” for architecture and Barcelona. The BARCELONA ARCHITECTURE WALKS born with the clear conviction of encountering and experiencing multiple examples of CATALYTIC ARCHITECTURE, the one that generates city and are the clearest cultural expression of a society as complex as the Catalan one. MIEL ARQUITECTOS es el estudio formado por MIGUEL ANGEL BORRAS y ELODIE GRAMMONT.

Risk Angles | Risk Angles: Five Questions on Social Business | Governance, Risk and Compliance Social business opens the door to drastically different, potentially disruptive ways to engage with, learn from and collaborate with customers, suppliers, employees, and even the general public. In fact, in the 2013 Social Business Global Executive Study and Research Project¹, a clear majority of respondents said social business has the opportunity to fundamentally change the way their organizations work. What surveys can’t reveal is whether the impact of social business on these organizations will be positive or negative. This can hinge on how well the associated risks are managed, which can include compliance, security, reputational and employee-related risks, among others. In this issue of Risk Angles, Steve Lunceford, specialist leader with Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, answers five questions about social business risk, and Joost Toussaint, director of Risk Services, Deloitte Netherlands, takes a closer look at compliance-related risk. Return to top

Ilya Grigorik - 8 eventi casuali che hanno fatto nascere 8 startup La storia che Alfred Nobel inventò la dinamite per puro caso, mescolando la nitroglicerina con farina assorbente, la conoscono in tanti. Molti meno, invece, sapranno che una startup come Pinterest si ispira a una collezione di farfalle, o che l’idea di Netflix è arrivata da una multa per aver consegnato in ritardo “Apollo 13” al video-noleggio. Dietro l’origine di molte aziende o di buone idee spesso non c’è una riunione intorno a un tavolo. ha raccolto le storie di otto tra le startup più di successo: per dimostrare che l’innovazione, a volte, nasce da eventi imprevisti. Istagram Quando lo studente Kevin Systrom arrivò a Firenze dall’Università di Stanford per fare un corso di fotografia all’estero, probabilmente non immaginava che quei mesi in Italia lo avrebbero portato a inventare Instagram. Twitter Anche Twitter è stato ispirato da un ricordo di infanzia. Ebay La finanza è alla base delle aste tra persone che vendono oggetti di cui si vogliono sbarazzare. Netflix Airbnb

Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise Executive Summary This year’s MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte1 global survey found clear evidence that companies across industries are creating value with social business. A key finding is that social business value is a function of what we call social business maturity — the breadth and sophistication of its initiatives. In this year’s report, we detail the drivers of that maturity and how companies are using social business to transform their organizations and reap greater gains from their social business efforts. The following are highlights of our findings: Social Business Grows Deep Roots Social business is perceived as important both today and in the future. Measurement sophistication is starting to prove its value. Social business is not just a B-to-C phenomenon. Employees want to work for companies that excel at social business. Social Business Maturity Translates Into Value Social business maturity is related to the level of results companies achieve. The B-to-C Myth

HTTP Archive + BigQuery = Web Performance Answers - By Ilya Grigorik on June 20, 2013 HTTP Archive is a treasure trove of web performance data. Launched in late 2010, the project crawls over 300,000 most popular sites twice a month and records how the web is built: number and types of resources, size of each resource, whether the resources are compressed or marked as cacheable, times to render the page, time to first paint, and so on - you get the point. The HTTP Archive site itself provides a number interesting stats and aggregate trends, but the data on the site only scratches the surface of the kinds of questions you can ask! Google BigQuery + HTTP Archive Well, good news, now you can satisfy your curiosity in minutes (or seconds, even). Once the project is imported, expand the project in left navigation and you'll see a collection of tables for individual pages and request data for each run of the HTTP Archive crawler. And the answer is: 2.2s median, 3.3s for 75th percentile, and 4.7s for 90th percentile.

9 Inspirational Open Office Workspaces If you’re anything like me, you love looking at photos of large open plan office spaces. For some reason the symmetry of the repeating desks, lamps, chairs, and rows is really pleasing to the eye. I work in a small 4-person office, which is technically an open layout, but if you saw a photo of it it just wouldn’t have the same effect. While I do understand that open plan workspace layouts are not for every person, every company type, or every office – but whose to say we can’t look at some inspiring photos of them? Aeria Games Berlin-based gaming company Aeria Games uses a large, light-filled open office space for their main work area. Hudson Rouge Luxury brand advertising agency Hudson Rouge uses a bright, open plan office space. Clif Bar Housed in an old WWII-era manufacturing facility, Clif Bar has replaced the manufacturing lines with an open plan workspace. Hitachi Consulting Kixeye San Francisco-based gaming company Kixeye has a much smaller scale open plan office space for its team.

What's New with ASP.NET 5 30 minutes, 17 seconds 52 minutes, 18 seconds 45 minutes, 1 second 57 minutes, 20 seconds 46 minutes, 4 seconds 50 minutes, 25 seconds The Perfect Workspace (According to Science) The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences for our psychological well-being and creative performance. Given that many of us spend years working in the same room, or even at the same desk, it makes sense to organize and optimize that space in the most beneficial ways possible. When it comes to building your workspace you can aim for the trendy look and flick through some interior design mags, or you can let science guide the way. Take ownership of your workspace The simple act of making your own decisions about how to organize your workspace has an empowering effect and has been linked with improved productivity. Craig Knight, Director of the Identity Realization workplace consultancy, showed this in a 2010 study with Alex Haslam involving 47 office workers in London. If you are an office manager this suggests you should give your staff as much input into the design of their office and immediate workspace as possible. The benefits of a messy desk