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Build Your CNC - CNC Router Kits, CNC Machine Kits, Laser Cutter and Engraver and 3D Printer

Build Your CNC - CNC Router Kits, CNC Machine Kits, Laser Cutter and Engraver and 3D Printer

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Students win prize with device that turns plastics into toilets 26 October 2012 A new 3D printer design could help turn discarded plastics into composting toilets and components for rainwater collection systems. The device, built by students from Washington University in Seattle, was the winning entry for an international contest to use 3D printing to produce technologies for the developing world. The 3D4D Challenge competition, sponsored by UK charity, presented its $100,000 (£62,000) prize to three undergraduate members of a 3D printing club; the prize will fund the formation of a non-profit company to develop the technology in Oaxaca, Mexico. Matthew Rogge, who presented the project at the competition final, came up with the idea while building irrigation and sanitation systems with the US Peace Corps in Ghana, Panama and Bolivia. Frustrated by the problems of building custom parts with limited resources, he read up on 3D printing and decided to embark on a postgraduate engineering course on his return to the US.

Harvard releases its DIY soft robotics toolkit Harvard, arguably the most famous Ivy League university on Earth, has a long history of democratization of education; together with MIT and several other elite institutions, they’ve pushed hard to make online learning easy and high in quality. However, one aspect of learning that’s intrinsically difficult to export from the physical school is the physical lab experiment; universities often invest tens or hundreds of thousands in equipment that makes it possible to apply many of the engineering principles explained in digital textbooks. Today, new technologies and a thriving and energetic DIY fanbase mean that even robotics can be farmed out to the cloud, and Harvard recently released its Soft Robotics Toolkit to help with education and entrepreneurship at every level of society.

Home Built CNC Laser Build Log Home Built 40W CNC Laser Project Overview Note: This design has been superceded by the 2.x Laser. There is a blog post on it, information on the wiki and a lot of discussion on the forum. Cementenous Metalcasting Formula Our presentation ( Laura West and Mark Ganter) at Ars Mathematica in Paris was a great success and as promised we are jointly releasing our cemetenous metal casting formula for you to play with. What follows is a series of tips along with the formula. Of course we found that it also works quite nicely for sculptural forms and has the unique quality of not needing an infiltration. The formula simply is: 1000 parts VersaBond 250 parts Maltodextrin 250 parts PVA powder

Fab Labs - On 3D Printing Featured Fab Lab: FabCafe, 3D Printing and Coffee in Tokyo Featured Fab Lab: FabCafe Tokyo FabCafe is a space that conveys the FAB spirit in a fun, delicious and easy to understand way. In the center of Shibuya, an area overflowing with youthful energy, FabCafe provides a space where people can enjoy making things in an exciting environment furnished with a variety of digital fabrication tools, including a laser cutter and 3D printers. More approachable than a Makerspace, FabCafe allows customers to rent the high tech equipment by the half-hour, and enjoy a coffee and snack while waiting for something to be fabricated.

The Maker movement makes its mark The next industrial revolution is right around the corner, and it's going to be bigger than the Internet — or so says a growing army of hackers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. Across the country, "makerspaces" are popping up to satisfy demand for affordable access to industrial tools and shared work spaces. These massive fabrication facilities are like a cross between a business incubator and a manufacturing plant, with sprinklings of academia and community spirit thrown in for good measure. "With the right motivation and time on your hands, you can now go through your own personal industrial revolution in 90 days, and can launch a company or product within those 90 days," says Mark Hatch.

Cookies Disabled Rapid Prototyping Journal Volume 17, Issue 3, 2011, Pages 187-194 Marchelli, G. , Prabhakar, R., Storti, D., Ganter, M. Retrieving additional authors... University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States Best App Maker 2014 - App Builders and Creators - BusinessNewsDaily Credit: Bloomua / Shutterstock When searching for the best app makers, we looked for solutions that are affordable and let you create professional-looking apps without having any coding skills. We also looked for key features such as pre-made templates, push notifications, social media integration, location-based services, loyalty programs, mobile commerce capabilities, customization options and the ability to create apps for Android devices, iPhones and iPads.