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Red Hong Yi

Red Hong Yi
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untitled Fashion Photographer James Nader- Advertising Photographer | Advertising Advertising & Composite-James Nader composite Advertsing3.jpg composite Advertsing2.jpg composite Advertsing4.jpg Creative Composite- Clients Work Non-Trashy Recycled and Trash Art Artists are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to being green. The artists featured here exclusively use recycled and/or trash to make pieces of contemporary art. These artists practice the art of “upcycling”, or literally turning everyday trash into creative treasures. While Andy Warhol may have made the idea popular with his famous Campbell’s soup can exhibit, today’s trash artists bring more of an eco street cred to their art. Some create compositions from recycled plastic bag or themed works for art galleries, while others create entire theme parks with trash, and even furniture from recycled materials. There seems to be no end to what kind of art you can create with the most cost-effective medium available; trash. Tim Nobel & Sue Webster Tim and Sue met while they were studying Fine Arts in University together. Vik Muniz The author arranges all of the pieces carefully, photographs the collages, and then destroys them so that they only exist as photographs. Bernard Pras David Mach

dummybau, setbau, styling - materialschlachten Zeitgeist's Irregular Twin Cloud II, Walls is building tension between an uncontrolled catastrophe and the controlled, abstract and clean environment of the engineer's drawing space. Considered a homage to Daniel Libeskind's early drawing work "Micromegas" and the "War and Architecture" drawings of Lebbeus Woods, "Cloud II, Walls" makes it possible to think two realms as one: the potential of systemic failure together with the assertion of control and the beauty of generating an artifact of indeterminate form in between. It is also part of Zeitguised's larger strand of work that is concerned with clouds of grey goo: a transitionary, metastable mass that is nothing yet becomes anything, if only for a fleeting moment. A swarming system that shows symptoms of life and the agility of a connected organism, the cloud is a bastardization of the abstract and the real as a twitching borderline between fiction and concretization. Scripting: Julius Steinhauser Sound: Zeitguised with Michael Fakesch.

Markus Benesch November 2015, Tam Tam, Il Mano di Mimmo Paladino / Alchimia Milan, Italy Fifty hands by fifty artists. A charity group auction curated by Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandra Zucchi, Giacomo Ghidelli and Beatrice Canossi.Mimmo Paladino made the hand and the following are doing its skin: Gillo Dorfles, Markus Benesch, Pablo Echaurren, Barnaba Fornasetti, Luigi Serafini, Marcello Morandini, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Antonio Marras, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Nigel Coats, Marcel Wanders, Jaime Hayon and many more ... November 2015, Deutsches Tapeten Institut, Dortmund, Germany Inspirational Speech at Deutsches Tapeten Institut, November 18th in Dortmund, Germany. October 2015, Hewlett Packard Latex Decor Summit, Alpharetta, USA "One Hour Of WOW", Peptalk Alpharetta, USA about aesthetic and economical opportunities of industrial latex print. October 2015 ExpoReal, Munich, Germany We wish Hirmer Group and Hammer AG an excellent ExpoReal 2015! June 2015, Arkadien Poing, Germany

CARSTEN KOFALK PHOTOGRAPHER close close Add to PDF DARLING management - Jonas Rathsman stephanieluening #2 fireworks : ruggero maramotti Ruggero Maramotti Contact Copyright 2017 Graffitikunst von der agentur artmos4 - Graffitiauftrag in Berlin | artmos4 Berliner Graffiti-Fans aufgepasst! Die agentur artmos4 gibt’s auch in der Hauptstadt. Schon seit 1997 sind wir für unseren professionellen Umgang mit der Sprühdose bekannt, den wir auf kleinen und großen Flächen unter Beweis stellen. Dabei erfüllen wir die Wünsche von graffitibegeisterten Kunden im In- und Ausland. In unserem Berliner Büro stehen wir Ihnen direkt vor Ort für Graffitiaufträge aller Art zur Verfügung. Von der Idee zum Graffito Und so einfach geht’s: Wir zeigen Ihnen den Weg zu Ihrem ganz persönlichen Graffiti in nur drei Schritten! Fotos und Maße der Fläche schicken Motiv und Ausführung besprechen loslegen! Die Lösung aus der Dose Wir verwandeln eintönige Flächen in Kunstwerke. Oder darf’s vielleicht eine Werbebemalung sein? Aber auch andere Kunden wie Audi, die Commerzbank oder Störle haben schon unsere Dienste für ihre Werbung in Anspruch genommen. Und Berlin bietet nicht nur die ideale Kulisse, sondern liefert dank seiner vielen Wahrzeichen die Motivideen gleich mit.