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Visiting the Bakhtiarias nomads in Iran - Part 1 of 2 Photo. Nice people from the Bakhtiari nomads. The Bakhtiari nomads living high up in the mountain hillsides. The scenery with snow capped summits in the background was something for itself! © Travel Explorations. The good smells from the beautiful Shabdar flowers that grow around created a unique atmosphere. According to my itinerary in July 2004 I travelled around in several regions such as Shahr-e Kod, Yasuj and Kafe Namdoon, which are the residing places or on the immigration routes of the nomads. I visited the Bakhtiari nomads in Shahr-e Kord region. In Kafe Namdoon I also got the chance to become familiar with the Qashqai tribe. Iran has many unique features of its own in its people, landscapes, arts and customs. The Bakhtiari nomads retain its traditional lifestyle and cultureThe Bakhtiari nomads, which numbered more than 1 million in 1997, inhabits an area of approximately 67,000 Km (25,000 Mi) that straddles the central Zagros Mountains. Hard lifeWe started from Esfahan.

Educadores Infantiles: Hikikomori, jóvenes invisibles Los hikikomori son adolescentes y adultos jóvenes que se ven abrumados por la sociedad japonesa y se sienten incapaces de cumplir los roles sociales que se esperan de ellos, reaccionando con un aislamiento social. Los hikikomori a menudo rehúsan abandonar la casa de sus padres y puede que se encierren en una habitación durante meses o incluso años. La mayoría de ellos son varones, y muchos son también primogénitos. La palabra japonesa hikikomori significa aislamiento en español. Mientras que algunas personas sienten presión por parte del mundo exterior, y padecen agorafobia, un hikikomori reacciona con un completo aislamiento social para evitar toda la presión exterior. El aislamiento de la sociedad normalmente comienza de forma gradual, antes de que el hikikomori cierre con llave la puerta de su habitación. El tener un hikikomori en la familia normalmente es considerado un problema interno de esta, y muchos padres esperan mucho tiempo antes de buscar una terapia psicológica.

Andrew D. Blechman - author of LEISUREVILLE and PIGEONS LEISUREVILLE Adventures in a World Without Children From the author of Pigeons comes a first-hand look at America’s senior utopias, gated retirement communities where no kids are allowed. When his next-door neighbors in a quaint New England town suddenly pick up and move to a gated retirement community in Florida called “The Villages,” Blechman is astonished by their stories, so he goes to investigate. Larger than Manhattan, with a golf course for every day of the month, two downtowns, its own newspaper, radio, and TV stations, The Villages is a city of nearly one hundred thousand (and growing), missing only one thing: children. Blechman delves into life in the senior utopia, offering a hilarious first-hand report on all its peculiarities, from ersatz nostalgia and golf-cart mania to manufactured history and the residents’ surprisingly active sex life.

'Terminator' contact lens for rabbits; humans are next The future has never looked more like a science fiction movie Researchers from the University of Washington and Aalto University in Finland are one step closer to developing a contact lens that may one day allow you to see words displayed over your regular field of vision -- just like the Terminator, RoboCop and EVA from Pixar's "Wall-E." Potential applications of this developing technology include navigation, gaming, and receiving instant data on the vulnerabilities of those you are trying to destroy. In a study published in the November issue of the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, the paper’s authors explain that the lens would receive data through an antenna that is embedded right inside it--- (the round gold circle in the picture above). So far, researchers have only been able to put one pixel on the contact lens, which would manifest itself to the wearer as just a tiny dot of light. In other words, he'll be back. Scientists make robotic ostrich legs --Deborah Netburn

Bakhtiari - ETHNONYMNS: none The term "Bakhtiari" refers to a group of people and to the area they occupy. The Bakhtiari inhabit about 156,000 square kilometers in and near the central Zagros Mountains of Iran. The most recent estimates place their population at about 700,000 in the 1980s. The Bakhtiari are traditionally nomadic pastoralists who make their winter encampments in the low hills along the narrow fringe of the northeast Khūzestān plain and their summer pastures in the intermontane valleys. Some also find summer pastures at the western edge of the central plateau, which is also the permanent habitat for a sedentary village population. Sheep and goats are the basis of the Bakhtiari economy, and Bakhtiari nomadism arises from the search for pastures. The family is the basic unit of production and of flock- and landownership, as well as of political and social organization. The Bakhtiari confederation was once much more powerful than it is today. Case, Paul E. (1947).

Future Tech: Looking Forward to the Post-Screen Era | Gadgets Over the past few years, I’ve developed two habits that have made me an increasingly unpopular movie date. One is a strong preference for 3-D movies, undeterred by low artistic value or by sensations commonly associated with brain tumors and food poisoning, not to mention the big, dorky, blinking plastic glasses. (I can’t wait to upgrade my home TV to 3-D—my family, bless them, having assured me that blinking glasses are the least of my problems when it comes to looking dorky.) The other is that I’ve come to like sitting ever closer to the theater screen, advancing at the rate of approximately one row every six months. See, I’m trying to go beyond watching movies to being inside movies. Researchers feel my pain, apparently, because some of them have been working on peeling video off glass displays so that filmed objects appear to hang out in the thin air around us. Transforming televisions into contact lenses turns out to be a difficult feat even in our age of micro- miniaturization.

