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Origami 'Bipyramid' Tutorial & What To Do With Them Mr Printables Blog

Origami 'Bipyramid' Tutorial & What To Do With Them Mr Printables Blog
The shape of this geometric origami is called ‘Triangular Bipyramid’. I know, a bit tricky for kids, but the origami itself is the easiest to make and has many fun uses. To remember this name is actually straight forward. Bipyramid means two pyramid shapes mirrored back to back, and this pyramid has triangular sides, so there you go. Here’s how: Cut a strip of paper with an even width. Fold backward at the end of the triangle and repeat fold like an accordion. Fold the straight lines between the diagonals again to change the fold direction. Form the ‘Triangular Bipyramid’ by rolling the shape along. Wrap around the faces a couple of times to form a solid shape, trim off the end triangle and insert the final triangle part into a slit to close it up. Ta-da! Now, here are a few fun ideas using this origami. You can string them easily by taking out the last triangular piece, placing a string through and closing it up again. Make a fun play time necklace! Hang them as room decorations. Enjoy!

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Paper Models of Hebdomicontadissaedron The hebdomicontadissadron (heptaconadihedron) is a sphere like polyhedron(with 72 faces). The prolate heptacontadihedron is rugby ball like polyhedron. The semi prolate heptacontadihedron is an egg like polyhedron. hebdomicontadissaedron (.PDF)prolate heptacontadihedron (.PDF)semi prolate heptacontadihedron (.PDF) Print the PDF file to make the paper model. Paper models:Globe (sphere) Homemade Chocolate Spoon Gifts Homemade chocolate spoons are a really quick, relatively easy and cheap gift to make for teachers, friends and family. You can get three or four gifts from a bar of chocolate depending on the size of the spoons. A good quality chocolate bar (I’ve used Green & Blacks milk and white chocolate) Plastic disposable spoons Greaseproof paper Cellophane gift bag.

Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!} Have you ever made a kaleidocycle before? They are pretty fun. All you need is some glue, paper and 5 or 10 minutes! There is an animated gif at the bottom on the post so that you can see what they do. untitled Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones Recipe by Heather Christo ( This is a quick and easy technique for dressing up Summer’s easiest dessert: Ice cream cones! Folded origami decoration // Accordion folding I finally got around to finishing these origami decorations. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out. I’ve started stringing them on to some fairy lights but they would look just as great as Christmas tree decorations. They are surprisingly sturdy too!

How to Make a 3d Paper Star I was in need of a star to top a rolled paper Christmas tree I am working on, so to be all matchy matchy, I made it out of paper. Book pages to be specific! Are you excited to see it? Well, it should be finished soon - just working on a few little details. And boy will I be glad when it is done! Easy Red Velvet Oreo Sandwiches A fun heart shaped Red Velvet Oreo Sandwich made with only 3 ingredients with an oreo cream filling. An easy and delicious Valentine treat. These Valentine treats are quick and easy to make. Using only 3 ingredients, you can whip up a batch in no time! VSN Specialty Card Folds eArticle Specialty Card Fold Techniques: Tired of your basic 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" single fold card? This eArticle explores: Tri-Fold Cards (including Slanted Panel, Stepped Panel and Angled Panel variations), Twisted Cards, Gate Fold Cards, Easel Cards, Twisted Easel Cards, Closed Gate Cards, Gate Fold Cards with a Flap, Triangle Tri-Fold Card, Double-Gate Card, Iron Cross Card, Accordion or Concertina Card, Double ZigZag Card. Unlike many card construction tutorials you typically find online, these aren't just "score here and fold there" directions.

Origami Box (design by Robin Glynn and Carmen Sprung) These simple boxes are very easy to fold and can be used to hold beads, paper clips, candies and much more. Each origami box is made from a single sheet of paper, no cutting or glue required! There are two different designs featured in this post – Gift Box by Robin Glynn (origami box with lid) and Krimskrams Box by Carmen Sprung. Description Mason Jar Valentine's & 14 Days of Crafting Don't miss a thing! Sign up to receive Mom 4 Real's posts in your email inbox! Subscribers will also receive special free printables once a month! Thank you for visiting Mom 4 Real ~ Jess Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.

Curved Folds - Free Curved Folding Template Paper fold lines don't have to straight. Try scoring a curved line and see what you can do, they can be a little bit difficult to fold but the results are very beautiful and often unexpected. These are from the Curved Fold group on Flickr. Free curved folding template below, good luck! Here is the free curved folds template pattern to download and create the curved fold design above. Score along the red lines and fold, alternately mountain / valley fold.