Dare to Be Different and Follow Your Heart Not the Crowd To dare to be different is to live your life your own way. Following your heart rather than following the crowd gives you much more chance to find happiness and fulfillment, but it takes courage. Many people are afraid of being different, of not being accepted by those around them, and of standing out rather than blending in. The truth of the matter is that we are all different. One reason is the belief that there is safety in numbers. What millions of people are doing could be right for them, but totally wrong for you. Following the crowd also eliminates the pressure of needing to think and choose. It is not just the challenge of soul-searching that can be scary either. Life is change. Change can also be positive if we stop resisting it and go with the flow. So, choosing to follow your own path means breaking away from the ‘safety’ of conforming. To dare to be different means being willing to stand out. I love C.S. It is not easy to fulfill your destiny. Related Articles Go Your Own Way

Augmented Reality I think we can all agree that reality is pretty great. It’s what we experience through our senses like our eyes, and phones with cameras. The Internet is awesome too, but the Internet and reality have a hard time working together. Let's start with an example. Let’s say you're hungry and at a busy intersection. But now, thanks to new software on mobile phones, you can simply point your phone's camera at buildings around you and voila! Another example is shopping. And this functionality only requires a few things. Augmented reality can also work with a camera attached to your computer. These examples are just the beginning.

Abu Dhabi tourism ambassadors graduate ABU DHABI // Nearly 100 more UAE nationals have qualified to represent the emirate at home and abroad as tourism ambassadors. Ninety-eight Emiratis graduated at a ceremony at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers yesterday. The Abu Dhabi Ambassador Programme, launched in 2008, was created to give nationals the skills to promote the emirate both to tourists at home and to other nations while overseas. The class of 2012, honoured yesterday, are employed by more than 44 UAE organisations in the private and public sector. A total of 277 people have now successfully completed the course, an initiative by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA). Mohammed Ali Hammadi, head of commercial activities at the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, came top of last year's intake. "For me, honestly, it has opened my eyes," he said. "If it says hotel I go and search what's the name, what's the cuisine offered and how many rooms." "This programme has expanded my horizons and my vision," he said.

Total Immersion and the “Transfigured City:” Shared Augmented Realities, the “Web Squared Era,” and Google Wave   Above is an image above from Total Immersion’s augmented reality experience developed for the “Networked City” exhibition in South Korea, – “a fun scenario created for a u-City’s infrastructure and city management service” “To the naked eye, the exhibit looks like a bare bones model of a city. But when visitors put on the special AR goggles a whole new world unfolds – as graphics overlaid on the city model. ” ( Games Alfresco) “The Networked City,” is a large scale augmented virtuality of a scenario for a networked city. But my guess, reading the Korea IT Times , is the plan is to move from an augmented virtuality to an augmented reality as Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) realizes its vision to become a leading u-City – where reality is turned “inside out” (see Inside Out: Interaction Design for Augmented Reality ) . Ubiquitous computing and augmented reality are like adenine and thymine – a DNA base pair. A sky view of Incheon Free Economic Zone ( from Korean IT Times ). 1.

How Invisibility Cloaks Work" Admit it. You'd love to own an invisibility cloak. Utter an embarrassing faux pas at a party? Just throw on your magical garment and vanish from the snooty gaze of your fellow partygoers. Want to hear what your boss is really saying about you? Such fantastic fashion accessories have become ridiculously standard in the world of science fiction and fantasy. Well, Muggles, science has some good news for you: Invisibility cloaks are a reality. First up, we'll look at some wonderful carbon nanotube fashions -- fresh from the UTD NanoTech Institute fall 2011 collection. Or perhaps you'd prefer something made from metamaterials. If you're more into retro fashion, there's also the optical camouflage technology developed by scientists at the University of Tokyo. Ready to try some of these fashions on for size?

How 3DO Creates Video Games" Once the storyboards and overall game level designs are complete, the game enters the production phase. The preproduction team expands as needed to include additional artists, programmers and designers. 3DO's artists began developing the 3D models that will make up the worlds of Portal Runner using a software application called 3D Studio Max. Richly detailed texture maps were created for each object. Meanwhile, the programmers wrote custom code in C programming language that provided the framework for the game objects. Some of the code for a game involves the 3D engine, an application that generates all the polygons, shadows and textures that you see. All the bits and pieces -- objects, textures and code -- are fed into a special utility called a tool chain that combines the pieces into one big piece of code.

Builds High Definition Instant Replay System for NASCAR Race Officials - December 12 2011 - Telestream Press Release Home | Store | Login | Contact Us Broadcast & Cable Corporate & Enterprise Digital Asset Mgmt Digital Content Creators Digital Media Enthusiasts Education & Government Sports Desktop Products Enterprise Products AdManager for Cable Agility 2G & Avalon Episode Flip Player Flip4Mac FlipFactory Pipeline ScreenFlow TrafficManager Vantage Videocue Wirecast See All Products About Us News & Press Customers Partners Events Affiliates Careers Contact Us Support Home Forum Home >> Company >> News/Events >> Press Releases Company Contact 2012 Press Releases 2011 Press Releases 2010 Press Releases 2009 Press Releases 2008 Press Releases Janet Swift Read in PDF format Read Solution Sheet Subscribe to RSS Feeds Press Release Feed News Feed Main | Press Releases | News | Press Kit Telestream Builds High Definition Instant Replay System for NASCAR Race Officials – Telestream ®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation systems, today announced that it race control officials. top